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Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

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1 Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model
- Leverage our experience to setup your Offshore Development Centre

2 A Global Software Solutions and Service Provider
Background - Snapshot A Global Software Solutions and Service Provider Presence in Europe, Middle East, and India Large State-of-the-Art and well connected infrastructure Professional & Committed Management Team Strong Technology and Vertical Expertise Thrust on Off-Shore Software Development Focus on Product Development

3 BOT Overview In the Build-Operate-Transfer Model, EMOND offers a dedicated facility for the client. This facility is like an extension of the client's own facility. The dedicated facility leverages EMOND’s technical infrastructure, processes and execution capabilities. The dedicated facility is staffed either by existing EMOND resources or by client's resources or by resources hired specifically for engagement or a mix of them all. EMOND has a well-defined mechanism for the smooth transition of the facility to the client.

BOT - Definition BUILD OPERATE TRANSFER – (BOT) Build -We jumpstart client operations using our ready infrastructure in India. We hire team members as per client specific requirements. Operate - We set up processes for remote development in such a way that the Offshore team integrates tightly with client core development team. After initial processes have been setup, we ramp up the team to the desired strength. Transfer - Once the client is convinced about the offshore model operation, we help client incorporate his legal entity in India, set up independent facilities and transfer all the resources to the new entity.

5 BOT - Roadmap Three Steps to your Own Off Shore Development Center

6 ENGAGEMENT MODELS "Flexible Business Models to Suit Your Needs"
Build ODC (Build-Operate-Transfer) This model provides a phased, well managed, low risk path to setting up a subsidiary in India. Clients get to leverage our prior experience in collaborative dual shore product development. Also, client don't have to incur any capital investment until they are convinced offshore development works for you. It is ideal for companies that have already established themselves in their markets, and would like to extend their teams offshore to continue building on their initial successes, at the same time lowering overall R&D costs. Dedicated Development Team (Build-Operate) This model gives you all the advantages of having your own offshore development team without the risks/pains of ownership. It yields much better productivity than traditional offshore outsourcing, mainly due to domain knowledge retention, focused hiring and the ability to leverage a well oiled working relationship. It is ideal for start ups who would like to focus all their energies on new business acquisition, and leave product development in the hands of an experienced and able team. Build-Transfer-Operate This model is appropriate for clients who have already decided to invest in establishing an offshore entity in India, and are looking for local leadership to execute to your plan. We set up a subsidiary for you in India, scale up operations and manage them as per your vision, while you continue to focus on your core business.

7 BOT – Benefits Overview
Clients see the following benefits by working with BOT model: Faster time to market Lower establishment costs Risk reduction Flexibility Process expertise Option of owning the facility

8 BOT – Operational Benefits
Rapid scaling of operations Wider spectrum of service offerings, speedy filling of business model gaps Lower set-up costs in infrastructure Reduced time consumption to set up operations through utilization of knowledgeable resource management Complete control of your operations Direct control on hiring and retention The ability to retain Intellectual Property Rights Quicker learning curve through on-the-job training Acquisition of world-class methods, best practices and procedures Access to expertise, skills, innovation and technologies that would not been available

9 We propose to help you save 40 to 50% on your IT Cost :
BOT – Cost Benefits We propose to help you save 40 to 50% on your IT Cost : By managing IT Requirements through strategic outsourcing By reducing headcount and minimizing your resource dependency risk By managing IT requirements (development, testing, implementation) and freeing you to concentrate solely on your core business activities By cutting down "time-to-market" and "time-to-implement" through our library of re-usable components By offering a 12 Hr development and maintenance cycle. By addressing fluctuating resource needs and actively ramping up or down, thereby converting your Fixed costs to Variable costs. By continuously mastering the latest Client-Server and Web technologies, thus sparing clients from hiring new skills and conducting expensive training

10 Financial Model Resources provided with varied skills, experience, functional (customer support, quality assurance, product development, and others) and based on BOT time horizon Assignments undertaken suiting clients requirement under fixed cost model as well as Time and material basis Fixed Price – Emond will provide you a budget based on planned activities and resources, and on approval work within that committed budget Time and Material Based – Emond will work against a committed budget with full transparency into its actual costs. A predetermined percentage.

11 Common Queries ? Quality
A strong emphasis is placed on overall Quality. A dedicated Quality Manager, along with a team of analyst constantly provide QC support. Security ? Commercial strength firewalls and VPNs (site-to-site/remote access) for e-security Physical security, including electronic access control device with proximity readers in place 100% Virus protected, and hack-resistant network at multiple levels ? Legal Structure, Intellectual Property Rights Emond is a European Corporation, all contracts are enforceable within the legal system. You deal with us directly, not with a branch office, or a offshore vendor. Contractually, all IPRs, trademarks related to your work are assigned to you. All Emond employees are working under a NDA and you will have an additional direct NDA with resources assigned to you

12 Common Concern Time Zone difference (approx 4 ½ hrs) ?
Shifts are used (like 12pm to 9pm) to allow for overlap with European work day Our support teams pair with your onsite teams to provide support to your customers Connectivity ? Site-to-Site dedicated VPN allows bi-directional access to tools and resources for higher productivity and efficient knowledge management. High speed redundant underlying leased line provides ample bandwidth Infrastructure architected based on team requirements. ? Transparency All projects maintained under project management tools for full audit trail, providing access to clients all times. Minimum once-a-week status meetings of the project teams with on-site teams Monthly review committee meeting comprising senior executives from client and vendor side to ensure quality and productivity goals are being met


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