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Brand Protection & Authentication Solutions Confidential Information

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1 Brand Protection & Authentication Solutions Confidential Information
INKSURE Technologies Brand Protection & Authentication Solutions Confidential Information

2 INKSURE Technologies Provider of covert, machine readable brand security solutions The verification process is based on proprietary authenticators that provide instant, reliable, forensic-quality results INKSURE’s taggant technology is applied to tens of billions of consumer items and high-value documents annually Established in 1999; U.S. public corporation (INKS.OB) - SEC regulated Corporate Headquarters in NYC; Global R&D Center at the Science Park in Rehovot, Israel

3 Brand Protection Solutions

4 Covert Machine Readable Technology
Optical taggants that are not visible to the human eye Mixed with the brand owner’s own Inks & varnishes Flexo, Offset, Gravure, Screen, TTR, Pad, Hot Ink Roll, Inkjet Authenticated by a handheld, battery operated, portable reader The reader gives a positive response – not subject to Human Interpretation Many custom security formulations available Enhances overt authentication Security No visible response to UV excitation No IR up converters No false accepts

5 How Does It Work? Each item is invisibly marked with INKSURE’s SmartInk during standard printing production Although visually identical to regular ink or varnish, SmartInk includes a covert taggant code The code is customer/application exclusive INKSURE’s range of proprietary readers are used to conclusively authenticate products and documents by detecting electro-optical material behavior, identifying the code and providing on-the-spot pass/reject indication

6 SmartInk Covert Applications
SmartInk can be applied to almost any substrate – paper, plastic, foils, laminate, thermal transfer ribbon etc. SmartInk utilizes standard printing processes & infrastructure such as offset, inkjet etc. “If it can be colored, coated, printed, or packaged, INKSURE can protect it”

7 SignaSure Handled Readers
A sophisticated optical authentication reader, analyzing complex spectral signatures Each reader can store up to 10 codes to detect different marked applications Forensic Level Authentication- up to 75 data points Configured for each customer/application Simple & intuitive user interface; light weight, ergonomic design Clear audible and visual confirmation/alert within seconds Rechargeable batteries; USB connectivity

8 PocketSure Handled Readers
A new, pocket-size reader for field authentication Size: 5.5” x 1.1” Weight:2.5 ounces Highly accurate 10 point data count Lower-cost for high volume distribution Warehouses Law Enforcement Retail Locations Multiple codes in memory Audio tone and visual (red/green LED) only, no LCD screen Replaceable batteries, no charging circuits

9 SortSure – In Line Process Control
Continuous hands free feedback Effective cost monitoring capability Data collection for future QA reference or evidence

10 CodeSure – Barcode & Taggant Reader
Detection of overt, covert and mixed symbols printed utilizing tagged and untagged inks Will read 1D 2D barcodes, OCR etc. Onboard database Track & Trace data is stored locally (USB/Micro SD attachments) for quick lookup (eliminates the need for connectivity to a remote server)

11 Target Market

12 INKSURE’s Targeted Verticals
INKSURE is focused on four distinct verticals: Security Integrators (government & security products) Hologram Manufacturers Label Manufacturers Security Printers In each vertical INKSURE has successful large scale implementations & reference customers

13 Security Integrator – Case Study
The Ukraine Tax Stamp (2008 – Current) Ukraine Population: 50M Tobaccos & Alcohol consumption – several billions items annually Security Integrator – EDAPS Corporation (Ukraine Based) Introduction of INKSURE’s covert taggants + distribution of >1,300 readers to tax inspectors Successful integration resulted in an immediate increase of ~30% in tax revenues EDAPS distributed a case study detailing the project success The Secretary General of the World Customs Organizations singled out the Ukrainian tax stamp project

14 Security Integrator – Tax Stamp Applications
SmartInk can be applied to a Tax Stamp via any of the following: Hotstamp hologram tagged by SmartInk Background design by using SmartInk Intaglio or clear overcoat for a yes/no authentication SmartInk Inkjet for yes/no authentication of serial numbering SmartInk Sequential for group level tracking (manufacturer, designated markets, etc.) Multiple reading configurations: Field Forensic SignaSure for authorized customs personnel Handheld PocketSure for supply chain authentication High speed SortSure with counting capabilities for production

15 Hologram Manufacturer– Success Case
European Partner (Italy) Insertion of INKSURE’s taggants into hologram base foils Producing over one million meters of tagged base foils annually Producing several billions of hotstamp holograms annually Tagged holograms are very durable and can provide accurate covert results for several years INKSURE’s team works closely with manufacturer to ensure a seamless & consistent process

16 Label Manufacturer– Success Case
US based partner – confidential Insertion of INKSURE’s taggants into label base foils Labels are applied to electronic products & accessories Producing several billions labels annually Label are being distributed globally (mainly to china)

17 Security Printer – Banknote Project
A Central Bank (OECD member) Addition of INKSURE’s taggant to a specific area in the banknote Taggant and & designated area – known only to the central banks Successful integration at the Security Printer’s facility in Switzerland INKSURE implemented SortSure to automatically verify large quantities of banknotes at the Central Banks safes Banknote rollout is expected during 2011

18 INKSURE Brand Protection - Summary
Highly experienced and execution-oriented management team Solutions protect tens of billions of consumer items and high-value documents annually Proven large scale implementations of tax stamps, holograms and security labels projects Strong & long term relations with local integrators especially in Eastern & Central Europe


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