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This is Turbofluid Projects

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1 This is Turbofluid Projects
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2 Established in 1997 The current ownership structure been in place since 2002 The existing company incorporates the collective knowledge of 3 companies that have been involved in pumps and related equipment since 1985

3 Our Head Office in Durban
1700m² of Workshop 560m² of Office 75 staff members 10 Company Vehicles

4 Our Branches We have a sales, workshop and repair centre in Secunda
We have a sales office and workshop in Johannesburg We have sales offices in Port Elizabeth and George

5 Our Workshop

6 Receiving and Despatch

7 Quality Control

8 Machining

9 Fabrication and Finishing

10 Stripping and Repairs

11 As well as... 60 000ltr test tank Performance testing up to 200kw
Balancing equipment 10ton overhead cranage 250ton bending machine 3 lathes and 2 milling machine Arc, MIG & TIG welding 2 BSc Mechanical engineers Over 20 qualified mechanical artisans

12 Our stock holding 316SS & CD4MCu Durco ANSI/ASME B73.1
CI & 316SS Eagle DIN 24255

13 And... attention to detail

14 Our major brands include
Eagle DIN spec Cast Iron and 316SS Eagle Horizontal Split case water pumps up to 200m head

15 Our Trade Marked pumps Eagle EJC Slurry Pumps – up to 1500m³/hr
Eagle EHS Solids Handling Pumps –up to 900m³/hr

16 We are Flowserve distributors
API 610 (8TH & 10TH ) Edition ANSI/ASME B73.1 ISO 5199 & 13709 Incorporating heritage brands such as: Byron Jackson Worthington Simpson Durco Ingersoll Dresser Pleuger United Centrifugal And over 30 others

17 Involving Turbofluid in:
Desalination development in Africa Bio-fuels plants Co-generation projects Energy efficiency awareness International market trends and product enhancements

18 The Oil & Gas Industry

19 Chemical Process pumps

20 Turbofluid & Flowserve
Turbofluid have recently been appointed as the only Southern African approved Flowserve repair facility This will introduce us to International Pump Industry Standards such as: ASTM; ESA; FSA; HI & ISO We have also completed our application for our ISO 9001 certification

21 We also represent... Broquet Molasses transfer pumps
And last but not least...


23 About HIVAC Founded in 1966 in Johannesburg
Moved to their current 3800m² premises in 1980 They are currently operated and managed by the son of the founder

24 About HIVAC They have their own foundry on site
In 2002 they introduced Single Stage Pumps with variable discharge valves up to 2800m³/hr

25 The HIVAC Facilities Foundry castings up to 750kg
Machine shop Boring Mill 1200mm diameter Machining centres 1000x550x650

26 The HIVAC Range Single stage pumps from 18 to 3800m³/hr @ 200mbar
Two stage pumps from 18 to 33mbar Single stage pumps from 18 to 33mbar

27 Additional information
In 2006 the holding company of HIVAC purchased Flotech, which included the local manufacturing rights to Siemens designed vacuum pumps All rotors manufactured by HIVAC are balance to ISO G 6.3 standards Their in-house test facility can accommodate up to 260kws of power

28 Turbofluid & HIVAC We have been handling the marketing, distribution and repairs for HIVAC since First on a regional bases, then we expanded the business into Africa

29 Turbofluid & HIVAC We repair and modify the GDH4000 pumps for the Titanium mine in KZN to accommodate their dirty ring seal water They come like this...

30 And we fit VRN500 parts...

31 And the pumps leave like this...

32 And the result to the end user...
We have doubled their MTBF They have reduced their stock holdings We have assisted them in improving their start up and shut down procedures by introducing instrumentation features

33 In conclusion... Turbofluid Projects are the best positioned and best equipped company to supply and service a Nigerian sugar mill Turbofluid collectively have already been involved in over 10 large sugar mill projects, both new and capacity upgrades in Africa and Vietnam

34 Thank you for your attention!
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