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Who We Are We develop innovative software products that reduce the cost and minimize the development risk associated with traditional, custom-built.

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3 Who We Are We develop innovative software products
that reduce the cost and minimize the development risk associated with traditional, custom-built systems. We were the first to offer a comprehensive commercial-off-the-shelf software product line for command and control. We use these products to provide satellite control facilities that can operate multiple satellites from any manufacturer. Through our wholly owned subsidiaries, Integral Systems offers systems and software for satellite and terrestrial communications signal monitoring. In 2001, Integral Systems formed a wholly owned European subsidiary, Integral Systems Europe S.A.S., with headquarters in Toulouse, France. Integral Systems has more than 230 employees working at company headquarters in Lanham, Md., and at other locations in the U.S. and Europe. Integral Systems builds satellite ground systems for command and control, integration and test, data processing, and simulation. We’ve provided ground systems for more than 120 different satellite missions for communications, science, meteorology and Earth resource applications. Our domestic and International customers include government and commercial satellite operators, spacecraft and payload manufacturers, and aerospace systems integrators.

4 Our Success Our Focus Our Concept In many ways, your satellite ground
It’s simple really. Our experience with satellite systems and operations, computer software and hardware, engineering/ mathematical analysis, and end-user applications is unsurpassed. Extensive experience and innovative thinking enable us to construct ground systems that exceed traditional performance, cost, and schedule expectations, while mitigating program risk. Integral Systems focuses on providing System solutions for satellite command and control, payload data processing, simulation, satellite integration and testing, and flight software validation. As an independent systems integrator, Integral Systems builds more ground systems for a greater variety of satellites than any other company on Earth. In many ways, your satellite ground system is as important as your satellite. Your ground system tracks and controls your satellite, and processes and analyzes the information it gathers. No company understands this concept better than Integral Systems, Inc.

5 We’re Global The competitive nature of the communications business has driven satellite operators to improve service and reduce costs. Our EPOCH IPS product line has put us at the forefront of this arena, replacing large, antiquated satellite control centers with smaller systems that can fly multiple satellites from any manufacturer. Our customer base includes essentially every Government, commercial, U.S. and international space-related organization. . . . just to name a few!

6 The Standard Our EPOCH IPS system is compatible with every commercial communications satellite bus in the industry, allowing operators to use a single system to operate diverse satellite fleets from various manufacturers. Our customers can focus their talents on their numerous satellites, rather than on numerous ground systems. Our customers are secure in the knowledge that whatever satellite they choose next to expand their fleet, their ground system already can operate it. It’s no wonder that EPOCH IPS has become the industry standard for communications satellite control and operations.

7 Integrated Automation
Automated Trend Reports Plot Generation Triggers Capability Batch Mode Dynamics Automated Payload Configuration Automation Commercial To commercial satellite operators, one thing matters: the bottom line. Satellite organizations are being asked to fly larger fleets of more diverse satellites with fewer people and resources. The solution to this dilemma is automation. EPOCH IPS enables our customers to reduce their operations costs, while monitoring and controlling their satellites. Integral Systems has, by far, the world’s largest market share in commercial communication applications – over 50% of the market, and growing. Significant procurement, training, operations, and maintenance cost reductions have been realized by our customers using a single EPOCH IPS system to operate all of their satellites.

8 Automation Government
Integral Systems provides the full services of a prime contractor, in addition to supplying our commercial COTS products. We deploy mission-specific systems built to Government specifications for the entire range of space applications, including satellite simulation, planning and scheduling, and payload data processing. Integral Systems is more than a COTS provider. In fact, over 50% of our business is focused on satisfying the unique requirements of our Government satellite control customers. These customers include the U.S. Air Force, NOAA, NASA, Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

9 Our Subsidiaries RT Logic is a company that specializes in the real time satellite, ground, test, and range computing markets. RT Logic provides software driver products, hardware/firmware-based interface systems, engineering services, integrated development platforms, and complete turnkey solutions. Newpoint is an industry leader in Satellite and Terrestrial Network Management Systems for control of data, internet, broadcast, telecom, and hybrid networks. A dominant supplier of software and systems for equipment M&C (Monitoring And Control), Newpoint's principal customers are commercial satellite operators, telecommunications companies, and broadband service providers. SAT is a worldwide supplier of automated test systems for satellite communications. They offer a variety of signal monitoring products for the satellite operator, satellite user, and the broadcast communities. SAT’s products are used to verify frequency compliance, detect and capture illicit and interfering signals, track historical trends, and provide troubleshooting tools to solve network problems.

10 Our Products We offer innovative software products and custom ground system development and integration services. Customers throughout the world now use Integral Systems’ EPOCH IPS (Integrated Product Suite) software product, the world’s first commercial off-the-shelf satellite command and control software package. In addition, we provide satellite payload processing, spacecraft integration and testing, simulation, station automation, and environmental monitoring systems.

