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1 AuxLMS and Other Testing/Learning Sites. John Sill, USCGAUX, SO-MT, 054-24 (301) 980-8352 Ray Feller, USCGAUX,

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1 1 AuxLMS and Other Testing/Learning Sites

2 John Sill, USCGAUX, SO-MT, 054-24, (301) 980-8352 Ray Feller, USCGAUX, SO-MT, 054-23, (301) 775 6666 2

3 3 Objectives The Auxiliary Learning Management System: How to put it to work for you, and why. What’s available and where to find training opportunities that aren’t yet under LMS.

4 How to access AUX on-line training AUXLMS Aux Testing Aux on-line classroom 4

5 If you don’t have computer in household Options: Library/Internet café Work USCG Computer – if you stand duty and have SWS account Shipmate 5

6 6 Step 1: e-mail All members need to have a unique* e- mail address in AUXDATA. Already have unique e-mail, all set – need to stand-by to assist shipmate. *not shared with another Auxiliarist.

7 Step 1: Who’s affected a.Members with no e-mail account need to get one. b.Members sharing an account with a family member who is also an Auxiliarist, need their own. c.Members who already have their own accounts need to help a. and b. 7

8 Step 2: How to get e-mail - free a.Sign up for g-mail or hotmail a.USCG Watchstanders can us SWS account b.Internet providers allow multiple e-mail accounts c.Use account of a family member, who is not an Auxiliarist 8

9 9 Step 3: ANSC 7028 New or changed mail must be entered in to AUXDATA. 1. Fill out ANSC 7028 Change of Member Information. 2. Submit to FSO-IT.

10 Step 4: Get access to on-line training. Access training systems: AUXLMS - AUX Testing Center - USCG Auxiliary – On-line classroom – 10

11 Step 4: AUXLMS 11

12 Step 4: AUXLMS 12

13 Step 4: AUXLMS 13

14 Step 4: AUXLMS 14

15 Step 4: Member Zone Password 15

16 Step 4: Member Zone Password 16

17 Step 4: Member Zone Password 17

18 Step 4: Member Zone Password 18

19 Step 4: AUX Testing Center 19

20 Step 4: AUX Testing Center Three kinds of tests available here: Open book – log in with Member Zone password. Proctored – log in with with Member Zone password – designated proctor logs in, too FEMA tests – results need to be sent to DSO-MT to get recorded in AUXDATA 20

21 Recording Course Completion PRINT a COPY of successful completion of the course for your records... Just in case. AUXLMS and AUXTesting Center automatically records successfully completed courses in AUXDATA 21

22 Step 4: USCG Auxiliary – Online Classroom 22

23 Member Zone Sites Sector Baltimore MT Calendar Fifth District Southern 4 ShopAuxiliary ly.php Fifth District Store http://uscgaux- USCG Uniform Distribution Center District Reports/Program Book & Calendar 054&category=MEMBERSONLY AUX Testing Center AUX Directory 7029 Web Form 23

24 System Problems If you have a problem with the system that you can’t resolve - use the help feature under "if you need assistance..." box in AUXLMS. You'll get answer to problem and, if there's a glitch in the system, it'll be corrected for every one. 24

25 AY ??? Next... 25

26 AUXLMS - Course Catalog 26 Auxiliary Mandated Training Mandatory training for all Coast Guard Auxiliary members. This includes training mandated by federal statute or regulation; such as in the areas of computer security awareness (5 CFR 930.301-305), ethics (5 CFR 2638.703 and 704), or executives, managers, and supervisors (5 CFR Part 412).2). Other Auxiliary Courses Includes ICS-210 and the 2014 Vessel Examiner Required Annual Workshop.

27 Auxiliary Mandated Training 502290502290 Influenza Training 502306502306 Ethics 1 - Personal Gifts 502319502319 Civil Rights Awareness 502379502379 Building Resilience and Preventing Suicide in the Coast Guard 810000810000 Sexual Harassment Prevention 810015810015 Privacy at DHS: Protecting Personal Information 810030810030 Security Fundamentals (formerly SETA) 810045810045 Sexual Assault Prevention/Response 27

28 Other Auxiliary Courses 502325502325 Incident Command System (ICS 210) 502829502829 Federal Cyber Awareness Challenge VEX(WK-05)VEX(WK-05) 2014 Vessel Examiner Required Annual Workshop (RVE) 28

