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ISO Asset Management Systems

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1 ISO 55000 Asset Management Systems
Jim Dieter, MIAM CPPM CF Director of Strategic Programs, Sunflower Systems Jim is the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Head of Delegation to ISO TC/251 (technical committee) which is developing ISO February 2013

2 ISO 55000 Asset Management Systems
Presentation Title April 5, 2017 ISO Asset Management Systems The release of ISO Asset Management will be a seminal event for asset holding organizations and for all of us as Property and Asset Management Professionals How can you leverage this incredible opportunity to benefit your organization and your career? “Property Management” and “Asset Management” are synonymous. Speaker Name

3 Presentation Title April 5, 2017 The Need for Standards Risk awareness has become a very high concern among business executives and government officials: The world has suffered from major industrial disasters, the financial crisis and great recession, and continued global instability caused by civil unrest and economic duress of certain nations There is a need for an element of stability and this standard intends to be a leveling force for international trade Speaker Name

4 Background: Standards Organizations
ISO – International Organization for Standardization, European based developer of international standards ANSI – American National Standards Institute ASTM – ASTM International is a US based developer of international standards ASTM formerly stood for the “American Society for Testing and Materials”. Now it is officially ASTM International.

5 Standards Development Committees
ASTM E53 – ASTM standards committee for asset management standards, and the ANSI sanctioned host of the US TAG to TC/251 TC/251 – ISO Technical Committee tasked with developing a management system standard for Asset Management US/TAG (US Technical Advisory Group ) - ANSI sanctioned US group participating in TC/251

6 US/TAG Participating Organizations
Broad support from a diverse group of organizations and associations Stratum Consulting Partners E-ISG Asset Intelligence

7 ISO/TC251 Participating Countries
1. Argentina 2. Australia 3. Canada 4. Chile 5. China 6. Czech Republic 7. Denmark 8. Finland 9. Germany 10. India 20. Spain 21. Sweden 22. United Kingdom 23. United States of America 24. United Arab Emirates 25. Japan 26. France 27. Switzerland 11. Ireland 12. Italy 13. Republic of Korea 14. Netherlands 15. Mexico 16. Norway 17. Peru 18. Portugal 19. South Africa #22. United Kingdom initiated the effort. #2. Australia has been heavily involved, as have #3, #9, #10, #14, #19, # 21, #25 and #26. # 5. China recently became involved, and as a country are very engaged standards users. # 23. the US, has of course been deeply involved, and has perhaps the most diverse country committee from an industry segments standpoint.

8 February 2014 Timeline Status Mar 2011 Oct 2011 Feb 2012 Jun 2012
April 2013 Feb 2014 May 2011 Distribute WD2 Sep 2011 WD2 Comments RCVD CD1 For Comment CD2 For Ballot DIS Two important concepts: 1. Three year development process 2. The planned date of publication – February 2014 February 2014

9 ISO Definition of Management System
Management System – Set of interrelated or interacting elements of an organization to establish policies and objectives, and processes to achieve those objectives

10 Many may be familiar with these ISO Management System Standards

11 ISO 55000 Asset Management System
These standards describe a Management System for Asset Management They do not describe processes for the management of assets ASTM E53 standards (and other guidance) cover lifecycle functions of the management of assets

12 ISO 55000: Overview, Principles and Terminology
ISO Series Structure ISO 55000: Overview, Principles and Terminology ISO 55001: Requirements ISO 55002: Guidelines First, some concepts from the ISO document.

13 ISO 55000: Definitions Asset – something with potential value to an organization and for which the organization has a responsibility Use this slide and the next to emphasize the key concepts.

14 ISO 55000: Definitions Asset – something with potential value to an organization and for which the organization has a responsibility Value!

15 Over $2 B in cleanup costs Over $60 B in lost stock value
Value Destruction The avoidance of value destruction has been and will continue to be a critical factor and driver for Asset Management. What are some other examples of value destruction? - lost laptop with PII - failed audit leading to loss of current or future revenue - running equipment to failure rather than properly maintaining it Over $2 B in cleanup costs Over $60 B in lost stock value

16 Asset management enables the realization of value from assets
Value realization is achieved through the use of analytical approaches and implementation processes that have similar core characteristics, no matter what the industry Asset management also delivers positive value: - risk management - effectiveness and efficiency - innovation - etc.

17 ISO 55000: Definitions Asset – something with potential value to an organization and for which the organization has a responsibility Asset System - group of assets that interact and/or are interrelated so as to deliver a required business function or service Asset = Asset System One longtime, ongoing discussion resolved in a simple manner.

18 ISO 55000: Overview, Principles and Terminology
ISO Series Structure ISO 55000: Overview, Principles and Terminology ISO 55001: Requirements ISO 55002: Guidelines As and have the same structure, we’ll discuss them together here.

19 ISO and 55002 The ISO and ISO documents share the same structure ISO covers requirements ISO covers guidance The details are of course not yet finalized, but key concepts are unlikely to significantly change

20 ISO 55001/55002 Structure The Organization Leadership Plans Support
Operation Performance Evaluation Improvement This is the new ISO structure for Management Systems. Those existing Management Systems Standards that don’t currently follow this structure, will follow it on next revision.

21 The Organization Stakeholders, not just shareholders
Triple bottom line - People, Profit and Planet Quadruple bottom line – adds a Spiritual component Scope – what assets are included? System interfaces

22 Leadership Top management involvement Continual improvement
AM integrated with business processes Adequate resources available Establish an Asset Management Policy Alignment with organizational strategic plan

23 Plans Establish an Asset Management Plan Measurable objectives
Risk management Monitored and communicated

24 Support Provide necessary resources
Assure competence of people doing the work Awareness Information requirements Documentation

25 Operation Process control Change management
Control of any outsourced activities

26 Performance Evaluation
Monitor and measure Analysis and evaluation Internal audit Management review

27 Improvement Nonconformity and corrective action Preventive action
Continual improvement

28 Management Systems Assessments
Has anyone participated in an ISO 9001 assessment audit? Other ISO Management System Audits? If you have, ISO assessment audits will likely look very familiar If you already have a “registrar” or certifying body performing ISO Management Systems audit(s), they are likely candidates to perform an ISO audit as well. Third party audits are not required by the standard of course.

29 What’s in it for your organization?
ISO promises to be a widely recognized and adopted international standard Assurance that the right things are being done Focus is on supporting the mission and objectives of the organization Realizing value from the organization’s assets The opportunity to differentiate your organization

30 What’s in it for you as individuals?
Better enable all of us to do our jobs Increased management awareness of asset management More “transportable” job skills and expertise More opportunities

31 Develop change management skills
Actions Awareness Personal awareness Organizational awareness Become an ISO expert Develop change management skills Build AM relationships across organizational silos Realize value from organizational assets Start Now!

32 Three Word Summary

33 Three Word Summary Value

34 Three Word Summary Visibility

35 Three Word Summary Opportunity

36 Three Word Summary Value Visibility Opportunity

37 ASTM E53.10 Committee ISO Asset Management Activities US/TAG Officers:
Presentation Title April 5, 2017 ASTM E53.10 Committee ISO Asset Management Activities US/TAG Officers: Chair: James Dieter, CPPM CF, Sunflower Systems, Vice Chair: Scott Morris, Genzyme, Recording Scott Pepperman, Executive Director, National Association Secretary: for the State Agencies for Surplus Property, Membership Kim Doner, CPPM, SRA International, Secretary: ASTM Staff Katerina Koperna, ASTM International, Manager Speaker Name

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