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Paddle Craft Operator (PCO) Don Goff D5S PCO Coordinator March 2014.

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1 Paddle Craft Operator (PCO) Don Goff D5S PCO Coordinator March 2014

2 Overview What is a PCO? Missions Paddle Craft OPFACs Qualification Process Training Testing Fitness Currency Maintenance Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator2

3 What is a PCO? The PCO's mission is to promote Recreational Boating Safety through education, both by example and through the distribution of boating literature to all members of the boating public. While on patrol, all Auxiliary PCOs will conduct themselves and operate their PCs in a professional and courteous manner. They will comply with all state/local regulations. They shall be sensitive to operating in environmentally sensitive areas and act accordingly. Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator3

4 Missions Examples of where PCOs can accomplish the RBS mission include the following interaction with the paddling public at paddling events and venues, such as: Community paddling events Canoe races Canoe / Kayak liveries Kayak races Stand up paddleboard events Sculling events Triathlons “Meet-Up” Groups Local Schools and Colleges Local paddling clubs/organizations Boat, Outdoor & Sportsman Shows Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator4

5 Operational Limits Paddle Craft will operate in tandem with: – another PC – a PWC – Motorized OPFAC Maximum Six Hour Patrol, One Hour Break No Night Ops Patrol Orders Through AOM Limits of hand held radios (5 watts power on high) may mean deploying a TCO-certified member with a mobile VHF radio facility. Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator5

6 Paddle Craft OPFAC Gear Printed pre-underway checklist Pen or pencil Notebook/logbook Sponge and manual pump for dewatering Other gear needed for safe operation and self-rescue of the particular type of paddle craft: paddle float, paddle leash, spray skirt Drinking water Visual Distress Signals (VDS) Label or Nameplate affixed to interior of vessel, identifying Owner and "if found" phone numbers CGAUX patrol ensign and National Ensign (if practical) CGAUX patrol sign* (if practical) RBS literature in waterproof container (if practical) One waterproof VHF marine radio or portable VHF radio in clear plastic waterproof bag. Watch, (waterproof) Cell Phone in waterproof container as backup Flashlight or Headlamp Flotation foam or bags sufficient to permit self-rescue GPS Compass, hand-held or mounted Rescue throw bag (smaller size for paddle craft, 30' max recommended) Spare paddle/oar First Aid Kit Emergency survival blankets (2) "space blankets" Chart of Local Area Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator6

7 7

8 Required Gear Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator8

9 PPE PFD Strobe light Whistle Signal Mirror Knife (3" blade minimum) Appropriate protective clothing for the environmental conditions must be worn. Dry bag with dry uniform clothes is required to be carried, unless a dry suit is worn Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) AUX ball cap or approved "Sun" hat (Tilley hat, or ODU “Boonie” hat). Sunglasses with lanyard Drinking water In the rare instance when a PC Facility Patrol is authorized when water temperatures are below 60 degrees F, PCOs are required to wear dry suit and appropriate undergarments Footwear appropriate to conditions as approved by the OIA Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator9

10 QUALIFICATION TASKS In-Port Crew fatigue, physical fitness and TCT First aid and survival Marlinespike seamanship, boat characteristics and stability Communications Navigation Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator10

11 Qualification Tasks-Underway State the Operational Limitations and Characteristics Conduct a Pre-Underway Check OffLocate and Operate Boat's Dewatering EquipmentEnter and Exit Vessel from a Dock or PoolsideEnter and Exit the Vessel from the ShorelineManeuver the VesselDemonstrate a Self-Rescue EvolutionDemonstrate a Rescue Evolution of Another Paddle CraftDemonstrate the Use of the Rescue Throw Bag Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator11

12 Paddle Float Self Rescue Assisted Rescue Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator12

13 Training and Signoffs Current Coxswain and Crew are “grandfathered” for in-port tasks. For Break-ins, if signed off for Crew or Coxswain, overlaps count. (less than 2 years old) Any authorized mentor can sign In-port tasks PCO mentor required for Underway tasks QE is a special PC-QE, not necessarily the same as for power boats Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator13

14 Testing QE: Dockside Underway Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator14

15 Personal Fitness Plan Requirements Due to the physically demanding nature of this program, all PCOs are encouraged to be physically fit and to strive to meet the goals established by the Coast Guard for sex/age group outlined in the Coast Guard Personal Fitness Plan Data Sheet, CG-6049. There are no specific requirements for age, weight, strength, or endurance other than demonstrating proficiency in the standard qualification tasks. In place of detailed physical requirements, trainees must meet the following standards in completing each qualification task: – The trainee must successfully perform each task personally, without assistance. – Each task must be performed with little hesitation. – Each task must be performed with confidence. – Each task must be performed safely. Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator15

16 Currency Maintenance Annual: – Regular TCT requirements, (1 hr, 4 hr) – Eight Hours Under Way – Swim Test – Pre-Underway Check Third Year, (QE): – Demonstrate a Self-Rescue – Rescue Evolution of another Paddle Craft – Demonstrate the rescue throw bag – Operate a handheld VHF-FM Radio – Obtain Distress Info and Pass to Controlling Authority Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator16

17 Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator17 WHAT’S NEXT? Build the Team—Train and Evaluate Operate Safely and Successfully Promote The Program Throughout the Sector Recruit New Paddler Members for the Auxiliary Set Goals Promote RecruitPatrol Evaluate

18 PQS Available at: dle_craft.pdf Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator18

19 Questions? Prepared by Don Goff, PCO Coordinator19

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