29 Training Directorate Menu What's New For New Members Online Learning/Testing Online Classroom AUXLMS Nat'l Testing Center FEMA ICS Courses AUXOP Courses C-School Courses Leadership Resources N-Train Presentations Value-Added Training Resources/Job Aids Directorate Staff Find Your DSOs National Help Desk

30 Online Classroom Human Resources N-Train Presentation Materials New Member Course We encourage prospective members take the New Member Course as a guest to complete their membership application. Mini-Courses Mini-Course Presentation List Skills Bank fundamentals NACON 2013 Presentations N-Train 2013 Presentations

31 Online Classroom IT Group (C Directorate & U Directorate) Introduction To The National help Desk and Knowledgebase Skills Bank – How to look up volunteers with certain skills Skills Bank – Skill and Occupation Lookup PDF Introduction to the WOW: Pushbutton Website Platform 7029 Webform Walkthrough Guide Introduction to using Google Docs A tutorial on how to install and use the Google Drive Emailing documents securely using password-protected zip How to change member information using 7028 Webform Introduction to using Gmail with your email address IS 7028 Dashboard N-Train 2013 Presentation Materials Password request for AuxDirectory/AuxOfficer

32 Online Classroom Prevention Good Mate Introduction to Marine Safety and Environmental Protection N-Train 2013 Presentation Materials Public Affairs AUX 20 Introduction to Auxiliary Public Affairs AUX 21 USCG Public Affairs Policy AUX 22 Coast Guard Public Affairs 2 nd Class AUX 23 Journalism for Coast Guard Public Affairs AUX 26 Introduction to Digital Photography N-train 2013 Presentation Materials

33 Online Classroom Public Education N-Train 2013 Presentation Materials Waypoints Recreational Boating Safety Outreach N-train 2013 Presentation Materials Response N-train 2013 Presentation Materials Navrules Operations Policy Video: Currency Review Example

34 Online Classroom Training (Including Leadership) Auxiliary Procedures Course Flotilla Leadership Course N-train 2013 Presentation Materials Training Directorate Website Overview Vessel Examination & Partner Visitation N-train 2013 Presentation Materials RBS Program Visitor Vessel Examination Qualification Virtual Vessel Examiner

35 National Testing Center Login ID# Password Tabs Test Catalog Test History Proctor List Instructions

36 Test Catalog AIRAviation Exam Part A APCAdministrative Procedures Course (APC) AUX-20AUX 20 Intro to Auxiliary Public Affairs final exam AUX-21AUX 21 Auxiliary Public Affairs Policy final exam AUX-22AUX 22 USCG Public Affairs 2nd Class final exam AUX-23Journalism for Coast Guard Public Affairs AUX-26 AUX 26 Introduction to Digital Photography, final exam BIC Basic Introduction Course (BIC) BIC prepares new Auxiliary University Programs (AUP) members for effective service in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. BOP Boat Operations Exam Boat Operations prepares Auxiliary University Programs (AUP) members with knowledge necessary to serve as crew.

37 Test Catalog COMAUXCOM Communications Exam FLC-OFlotilla Leadership Course - Online FPRINTTECHFingerprint Exam GMATEGoodMate Exam ITInstructor Development Course (IDC) MDVRecreational Boating Safety Program Visitor Exam - NEW EXAM MSEPIntroduction to Marine Safety and Environmental Protection (IMSEP) NAVAAUXNAV Exam Part A

38 Test Catalog NRUL70Navigation Rules 70 NRUL95Navigation Rules 95 OPSOperations Policy Exam PATAUXPAT Patrols Exam PILPSEAviation Exam Part B SEAAUXSEA Seamanship Exam VEVessel Examiner Test - NEW WEAAUXWEA Weather Exam

39 FEMA Emergency Management Institute Courses IS-100.b Introduction to Incident Command System, ICS-100 IS-200.b ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents, ICS-200 IS-700.a National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction IS-800.b National Response Framework, An Introduction Upon successful completion, you will receive an email within one business day that confirms your transcript has been updated and a link to create your electronic certificate. Provide a copy of this certificate to your FSO- IS to register completed courses into AUXDATA.

40 AuxLMS FAQ Q: Where do I find my “Username”? A: Your “Username” is your unique, primary email address in AUXDATA (the first one shown in your Member Detail page in the AuxDirectory). It cannot be the same as used by any other Auxiliarist. Often shared email addresses occur in family membership. For the AUXLMS, each member in a family must have a unique email address.

