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The Use and Misuse of Cosmetic Surgery

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1 The Use and Misuse of Cosmetic Surgery
By Belinda and Kelsie

2 Have you ever thought about getting cosmetic surgery of any kind?
Let’s see if this changes your mind...

3 What is cosmetic surgery?
Corrective, restoration, enhancement Cosmetic surgery vs. Reconstructive surgery Aesthetic gain vs. functional ability “surgery” can include lasers and veneers, not necessarily surgical procedures

4 Types of surgery Lifts- face, neck, thigh, arm, eye
Rhinoplasty ( nose job) Breast augmentation, reduction, reconstruction Liposuction Skin grafts Botox Laser- tattoo removal, hair removal, skin rejuvenation Otoplasty/microtia – ear reconstruction Permanent makeup

5 Cosmetic misuses Impossible ideal of beauty
Conform to society’s view of “normal” Reduce ethnic differences – nose, eyes, facial contouring Body dysmorphic disorder Surgical addiction

6 Ethnic plastic surgery “Imperialism of a culture to the detriment of another”
Ethnic Asian face contouring Ethnic rhinoplasty Double eye lid surgery

7 Celebrity Cosmetic Abuse
Michael Jackson Pete Burns Donatella Versace Lizardman Jocelyn Wildenstein Michaela Romanini

8 Reconstructive uses Sophie Delizio – positive, functional outcomes
Improve disfigurements – cleft palate Breast cancer – breast reconstruction - femininity Blepharoplasty (drooping eye lids) – eye sight Trauma and emergency corrective surgery

9 Reconstructive uses Sophie Delezio (burn victim) Blepharoplasty
Cleft palate Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy

10 Borderline usage Seeking youthful appearance Increase job prospects
Reflects society’s value system

11 Ethical guidelines for a surgeon
Academic qualifications Training and experience Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons Patient consent versus ethical responsibility “”do no harm” vs patient request - number of surgeries - age of patient - risk factors - mental and emotional state of patient Full disclosure of procedure information

12 Ethical considerations as a patient
Recovery time Financial burdens Immediate health risks – infection - nerve damage - bleeding, bruising Long term health implications Botched surgery/disfiguration – reconstructive surgery Unrealistic expectations – depression - addiction -psychological trauma When to STOP Implant deformity

13 How young is too young? Elective surgery No age limitations
Parental agreement/consent Limited ability to evaluate risks Further physical and emotional growth and development Inability to make mature, informed decision

14 Motivations behind surgery
Social and media pressures – idealisation - commercial consumerism - conformity - peer pressure - racial differences Self esteem and self image Consumer demands/consumer driven Affordability Medical reasons – accident - injury Work/ career opportunities

15 Easy access = trivial decision
Online purchasing – Do it yourself ‘Botox’ parties Financing availability ‘back alley’ surgery – unqualified - any medical degree Overseas surgery – cheaper - recovery time

16 Is anyone still considering getting cosmetic surgery of any kind done?

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18 Image References: have-stuck-with-just-for-men/

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