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Welcome to Bridging Courses ( )

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1 Welcome to Bridging Courses (2011-2012)
សាលាជំនាញធនាគារ និង ហិរញ្ញវត្ថុមេគង្គ Mekong School of Finance and Banking បរិញ្ញាបត្រសេដ្ឋកិច្ចជំនាញហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ និង​ធនាគារ Bachelor of Economics in Finance and Banking បរិញ្ញាបត្រសេដ្ឋកិច្ចជំនាញវិភាគហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ និងការវិនិយោគ Bachelor of Economics in Finance and Investment Analysis Date: October , 2011

2 I. Introduction to MSFB The Mekong School of Finance and Banking information student guide 2009 has been written to introduce our school, in order to answer many of the questions you may have, and to help you make the most of your years here. Primary focus is on internationalism in order to create open-minded world developed capability which has international perspective, are self-confident and conscientious, and which can function as leaders, professionals and team members in the bank and finance factor in Cambodia and location.

3 II. Program Objectives Be able to identify a number of behavioral factors that systematically influence financial markets and corporations. Be able to identify the properties and characteristics of empirical data pointing to the presence of behavioral phenomena; Be able to use single-handedly or provide advice and consultation to corporate executives with regards to behavioral factors and their possible influence onto company operations, reporting, etc;

4 II. Program Objectives Be able to identify, locate and use the literature from both periodic sources and publications on the internet to aid in identifying the behavioral phenomena and finding suggested explanations and mechanisms for such phenomena in financial markets and corporate finance. Be able to predict of the future rates movements by the tools of technical analysis.

5 III. Requirement for graduation
General Requirement: The Cambodian Mekong University confers the degree of Bachelor of Economics in Finance and Banking upon students who meet all the general requirements and the specific requirements listed below.

6 III. Requirement for graduation
General Requirement To be qualified for graduation, the student must: Complete all the requirements in the curriculum with an accumulation of at least 126 credits. Successfully complete all Thesis/Projects Mekong School of Finance and Banking Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.75 of major core courses

7 III. Requirement for graduation
School Requirement Projects (Choose 18 Credits From the following) Apprenticeship Finance and Banking Project Finance and Banking Project Finance and Banking Project Finance and Banking Project Finance and Banking Project Finance and Banking Project Final Project/Thesis/Internship (Compulsory) 6


9 IV. Curriculum Structure
Curriculum Structure Credits Foundation Courses 30 General Courses Major Core Courses 30 Major Required Courses 30 Major Concentration Courses 15 Elective Courses 6 Project Thesis/Project/Internship (Compulsory) 6 Total:

10 Major Required Courses (MRC)
Subject Code Subject Name Credits EC221 Intermediate Microeconomics 3 EC222 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3 EC211 Economics of Money and Banking 3 FN410 Analysis Tools in Finance and Banking 3 EC210 Introduction to Econometrics 3 EC415 International Trade 3 EC213 Managerial Economics 3 MN414 Business Analysis and Valuation 3 EC320 Seminar in Economics 3 MN400 Research Methodology 3 AC102 Accounting 1B 3 Total: 30

11 Major Core Courses (MCC)
Subject Code Subject Name Credits BS201 Business Statistics 3 FN201 Corporate Finance 3 MN416 Entrepreneurship 3 FN313 Financial Management 3 FN316 International Finance 3 MK101 Principle of Marketing 3 AC201 Cost and Managerial Accounting 3 FN315 Money and Capital Market 3 MN201 Organizational Behavior 3 IS322 Information System 3 Total:

12 General Courses (GC) Subject Code Subject Name Credits
EN103 English Language Level 3 3 EN104 English Language Level 4 3 EN105 English Language Level 5 3 EN106 English Language Level 6 3 EN107 English Language Level 7 3 COM Computer Application 1-6 M/P Total:

13 Major Concentration Courses (MCON)
Subject Code Subject Name Credits FN333 Financial Innovation and Service 3 AC488 Accounting for Bank 3 FN320 Seminar in Financial Institution 3 MN488 Credit and Risk Management 3 MN341 Bank Management 3 Total: 15

14 V. Course Description Account for Bank
This course will cover the accounting and reporting system specifically for commercial banks. This course provides an understanding of the banking environment, basic concepts of bank accounting, processing bank accounting information and preparing the financial statement. After studying this course, students will be able to understanding: Bank financial statement, the accounting equation, and the effects of banking transaction on the accounting equation are covered.