41 AuxLMS FAQ Q: How do I know if I have an account on AUXLMS? A: Go to, read the warning statement and click thru to the next page. Since this is your first attempt to log on, you will need a password. Click on the “I forgot my password” link. Enter your email address as your “Username.” If you have an account, your temporary password will be sent to that email address. If not, it will give you a message saying “Error. Username not found.” 41

42 AuxLMS FAQ Q: If I don’t have an account, how do I get one? A: Make sure you are not sharing an email address with any other Auxiliary Member (Search on your email in AUXOFFICER). If your email address is unique, and it didn’t work as your “Username,” submit a ticket to If your username is not unique, see duplicate email address question below. 42

43 AuxLMS FAQ Q: I have an email address that I share with another member. What do I do? A: You or the other member(s) will need to obtain a new email address and use this email address as your primary email address with the Auxiliary. This change can be made via the online 7028 form or by simply providing this information to your flotilla’s Information Services Officer (FSO-IS). 43

44 AuxLMS FAQ Q: What happens if I change my primary email address in AUXDATA via the 7028 form? Will I continue to be able to use AUXLMS? A: If you change your email address in AUXDATA, the change might take a week or so before the change is reflected in AUXLMS. During this period you will still need to log in via the previous email address until the new email address (“Username”) is transferred into AUXLMS.

45 AuxLMS FAQ Q: What is the difference between and A: Though both platforms are Learning Management Systems that allow the Auxiliary to manage your learning activities, AUXLMS contains USCG Active Duty content that cannot be transferred outside of the AUXLMS platform. The “Mandated Training” courses are on the AUXLMS. 45

46 AuxLMS FAQ Q: I have taken a course. How does that information get to AUXDATA? A: Each of the Mandated training classes as well as ICS 210, when successfully completed, will send an update to AUXDATA. These updates occur once a week on Mondays. In AUXLMS, you can log on and click on “My Account” and then “My Transcript” and see, at any time, the courses that you have completed. It is these entries that are passed to AUXDATA. 46

47 AuxLMS FAQ Q: I have taken a Coast Guard “Gold” course on the AUXLMS, why doesn’t it appear in my AUXDATA Training Record Report? A: AUXDATA only contains courses/exams that relate to an Auxiliary qualification or requirement (such as Mandated Training). The bulk of the Coast Guard “Gold” courses are optional, and are not recorded in AUXDATA. 47

48 AuxLMS FAQ Q: How do I print out a course completion certificate for an AUXLMS course? A: Unlike the National Testing Center (NTC), the AUXLMS does not provide course completion certificates. Simply print out your "My Transcript" (see above) if you should need to provide proof of completion. If a certificate is referenced in an AUXLMS course, simply ignore it.

49 AuxLMS FAQ Q: How do I verify that my course completions have been processed? A: You can check your course completions two ways 1. Contact your Flotilla IS Officer and have them review your Training Record Report in AUXDATA with you. 2. Go to AUXINFO and look for your information there. (Allow sufficient time for the data to get to AUXINFO from AUXDATA.) 49

50 AuxLMS FAQ Q: I just completed a course, but it says it will "expire" in a couple months or so. Why would the course expire? A: That "expiration" is related to access to the course. Access to the course will expire in 90 days. If you complete the course, that "expiration" is meaningless and should be simply ignored. If you want to take the course again after 90 days, you will need to re-enroll. If you've completed your course, and need proof, print out or download your "My Transcript" (in the "My Account" page). 50

51 AuxLMS FAQ Q: My Transcript shows Ethics 1, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Harassment as "completed" but under Lesson Success it shows "unknown." What does this mean? That I failed and have to take the courses again? A: Don't worry. All that matters is that a course is completed, and is shown on the Transcript. Ignore "Lesson Success" and "Score" on the transcript. Only course completions (and the source) are sent to the Auxiliary, no scores or anything else. When you complete a course on the AUXLMS, a Coast Guard (not Auxiliary) application, it goes to the AUXLMS Transcript. About a week later, the transcripts are sent to the Auxiliary's information system of record, AUXDATA. (Then a week or so later, it's in AUXINFO.) The AUXLMS transcript, AUXDATA and AUXINFO are considered the official proof of course completion.

52 Questions? Sign attendance sheet. Provide e-mail address for copy of materials 52

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