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Welcome back 2 nd Academic Meeting January 27 th 2014.

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1 Welcome back 2 nd Academic Meeting January 27 th 2014

2 The American Business School of Paris Team Dominique Bert - Executive Director Sandra Delarbre - Academic Assistant ( 3 rd and 4 th year & MBA- MSc) Fady Fadel - Dean Marie Gaillard – Career services Rita Laforge- Housing, Visiting Students assistant Elodie Rodrigues- Academic Assistant (1 st and 2 nd year) Sepideh Roshani Nojarova - Admissions & Communication Manager Marie-Odile Savarit - Director of Development – North- America

3 1. Academic Innovation

4 1.Minors abroad a)Starting from Fall 2014 b)Many fields: Leadership & Human Resources Management, Sustainable Development, Sports Management, Doing Business in Asia (SMI Sesmester/ICD School), Computer Information System, Entrepreneurship, International Affairs, Economics, Supply Chain Management, Decision Sciences, etc. c)Universities Partners: San Francisco State University, Rider University, Mercy College, University of Texas el Paso, California Lutherian University…

5 2. Transparency and Grades a)Rubrics for Presentations (See the syllabus) b)Quizzes & Presentations Grades: after 2 weeks c)Grades’ Breakdown: See the syllabus

6 3. Online Pedagogy a)Human Resources Management: Online course. Meeting on January 29th at 14h30 b)Business Ethics: 3 sessions online (See the syllabus) c)Syllabi posted on ecampus d)Academic & Professional Road Maps online: Must match with the transcripts/commitments ( e)ABSParis: Experimental School leading the new Attendance system: Touchpad instead of attendance paper list

7 4- New Graduate & Undergraduate Studies Programs: MBA in Geopolitics: Joined Degree with Science Po Aix-en-Provence (Master en Management de l’Information Stratégique) MBA in Geopolitics & International Investments MBA in Geopolitics & International Business

8 4- New Graduate & Undergraduate Studies Programs: Bachelor in Fashion, Luxury & Retail Management: Starting from FALL 2014 Titre niveau II: Responsable du Développement Commercial et Marketing Core courses with the BBA Program: Minor in Fashion, Luxury & Retail Management

9 5- Reminders: Participation’s grade raised up to 15%: textbooks & readings are seriously evaluated by Professors New tasks and assignments, in addition to the presentation skills: Improve your writing and analytical skills Mid-term teaching evaluation (after 3-4 weeks)…and do seriously the end of semester Evaluation! NO Drop anymore. Withdraw is disadvised

10 2. Internships’ Period your contact: Marie Gaillard, Corporate Relations Manager:

11 1. Break semester « Semestre de Césure » a)3rd year students: Starting from Fall 2014: 6 months = 6 professional credits b)Period of the internship: July 1st – December 2014 c)Internship’s Approval & Agreement Signature by the Corporate Relations Dpt are mandatory: 2 weeks min. before internship starting date d) No internship is valid unless a Fiche de Mission or Internship agreement is signed before your internship begins

12 BBA December 2014 : Break semester steps : o Practical training report submission: December 20 th o Starting the internship: at the latest: Sept 1 st o Signature of the “Convention de stage”: 2 weeks before starting date o Receiving the HR approval to be hired as intern: before Corporate Relations Department approval and signature. o Starting seeking an internship: February 2014

13 To access schools offers: Toi access Internship or Job offers: Join the ABS Linkedin Group: Check your IGS emails!! Connect to Update your account, upload your cv for companies… To get the Convention de Stage: Ecampus « Obtenir ma convention de stage application ». If you have problems using this App, download the internship agreement from the Career Centre Tab. Don’t miss any Jobdatings or Company visits we organise. Make yourself available on March, 18th and March 20th for the IGS Semaine Entreprise. (mandatory for all 3rd and 4th year students).

14 2- BUSI 450 Online Tutorship: Grading and deadlines GRADING /20THE DEADLINES BALISEDEADLINE after starting the coaching/tutoring 1 st report (tag)15 days 2 nd report30 days 3 rd report2 months 4 th report3 months 5 th report including the Resume 4 months GradingNote Meet the deadline5 Footnotes & references 2 Summary, structure & joining the dots 5 Content: Analyzing, critical thinking & innovative ideas 8 Practicum - American Business Scholl Paris - 2013-2014

15 4. Fall semester results

16 o Dean’s list: 25 students o Probation list: 24 students o Majority of the students: Between C+ & B+ o Most challenging classes: Accounting, Economics & Finance o New Tutors will be appointed by the Professors & the Dean o Contact the Professors & the Dean: Tutoring process is planned

17 5. Job Fair & Internships/Employments’ Opportunities

18 o Euro Disney Job dating: April 29 th at 14h30 o Mandatory for 2 nd, 3 rd & 4 th year students o IGS Group Job coaching “Village Conseil”: March 18 th at 14h30 o Mandatory for 3 rd & 4 th year students o IGS Job Fair: March 20 th starting from 8h30 o Mandatory for 2 nd, 3 rd & 4 th year students