11 EPOCH T&C Server Database Driven Architecture The EPOCH T&C Server provides complete off-the-shelf satellite telemetry and command processing for the operations and test environments. The core of the EPOCH Integrated Product Suite, the EPOCH T&C Server provides front end data processing, distribution, and command formatting as part of Integral Systems' integrated end-to-end command and control solution. Under operator control from the EPOCH Client, the EPOCH T&C Server can manage a single satellite, multiple satellites, or an entire constellation of satellites. Eliminates risk and cost associated with custom development. Enables operators to fly a single satellite or a constellation using the same software. Scalable Supports growth through distributed design, so you can add satellites easily. Decentralized Provides the flexibility to perform any function from anywhere on a network. Open Includes an API for integration with third party and custom applications such as graphical analysis and planning, scheduling tools, and equipment monitor and control packages.

12 ABE Integrated Design ABE, the EPOCH IPS Archive Browser and Extractor, is an offline telemetry analysis and display tool. A flexible, integrated system for extended display and statistical analysis of archived satellite telemetry data, ABE supports tabular and graphical displays of telemetry, event messages, and statistics over the life of the satellite. It provides an easy-to-use interface between the archived telemetry data and a large suite of graphical and tabular displays designed for all control center and engineering personnel. Provides seamless integration with the EPOCH IPS archival system for quick and efficient data retrieval and analysis. Selected for Many Environments Supports GEO, MEO, and LEO missions. May be used as a standalone tool. Provides Powerful Analysis Tools Supports tabular and graphical output types. Provides line, point, bar, and histogram displays. Open Runs on any UNIX or NT workstation.

13 Archive Manager Archive Manager is the EPOCH IPS Automated Archiving and Product Generation solution for end-to-end management of satellite data and analysis product files within an EPOCH IPS Control Center. Archive Manager safely and consistently handles both short-term and long-term storage requirements for satellite archive data between an EPOCH IPS Front-End-Processor (FEP) and an Archive Management system, while also guaranteeing a safe disk capacity level and telemetry history on a FEP. Client/Server Architecture Supports many client connections. Server runs unattended. User-friendly client GUI. Event Driven Performs archive data product generation as soon as the data is available. Installs Easily Quickly get your system up and running. Minimal configuration required. RAID Storage Fast archive retrieval for recent historical data.

14 ARES Fully Compatible with the EPOCH T&C System ARES (Automated Real-Time Execution Suite) enables satellite operators and engineers to develop, edit, and execute complex spacecraft commanding procedures easily, efficiently, and accurately. ARES provides complete end-to-end capability for procedure needs in operations. It includes both an online procedure execution interface with ISI's EPOCH T&C (Telemetry and Command) system and a separate offline tool for building these procedures. Interfaces directly to EPOCH T&C via its open data service. Offers the same telemetry monitoring, command transmission, and event monitoring capability. Familiar, Straightforward Design Offers the same telemetry monitoring, command transmission, and event monitoring capability operation. All-Inclusive Interface Provides all the ingredients necessary to monitor procedure execution from one interface. Mode Operations for Execution Offers the choice to execute automatically or to stop and request input from the user at appropriate points in the procedure.

15 EPOCH Database EPOCH T&C and ABE Compatible The EPOCH Database product is an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for maintaining all mission-specific information used to configure the other EPOCH IPS software components. It is designed to support the needs of an individual mission, as well as those of an entire fleet or constellation. It supports all phases of the satellite and ground segment life cycle - from payload and satellite integration and test, through prelaunch, launch, and early orbit, as well as mission operations. Provides a seamless integration with the EPOCH T&C and ABE products. Oracle Database Engine Provides flexible and extensive data manipulation and examination that file-based systems cannot support without extensive programming. User-Friendly Forms Simple, fill-in-the-blank forms allow operators to develop and maintain their system configuration database without requiring a knowledge of Oracle. Extensive Data Entry Validation Detects problems up front, before the database is provided to the real-time system for testing or operations.

16 EPOCH Client The EPOCH Client for the MS Windows Operating System provides complete operations capability for real-time monitoring and control of all satellite and ground equipment systems and functions. The EPOCH Client provides point and click operations for all functions as well as a simple drag and drop page builder capability. Users will find instant familiarity with the software since many of the basic system operations are the same as the MS Office suite of applications. Windows 2000/XP Compatible Allows low cost PCs to be used as client Workstations while providing the most popular platform in the industry for integration of low cost third party products. Fleet Management Support Simplifies operator control for multiple satellites. VBA Scripting Provides integration with all MS Office Applications. Provides integration with any VBA compatible third party software application. Multiple Server Connectivity Allows any client workstation to connect to any or all EPOCH servers providing the most comprehensive monitor and control capability in the industry.

