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In-Class writing response time!

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1 In-Class writing response time!
Pre-Class /11/10 Take out your HW from last night (Completed Black Panther/SNCC sheet) Take out a clean sheet of loose leaf paper Name and Date at Top Take out a writing utensil In-Class writing response time! *If you were absent yesterday… Copy down the writing response assignment (next slide) Raise your hand to get my attention. Wait patiently/quietly for further instructions.

2 Assignment – Informal response (min ½ page)
What are the two opposing views on how to create equality between races in 1960s America? Support your answer with 1 example from each mission statement. (Each example should demonstrate each opposing view) Be sure to underline examples (2 total) Explain and describe your examples thoroughly. Don’t just say, “My first example is…” Describe how your example shows the 2 opposing views on creating equality

3 Quick Thought Where does your last name come from?
What does your last name describe about who you are? Answer both questions in 5 lines in your notes

4 Welcome! 5/11/10 Today’s Agenda: Pre-Class & Roll Overview HW
In-Class Writing Quick Thought Malcolm X Wrap Up Today’s Objectives: To learn about Malcolm X To learn about the Nation of Islam To understand, “by any means necessary”

5 Malcolm Little He was born in Nebraska Father was a black activist
Killed by the KKK Pushed in front of moving street car Mom flipped out over dad’s murder Mental Hospital for 26 years

6 Teenage Years Dropped out of School Lived in Lansing, MI
Made a living through Drug dealing Gambling Robbery Arrested at age 20 for Armed Robbery  sent to prison

7 Prison Years While in prison, meets Elijah Muhammad
Elijah Muhammad is the leader of the Nation of Islam Religious group that teaches – total and complete separation of blacks from whites Whites = blue-eyed devils Muslim connection – believed that Africans were the original Muslims

Malcolm X saw the name of “Malcolm Little” as a slave name.

9 Malcolm X and the CRM Radicalized groups of young black men in the CRM
Preached the idea of Equality by “any means necessary” Malcolm X’s views were opposite to MLK’s Saw nonviolent movement as hurting “the cause”

10 Malcolm X Critical of MLK
“Who ever heard of angry revolutionists all harmonizing "We shall overcome ... Suum Day.. ." while tripping and swaying along arm-in-arm with the very people they were supposed to be angrily revolting against ? Who ever heard of angry revolutionists swinging their bare feet together with their oppressor in lily-pad park pools, with gospels and guitars and "I have a dream" speeches? And the black masses in America were - and still are - having a nightmare.”

11 Malcolm X in reference to the March on Washington
“If I have a cup of coffee that is too strong for me because it is too black, I weaken it by pouring cream into it. I integrate it with cream. If I keep pouring enough cream in the coffee, pretty soon the entire flavor of the coffee is changed; the very nature of the coffee is changed. If enough cream is poured in, eventually you don't even know that I had coffee in this cup. This is what happened with the March on Washington. The whites didn't integrate it; they infiltrated it. Whites joined it; they engulfed it; they became so much a part of it, it lost its original flavor. It ceased to be a black march; it ceased to be militant; it ceased to be angry; it ceased to be impatient. In fact, it ceased to be a march.”

12 Malcolm X on seeking equality
“Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.” “Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it.”

13 Malcolm X on Hajj 1964, Malcolm X makes his pilgrimage to Mecca
Discovers that orthodox Muslims are nothing like the Nation of Islam Guess what Orthodox Muslims preach? EQUALITY FOR ALL RACES! Malcolm begins to distrust the NoI – gets into fights with Elijah Muhammad over the true meaning of Islam Malcolm X views of white people changes due to Hajj Changed name to Malcolm Shabazz

14 The Assassination Feb. 21st 1965
Gunned down by 3 black members of the Nation of Islam Was shot 16 times 3 men were arrested, all have been released from prison within the last 20 years

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