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Critical Interpretation of Culture Annice Lappin and Larissa Boyhan.

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1 Critical Interpretation of Culture Annice Lappin and Larissa Boyhan

2 This presentation examines the use of cosmetic surgery and critically examines and evaluates the cultural influences behind this.

3 Cosmetic surgery is concerned with the correction, restoration or enhancement of the body. It has a history dating back to the 6 th century in India. Which of the following would you agree is cosmetic surgery using the above definition.

4  Movie of Heide from popular sitcom ‘The City’ reflecting on her plastic surgery. Movie of Heide from popular sitcom ‘The City’ reflecting on her plastic surgery.

5 Use of Cosmetic Surgery Misuse of Cosmetic Surgery Aesthetic reasons. Reconstructive reasons. Gender dysphoria. Aesthetic reasons. Body dysphoria disorder Unattainable body image Industry – consumerism

6 Healthy Effects of Cosmetic Surgery Unhealthy effects of misuse of Cosmetic Surgery Increased self esteem Being able to contribute positively to society. Being able to live a normal life Empowering to improve conditions of life eg get a job Debt Major risks of surgery Surgeons operating out of desire for money. restrictive models of femininity.

7  A good plastic surgeon walks a fine line between the Hippocratic ideal of “doing no harm” and giving the patient what he or she asks for. Obviously, the surgeon should put the health and safety of the patient first in deciding whether or not to accommodate a patient’s request for a particular procedure. Ethics dictate that he or she would not perform any procedure with the written consent of the patient. Nor would the surgeon perform surgery on a minor without the consent of his or her legal guardian(s). Ethical Gray Areas  the ideal of full disclosure to patients regarding the scope of the surgeon’s experience with a new technique or piece of surgical equipment.  The issues of ethics become even more complex where mental and emotional state of the patient is concerned.  How does the surgeon determine when “enough is enough”, in the case of a person who displays signs of plastic surgery addiction? A Judgment Call  Ultimately, it is up to each surgeon to call upon his or her experience, training, and judgment to make the decision.

8 appearance-oriented ideology patriarchal ideology promises of power, pleasure, and freedom Body consumption. beauty ideal -unrealistic conceptions of beauty desire for self-improvement. Consumerism conforming to an acceptable standard of appearance

9 Gainlose People with disfigurements Females. Western Culture. Doctors Fashion industry Cosmetic Product Industry Females Racial minority groups

10  Media - (TV, film, magazines, internet)  The business of Cosmetic surgery  Fashion industry  Stockholders

11 Positive  Equality of opportunity for all eg Moira Kelly’s work  Quality of life. Negative  Societies acceptance of women being judged by their appearance more than men – inequality and oppression.  Imperialism of a Culture to the detriment of another e.g Asian American and Korean

12  When aesthetic plastic surgery remains where it commenced, in the realm of the medical system where it was intended to seriously benefit patients it is a positive contribution to society.  But when cosmetic surgery crosses entirely into the commercial world reinforcing naturally unachievable stereotypes of beauty and its immediate focus is on benefiting the business it can have a negative impact on the social construct of identity and feminism.

13  When cosmetic surgery is used address social justice issues such as to enhance the lives of the disadvantaged or marginalised such as the work with Moira Kelly or with the work of Fred Hollows foundation with the Indigenous communities of Australia then it is having a positive impact on society.  Cosmetic surgery has a positive impact on the lives of people when used in a responsible manner such as reconstruction after trauma or due to disfigurements, as it can enable the recipients to live a better quality of life.  When cosmetic surgery is marketed to society as a normal way to achieve the unrealistic body images portrayed in the media it becomes a manipulative and exploitive force that impacts on the identity formation of some members of society.

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