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Significance of Water. Our System Our World Carries nutrients/oxygen to cells Cushion joints Protects organs and tissues Removes wastes A person can live.

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1 Significance of Water

2 Our System Our World Carries nutrients/oxygen to cells Cushion joints Protects organs and tissues Removes wastes A person can live weeks without food, but only days without water. 60% of Human body; 75% of Human Brain We must drink 2.5qts of water to maintain our health It is the only substance found on earth in 3 forms: -solid, liquid, and gas. Regulates Earth’s Temperature. We could be drinking water from the Dinosaur era. Majority of fresh water is beyond reach, locked in polar snow and ice. Less than 1% of freshwater is usable. Water Facts/Statistics “C O V E R I N G T H E B A S I C S”

3 However all that is not what my project is going to be about… something more in depth. Please stay open minded with me

4 A MASARU EMOTO THEORY Can water really absorb and retransmit human feelings and emotions?

5 Who is Masaru Emoto? Born: Yokohama, Japan in July 1934 Career/Major: Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Graduated: Yokohama Municipal University’s Department of Human and Sciences Officialized Career: Open International University for Alternative Medicine in India 1992 (Graduates have high expectations) Wrote Book: Messages of Water (Famous World Wide) Theory Inspired Movie: What the Bleep do we know Movie Essay Mentioned in: The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine FIRST OF ALL:

6 Considering this Method If this theory is proven legitimate, then this means as long as we are optimistic about our… -lives -environment -society …all will be good in this world we’ve created with love and happiness. The world would be content

7 Emoto’s Theory… Our thoughts, feelings, and words have an impact among the molecules of water.  Water can absorb and retransmit human feelings and emotions. Used: high-speed photography Revealed: when concentrated thoughts are directed towards water, it determines it’s frozen structure form.

8 EXAMPLES: I will be showing more examples throughout the presentation with thorough explanation.

9 Vibrations Anything in existence has a vibration Example: a Vibration of Circle is created, when a circle is drawn. Vibrations will not last as long in tap water, as water with clusters of ice. Beautiful words have clear beautiful vibrations ~during evolution, we learned to define good/bad sounds. Environment has an impact among vibrations in water. At the beginning we began with simple sounds, such as “a, e, i, o, u ” Then later, we’ve learned to develop more complex words, such as, “love.” These words create natural crystalline structure, based on hexagon. Structure of all evolution in nature is based on hexagon. So when bad/curse words are being used, instead of developing they destroy. That is one of the reasons why Emoto believes places where many people use curse words have a higher rate of violence and corruption.

10 Does that mean every word has it’s own signature vibration? But that doesn’t mean that water can only comprehend “English.” Every language has it’s own set of vibrations.  Same meanings to different words have similar effects. And it doesn’t mean words are the only option to determine anything…  Music  Writing  Etc… D E F I N I T E L Y Basically anything that involves vibration can help determine water’s frozen structure…

11 Music Therapy & Similar Language Beethoven’s Pastoral Tibet Sutra Heavy Metal Music

12 Main Vibrations in Water Water molecules vibrate in numerous ways. Dipole movements change in direction of movement of oxygen atoms. ~meaning that oxygen atoms are what makes the hydrogen atoms move ~(Dipole: Compact course of magnetic force, with two magnetic poles/antennas) Hydrogen atoms are light, but vibrations have large amplitudes.. The specific frequencies of a molecule are very much like a fingerprint: ~every molecule vibrates at very distinctive frequencies.

13 Comparing Even though having the same amount of Temperature & H2O, the results of vibration absorbance are still different from the 3 forms. Of all 3 forms of water, ice absorbs the most vibrations. This is why Emoto studies snowflake formations, and not liquid or gas.

14 Snowflake Formations Red Balls: Oxygen Atoms Grey Spokes: Hydrogen Atoms Ice crystal lattice structure = ice crystal Crystal shows hexagonal order structure that is a characteristic of solid water. ice crystals form arms on the crystal faces two hexagonal faces are known as basal faces six rectangular faces are known as prism faces overall shape of a crystal is determined by which faces grow arms

15 Morphology water is constantly trying to lower it’s energy by rearranging itself, even into complex shapes Temperature is the most important factor Plates tend to form in red area columns tend to form in green area Lower humidity tends to form simpler crystal shapes Higher humidity tends to form more complex crystals

16 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Ugliest One Of All? How people see themselves can lead them to identifying their physical appearance as a kind of general acceptance. and no “ ideal ” image = LOTS OF STRESS! human vibrational energy, ideas, and emotions affect the molecular structure of water (within ourselves) affecting our health… Being over 2/3 water it makes sense that the (-) messages we feed ourselves daily will have an affect.

17 YOU DON’T HAVE TO BELIEVE HIS THEORY! But it does make sense:  Think more (+) = Good Health  Think more (-) = Bad Health -And don’t forget, we are still 2/3 water! -Think Happy, Happy. -So can water really absorb and retransmit human feelings and emotions? ~Perhaps internally?

18 PROS(+) It can help a lot of people believe in a possibility of a much more content future. We can respect water, learn to reserve it, and appreciate it more. The people are health/happy.  Society can become more united. Environment would be better and more secure (safe)

19 CONS(-) It’s a foolish waste of time talking to water and believing it could change anything. There’s barely any scientific background. They say that Emoto took over 2000 images, but he only shows the pictures that proves his theory. Others just uncritically accept the claim because it sounds nice. Crystal = very complex; not well understood (yet.)

20 REMEMBER: Japanese scientist who had claimed successful cloning of humans, but after months of media attention he was totally debunked. Debunk: Being exposed and false.

21 I believe… That there is really no true answer to a question as controversial as this. It depends on what type of thinking you believe in, as religiously, or logically. But my personal answer would be, no. I am more on the logical side, and I am more capable of comprehending the critiques, than the religious reasoning.

22 By the way… If we were all more optimistic and happy go lucky people  the world would “probably” be a better place. But Masaru’s theory does not even have to play much of an important role to prove this fact.  Anyone can be happy & make the world a better place (unless they’re dehydrated) it won’t be much of a difference.

23 BIBLIOGRAPHY International Institute of Alternative Medicine Review and analysis Masaru Emoto Info Self Lake Baikal Water Facts More Facts on Water _30ann_waterfacts_web.pdf Hado Economy Thread (CONS ARGUMENT) 4-7.pdf 4-7.pdf Water Memory Icy Claims water has memory memory.html More Messages in Water Vibrations Visualizing vibrations of water Masaru Emoto (Snowflake Images) Pictures of ICE Power of thoughts/words thoughtswords-human-vibrations-water-crystals/ Rice and water Testing Interview with Quantum Physicts Peace??? Experimentations.

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