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The Gingerbread Man Kathy Hardy Poplar Ave.School Kindergarten.

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1 The Gingerbread Man Kathy Hardy Poplar Ave.School Kindergarten

2 Run Run Run Mystery Adventure Friendship Gourmet food All in a simple and enticing tale of the five senses

3 Assessments This is hard to set up for kindergarten,we hope they gain an appreciation of folktales and of the various styles to present the same theme. Also this lesson fosters an understanding of cooking and the importance of measurement. We set up some simple standards and tests to measure the learning involved.

4 The Gingerbread Man Standards Addressed LanguageArts/Reading Comprehension 2.4,2.5 Narrative Analysis 3.3 Math Measurement 1.0 Statistics 1.1 Science Investigation 4.0

5 The Results Many students had not heard the story. Many had not had the opportunity to cook. Most liked the gingerbread. Learning about the parts of the story helped them remember.

6 The Gingerbread Experience This story involves children in looking at and comparing various elements of a story. It also works with rhyming patterns and predictability. Cooking,measuring and following a recipe and attempting new tastes add to the fun of this experience. This disclaimer brought to you by Kindergarten teachers of Poplar Avenue School.

7 Things I’ve Learned There’s a lot of great web connections for all ages. The computer can be user-friendly if you follow the steps. I can link things I wouldn’t have tried before. I like Excel and doing spreadsheets, it makes sense now. I think I’ll like PowerPoint when I get more familiar with the many formats and options.

8 Frustrations Staying in the right file. Remembering to save and leech correctly. Finding the right phrase or word for the search engines. Remembering the right addresses.

9 The Gingerbread Man Run Run Run as fast as you can You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man! The End

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