19 6. Activities, Networking and ABSParis Blooming

20 1.IGS Group is Exclusive Partner Requests: Soccer Team Athletics’ Team Fanfare Band Cheerleaders Sponsored by 12 multinational companies Date: May 24 th 2014, Palais des Congrès Professional credits: 1-3 credits

21 2.Salon des Entrepreneurs à Paris/Paris Entrepreneurs Trade Show Encouraging Yann Ilacqua, ABSParis Alumnus: Trophées de la Reprise 2014 Président Solarmtex reprise-2014-decouvrez-le-parcours-de-4-entrepreneurs-et-votez-en-direct-pour-le- repreneur-de-l-annee#ascenc Date: February 5 th at 10h30, Palais des Congrès, Porte Professional credit: 1 credit/Attendance, Vote & Report

22 3.Partnership ABSParis – Education First (EF): Barometer in English a)ABSParis is ranked in L’Etudiant Magazine as “1 st International Environment School in France” b)Competition in English between the Business Schools in France: a)Doing the English test online b)Contributing to ABSParis high rank

23 7. Pedagogical Orientations

24 Starting from Fall 2014: Merger of FIN 210 & 220 → 1 course: FIN 215 Submitting the BUS 450 Report by the 4 th month Internship: 2 juries per year for the class year Mid-July Mid-December American Business School Commencement Ceremony: March 24 th Followed by IGS Group Bal des diplômés Meet the Dean at least once a semester to update the road maps and plan the upcoming semesters and sessions.

25  COMP 310, MKTG 370 and MKTG 401 classes start next week  Periodic meeting between the delegates’ committee and the Dean  Minutes are posted on Ecampus  Participating in the Sports activities of IGS Group (contact Raphaël Hebenstreit, Coordinator). Sign up on Wednesday at 2:30 pm

26  Election’s Process of delegates:  2 students for the 1 st year class: No need  2 students for the 2 nd year class: need 1 delegate  2 students for the 3 rd year class: No need  2 students for the 4 th year class: No need  2 students for the Exchange/study abroad students: need 2 delegates

27 Election dates: o By February 5 th 2:00 p.m.: The candidates submit their application to the administration o February 5 th at 4:30 p.m.: Publishing The candidates’ names on Ecampus (per class) o February 11 th from 9:30 – 4:30 p.m.: election of the candidates o February 11 th at 5:30 p.m.: Announcing of the results

28 8. Information & Dates to retain

29 The END of the semester: May 16 th at 8:30 pm. Don’t book your tickets before! IGS Group Sports Day: March 14 th Mandatory: Attendance and Victory 2 summer sessions → 2 courses per session: May 26 th – June 30 th July 1 st – July 31 st Beginning of the Fall semester 2014: September 8 th 2014 Academic classes Meeting are mandatory: March 2014

30 5- Summer sessions 2014 Summer Session I : 2 classes (May 26th – June 26th) MGMT 400: European Business Strategies MGMT 110: Intercultural Studies DSCI 310: Operations Management MKTG 400: Creating & Developing Luxury Brands ARTS 340: Paris: History, Art & Culture Summer Session II : 2 classes (June 30th – July 31st) POLS 210: International Relations MGMT 215: Organizational Behavior MGMT 444: Doing Business in Asia MKTG 435: Fashion Brands & Consumer Behavior ARTS 340: Paris: History, Art & Culture POLS 333: Advanced Topics in Global Politics: Global Cities

31 Please EMAIL ME ahead of time to set an appointment: from YOUR IGS Download & Print your own “Certificat de Scolarité” on ecampus and validate it to the Administration (ABSParis Stamp) The attendance’s policy is applied according to the School regulations: 2 absences per course are tolerated, 1 absence during the Winter & Summer Sessions, No absence for CMP seminars. NO EXCEPTIONS

32 Checking everyday your IGS email address and go to Ecampus Professors Lateness issue: Inform the Administration after 15 minutes of lateness → Don’t leave the classroom or the floor Download and READ the School Regulations on Ecampus The Administration is closed on Thursdays. No access to the students

33 TUITION FEES 2014-2015 Annual Registration Fees: 180 € (150€ +30€ BDA) Social Security: 211€ ( payable on line) NO fees for BUS 450, Additional course: 810€, (full-time and part-time) Annual Tuition-Fees: 7750 € May Registration: 150€ + 30€+ 750€ October 1 st : 2335€ December 5 th : 2335€ March 1 st : 2330€ Tuition-Fees per semester: 4050 € May Registration: 150€ + 30€ + 750€ October 1 st : 3300€ December registration: 900€ March 1 st : 3150€ Study Abroad Fees (Except Erasmus program): 1100 € / semester

34 SIGN UP… BDA, student council Sports’ Teams (Eaubonne) School Spirit Team Communication Team CIS: Center for International Studies (Students buying & selling books)

35 President: Nicolas Wentzel, ICD Vice President: Hamza Reguemali, ICD General Secretary: Lydia Hamiche, American Business School Amandine Pône: Treasurer, Bachelor Event New board

36 Good Luck for 2014

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