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For sale Le Maine Jarry an old Cognac distillery

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1 For sale Le Maine Jarry an old Cognac distillery

2 Le Maine Jarry - Neuvicq 17270
Located in South West of France Bordeaux 50 km: Airport, TGV Angoulême 50 km: Airport, TGV Libourne 35 km: TGV Gps: N ° W ° Tomtom: neuvicq - Maine Jary

3 Neuvicq 17270 Le maine jarry

4 For sale « maison de maître » built in 1882.
Ancient Cognac distillery with still, boilers and tanks. Ancient stable - « bergerie ». The 3 buildings on one 7 acres piece of ground ( 3.3 hectares).

5 Add-ons 3 fireplaces in order of use. Central heating.
Electric fences : ready for horses. A well having water all year long. Joint ownership of a full of fish pond (carps, pikes … 5 acres).

6 Usefull to know 1/4 hour from supermarkets, medecin, pharmacy, banks, restaurants, … (Montguyon or Chalais). Scolar bus for children. Broadband: ADSL 2Mbps, Telephon over IP (VoIP).

7 Forwords View 3D of main house. Plans and 3D views of floors.
Note: all pictures and plans can be found on the CD in the folder named « images »

8 3D View N W E S

9 3D 1rst floor (ground level)

10 1rst floor plan with scale

11 3D - 2nd floor S W E N

12 2nd floor plan with scale

13 Photos of main house

14 South West side

15 Inside 1rst floor

16 The kitchen we are here

17 Barbecue in the kitchen
we are here

18 The kitchen – granite table
we are here

19 The salon we are here

20 Fire in the chimney we are here

21 The dinning room we are here

22 The deskroom or 4th bedroom
we are here

23 The bathroom we are here

24 The bathroom - shower side
we are here

25 The bathroom - tub side we are here

26 And also …

27 Landry and 2nd kitchen we are here

28 Storeroom – food and wood
we are here

29 2nd floor

30 Shower+WC we are here

31 Bedroom 1 we are here

32 Bedroom 2 we are here

33 Bedroom 3 we are here

34 Under the roof

35 upstairs

36 ancient framing and new tiles

37 Ability to built a 5th bedroom

38 Outside

39 Global view of the 3 buildings
Distillery Main house Bergerie

40 Outside stable-bergerie

41 Inside stable-bergerie

42 Outside Cognac distillery

43 Dill, condenser and boiler

44 distillery as garage for 2 large engines

45 Grassland bordered with an electric fence

46 Green grass even in summer

47 5 acres pond … full of fish

48 ... not a joke Pike of the year 2004 (1m long, 10kg) !!!

49 Waiting for the pike … quietness for parents.

50 Summary In an ancient Cognac distillery. Ready to live in.
Ability to fit out new rooms or separated lodgings (gite rural). ¼ hour far from supermarkets, medecins, restaurants, banks … Located in a quiet region of France. 1 hour from the sea and 4 hours from ski stations in winter.

51 Questions. Join us 33+5. 4604. 7440 06. 8691. 7730 expert. jacques
Questions ? Join us

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