15 V. Course Description 2. Bank Management
The course focuses on the various aspects of bank management. Topic includes the nature of commercial banking, asset, liability and capital management, liquidity management, credit management, risk management. The course also includes current issues in the banking industry.

16 V. Course Description 3. Financial Innovation and Services
This course will introduce students to principles of banking service and product including the loan, deposit, internet banking, electronic banking, several electronic fund transfer services, and trade finance. After studying this course, you should be able to understanding traditional service and modern bank service, other closely related financial service provider, background information about recent conditions or developments in the banking and financial services sector, and ethics in banking especially E-banking and E-commerce.

17 V. Course Description 4. Credit and Risk Management
The course emphasizes the roles and responsibilities of financial institutions on analyzing and structuring credit as well as restructuring problem loans. The course also considers techniques for risk management of financial institutions.

18 VI. Job Opportunity Job Opportunity in The Mekong School of Finance and Banking Company: Accountant, Internal Auditor, Financial Analyst, and Cashier Financial Market: Bond Analyst, Broker and Dealer Financial Institution: Credit Officer, Insurance Officer, Teller, and Real Estate Evaluator Pubic: Accountant, Internal Auditor, Financial Institution Manager and Security Market Analysis

19 VI. Job Opportunity តើធនាគារ ឬ គ្រឹះស្ថានមីក្រូហិរញ្ញវត្ថុណាមួយដែលអ្នកចង់ធ្វើការជាមួយ?

20 Commercial Bank

21 Specialized Banks Mon Pa Pa Guest House

22 Micro-finance Institution

23 List of Commercial Banks
15- ANZ Royal Bank Cambodia 16- Camko Bank 17- Shinhan Khmer Bank 18- Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia 19- Maruhan Japan Bank 20- KOOKMIN Bank Cambodia 21- Booyoung khmer Bank 22- Phnom Penh Commercial Bank 23- OSK Bank 24- Angkor Capital Bank 25- INDIA Bank Phnom Penh Bran. 26-SACOM Bank Phnom Penh 27-Hwang DBS Commercial Bank 1- ACLEDA Bank 2- Advanced Bank of Asia 3- Cambodia Asia Bank 4- Cambodian Commercial Bank 5- Cambodia Mekong Bank 6- Cambodian Public Bank 7- Canadia Bank 8- First Commercial Bank 9- Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia 10- Krung Thai Bank 11- May Bank 12- Singapore Banking Corporation 13- Union Commercial Bank 14- Vattanace Bank

24 List of Specialized Banks
Rural Development Bank Peng Heng S.M.E. Bank First Investment Specialized Bank ANCO Specialized Bank Cambodian Development Specialized Bank Best Specialized Bank

25 List of Micro-finance AMRET Micro finance HATTHAKAKSEKAR
TONG FANG Micro finance THANEAKEA PHUM Cambodia SATHAPANA Micro finance SEILANITHIH Micro finance ANGKOR Micro finance VISION FUND Micro finance CREDIT Micro finance PRASAC Micro finance FARMER UNION DEVELOPMENT FUND Cambodia Business Integrate in Rural Development Maxima Mikroheranhvatho INTEAN POALROATH RONG ROEURNG SAMIC Micro finance Entean Akpevat Pracheachun FARMER FINANCE GREEN CENTRAL Micro finance FIRST FINANCE Y C P Micro finance

26 Contact MSFB Mr. Say Vichheka, Program Coordinator Tel: , Office:

27 Thank You for Your Pay Attention

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