17 EPOCH Web Server The EPOCH Web Server provides integrated web access to satellite and ground systems data from our EPOCH, ABE, and OASYS satellite control and analysis products, NewPoint Technologies' Compass equipment and network monitoring product, and SAT Corporation's Monics carrier monitoring product. The EPOCH Web Server allows satellite and terrestrial system operators to provide their customers with customized web pages containing links to real-time and near real-time data on the ground and space assets they are leasing. Web Access Provides convenient and easy access to data reports from any computer with web access. Reduces customer support calls to the operations staff. Single Login for Integrated Data Access Provides access to satellite, signal monitoring, and ground equipment data from a single user entry point. Operates Over Narrow Band Links Allows data reports to be obtained from any ISP connection anywhere in the world, enabling engineers on travel or at home to support the operations staff remotely via any computer with web access. Secure Provides encrypted username/password authentication.

18 eScribe eScribe offers you the most convenient way ever to create and review reports through the Web. Easy to install and requiring little training, eScribe improves your reports while decreasing your costs. eScribe is both a report generator and viewer, a web-based solution that collects report content from remote clients, maintains a catalog of collected reports, formats reports for viewing, printing, or external processing, and serves HTML reports to remote web viewers. Real-Time and Summary Report Viewing User can see live data as report is generated. Collects Data Through Your Process Script All relevant data and graphics are inserted automatically into your report. XML Report Templates You have complete control of report format, content, and appearance. Raw Reports Maintained in XML Easily exportable to other applications and formats such as PDF. Automatic HTML Formatting Both raw and finished reports are web-readable with any browser.

19 Harmony-GEO/LEO Harmony bundles ISI's industry-leading EPOCH Product Suite of spacecraft operations software seamlessly with select antenna, RF, and computing hardware components. The result is a total satellite ground system that works right out of the box. Harmony allows you to focus on the business of your satellite mission. No need to worry about ground system internal interfaces or software compatibility. Built Upon the EPOCH Product Suite Support from the world's premier supplier of ground software, ISI. Proven, integrated bundle of all ground system components needed for spacecraft operation No ground system development is necessary, allowing resources to be directed to mission operation. End-to-End Automation Reliable, repeatable ground system and spacecraft operations means lower operations costs and higher quality of service for your customers. Web Interface Easy data access for supporting personnel depending on your network and firewall configuration.

20 OASYS Integrated Design OASYS (Orbit Analysis System) is the high-precision EPOCH IPS (Integrated Product Suite) system. OASYS provides an integrated, object-oriented graphical environment for spacecraft mission analysis on today's high-performance microcomputer workstations. OASYS provides full life cycle support for spacecraft orbit and attitude determination, propagation, and control. Using OASYS, spacecraft analysts can manage a single spacecraft or a fleet in any flight regime, from low Earth orbit to geosynchronous. Unique GSE configurations can be configured rapidly without custom coding. Complete Functionality in One Package Reduces integration, maintenance, and training costs. Eliminates compatibility problems inherent in multivendor modular systems. Database Driven Functionality Supports any satellite. No costly custom code. Modern Numercial Techniques and Estimation Algorithms Highly accurate, robust, reliable, fast.

21 Task Initiator Open Task Initiator provides off-the-shelf automation for various ISI products, including EPOCH T&C Server, ABE, and OASYS. Users can schedule ABE and OASYS batch executions as well as EPOCH procedure invocations to perform automations of routine ground system operations. It also allows operators to schedule the execution of user developed applications or scripts. Task Initiator includes mechanisms for starting tasks based upon recognition of satellite control center events, such as time scheduled events, file arrival events, or customer specified events. Runs on any standard UNIX or Windows 2000/XP. Scalable Supports growth via its distributed design, so you can easily add users and satellites. Client/Server Architecture Server runs unattended. Provides the flexibility to monitor and control task execution from anywhere on the network via user-friendly client GUI. Configurable Configures for single satellite or constellation automation using the same software. Eliminates risks associated with custom development.

22 TRECS Model Defined per Satellite TRECS (Transponder Reconfiguration System) enables communication satellite operators to minimize the impact of unexpected communication outages to their customers. Using TRECS, operators now can reconfigure the multitude of payload objects (switches, gain and level settings, antennas, etc.) found in today's communication payloads in a fraction of the time it takes to perform this process manually. TRECS is also well suited to payload factory testing and IOT (In Orbit Testing) environments, reducing the amount of time and effort required to plan and support testing activities. Can be configured to support multiple satellites and payloads. Real-Time Telemetry Interface Can configure the model state based on telemetry values captured in a snapshot from the real-time system. Graphical Interface Readily enables users to dynamically visualize and modify the channels, paths, switch settings, and overall payload configuration at multiple levels. Optimization Reduces the time required to plan a reconfiguration. Minimizes changes affecting priority customers.

23 Add It Up Whether you’re putting a single satellite or an entire fleet into orbit, you’ll invest a lot of time and money in the process. Don’t waste your money! Integral Systems constructs ground systems that exceed traditional performance, cost, and schedule expectations. Weigh into this mix our business experience and financial strength, and it’s clear why so many Government and commercial satellite operators from around the world come to Integral Systems time and time again.

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