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Chapter 18 The Progressive Movement

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1 Chapter 18 The Progressive Movement

2 Section 1 The Roots of Progressivism

3 1. Historians refer to the years between 1890 and 1920 as the….. Pg 546
Progressive Era

4 2. Progressives believed that _________ principles could produce solutions for society. Pg 547

5 Populists, Socialists, Progressives

6 Muckrakers

7 3. Efficiency Progressives believed that cities should be run by …
3. Efficiency Progressives believed that cities should be run by ….. Pg 548 City managers or commissioners

8 4. Why was Wisconsin known as the “laboratory of democracy”? 549
Because of its reforms which broke the power of party bosses

9 5. According to the Constitution who would be responsible for electing U.S. Senators? 549
The legislatures of each state

10 6. What did Alice Paul want to use to force President Wilson to take action on suffrage? 550

11 Women’s Suffrage

12 7. What amendment gave women the right to vote? 551


14 8. What happened as a result of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire?
New York passed strict building codes dealing with fire hazards for example building codes now required fire escapes.




18 9. ________laws were a method of dividing a town or city into sections to regulate how the land and buildings could be used. zoning

19 Temperance Movement

20 *Carrie A. Nation 1846 Moore Dr. Gloyd – drunk Daughter
Mr. David A. Nation Temperance crusade 6’ – 175 lbs. 30 “Hatchetations” arrests "a bulldog running along at the feet of Jesus, barking at what He doesn't like“ McKinley got what he deserved "Faithful to the Cause of Prohibition, She Hath Done What She Could.“ 1911

21 Section 2 Roosevelt in Office

22 Theodore Roosevelt

23 1. In regards to international affairs, Roosevelt was considered a …
Social Darwinist

24 2. How did President Roosevelt feel about trusts? 556
He felt that trusts were efficient and helped create American prosperity.

25 3. What did the Supreme Court rule in Northern Securities v
3. What did the Supreme Court rule in Northern Securities v. the United States? 556 Northern Securities had violated the Sherman Anti Trust Act

26 4. Theodore Roosevelt saw the 1902 coal strike as an example of…? 557
Groups pursuing their private interests at the expense of the nation

27 5. What two acts were passed as a result of Upton Sinclair’s book, The Jungle?
Meat Inspection Pure Food and Drug


29 Roosevelt leaves the White House

30 Section 3 The Taft Administration

31 *William Howard Taft 1857 Ohio Yale 6’ – 300 lbs “Big Lub” “Old Bill”
“Smiling Bill” Lawyer/judge Sec. of War Governor of Philippines Lonely in the White House Returned to the bench Lost 80 lbs 1930

32 William Howard Taft

33 1. Why didn’t Taft like high tariffs? 564
He believed that they limited competition, hurt consumers, and protected trusts.

34 2. Why did Roosevelt warn Taft to stay away from tariff reform? 564
Because it would split the Republican party

35 3. How did Progressives feel about the passage of the Payne – Aldrich Tariff? 564
They felt betrayed and outraged by Taft because he supported it.

36 4. What event destroyed Taft’s popularity with reformers? 564
Ballinger – Pinchot Controversy

37 5. Who did Taft announce a lawsuit against in October 1911? 565
U.S. Steel

38 Section 4 The Wilson Years

39 1. Why did Roosevelt try to win the Republican nomination from Taft
Believed that Taft had failed to live up to Progressive ideals

40 2. What was the nickname given to Roosevelt’s Progressive Party?
Bull Moose

41 3. Who won the 1912 election? Woodrow Wilson

42 Woodrow Wilson Becomes President

43 *Woodrow Wilson 1856 Virginia Late reader Dyslexia Law Stroke at 39
Reform governor New Jersey WWI Hated hyphenated Americans 1921

44 4. What was an important section of the Underwood Tariff Act? 568
Levying an income tax

45 5. Wilson believed lower tariff rates would lead American companies to
Improve their products and lower their prices

46 6. The Keating – Owen Child Labor Act prohibited the employment of children under the age of …? 569

47 7. Why did NAACP leaders have to meet in Canada?
No hotels on the American side would accept them

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