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High Expectations: the Cost of Doing Business in a Regulatory Environment Fred Anstey / Albert White Marine Institute, Canada IMLA 9 Opatija 2011.

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1 High Expectations: the Cost of Doing Business in a Regulatory Environment Fred Anstey / Albert White Marine Institute, Canada IMLA 9 Opatija 2011

2 Introduction IMO Mission statement “ promote safe, secure, environmentally sound, efficient and sustainable shipping through cooperation...” Many stakeholders involved in this process…what are the competing expectations? IMLA 19 - Croatia, 20112

3 Stakeholders IMLA 19 - Croatia, 20113 IMO Administrations Seafarers Industry MET

4 IMO -Structure Assembly – 169 countries Council – 40 elected (2 year term) 10 largest international shipping service 10 largest int’l seaborne trade 20 elected IMLA 19 - Croatia, 20114

5 IMO -Structure Five main committees with sub-committees 1.Maritime Safety Committee is made up of ALL IMO member states (9 sub-committees) 2.Marine Environment Protection Committee 3.The Legal Committee 4.The Technical Cooperation Committee 5.Facilitation Committee Read more: IMLA 19 - Croatia, 20115

6 IMO – Intergovernmental Organizations Currently 61 IGOs Have advocacy status for regional concerns such as port state control, environment – Association of Caribbean States – Paris MOU IMLA 19 - Croatia, 20116

7 IMO – Non-governmental Organizations Currently 80 NGOs Organizations with consultative status Demonstrate considerable expertise Contribute within its field of competence International in its membership IMLA 19 - Croatia, 20117 Maritime Lawyers Class Societies Paint Industry Shipyards MET Clean Shipping Coalition Combustion Engine Manufacturers Chamber of Shipping Transport Workers Federation Drilling Contractors Green Peace

8 IMO at Work STW 41 January 2010 Complete groundwork for Manila conference 2010 Review of STCW Chapter 3 & 6 200 + maritime representatives Discussion of position papers Lobbying and negotiations Plenary session –final submission Eventual ratification by 169 members IMLA 19 - Croatia, 20118

9 Administrations IMLA 19 - Croatia, 20119

10 Administrations Roles- Interpretation & Implementation Administrations will need to interpret the meaning and intent of codes, conventions, and regulations. Is the language clear? Canadian Government contacted MET for interpretation of security training IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201110

11 Administrations - Canadian Examples Interpretation Weeklong teleconference – 5 MET (marine engineering) & Transport Canada to review Chapter III of Manila Amendments Wording – lack of detail; broad terms; how deep to train? For example we ‘train to operate’, revised STCW requires KUPs in ‘engine design features’ Answer: Model Course IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201111

12 IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201112 MET Institutions

13 Challenge to provide STCW approved traini ng – Interpretation / implementation by Administrations – Audits and examination by Administrations – Qualifications of Administration personnel? IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201113 Recognition of MET training by other flag states? For short courses MET will need to decide who it will provide training for and determine if it is worthwhile to follow the process. How many flag states?

14 MET Institutions Even if courses are conducted according to STCW standards and MET is approved to offer such courses are there other barriers? IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201114 How many MET institutions offer Passenger Safety Management? Passenger Safety Management Crowd & Crisis Training Crowd & Crisis Training?

15 MET Institutions - Staff Specialized training / backgrounds – Military – Paramedics – Meteorologists – Teamwork and leadership – Women in the workplace – Environmental issues IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201115

16 MET Institutions Cost of Resources- Infrastructure, & resources Training, i.e. PD, Educational leave, Industrial leave etc. Staff & resources – curriculum design & development, technical support Simulation and LTS agreements library, placement, guidance, registration etc. IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201116

17 Industry Stakeholders IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201117

18 Industry Stakeholders Ship owners now establishing training centers to have reliable source, of loyal and specially trained employees. Cost effective? Competition with traditional MET? Are we providing what industry needs? Are we able to it in a way that meets individual company demands? IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201118

19 Industry Stakeholders How does industry support MET? Is there company or country variation? IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201119 Sponsor cadets Fund programs or institutions Donations Place cadets Pay for short courses Hire graduates INDUSTRY Other??

20 Seafarers IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201120

21 Seafarers “… the global shortage of seafarers, especially officers, has already reached significant proportions and is now a source of genuine concern to all involved in the industry…”. Mr. E. Mitropoulos former Secretary General IMO IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201121 Why? Wages, living conditions, leave rotation, time away from home In good economic times- other opportunities

22 Seafarers Are the other stakeholders partially to blame? IMO & Administrations Do they take into account the collective impact of regulations upon the seafarer? Do they design and implement adequate protection for seafarers ie safe manning, & standards for watch-keeping? IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201122

23 Seafarers Is proper consideration given as to the impact of the total requirements of STCW etc.? …and we keep adding to the list! IMLA 19 - Croatia, 2011 23 Basic safety; basic survival; confined space entry; marine advanced first aid; survival craft, rescue boat, and fast rescue boat; marine emergency duties; WHMIS; and oil and chemical tanker familiarization DoctorMaster Mariner & 1 st Class Engineer

24 Seafarers – New duties IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201124 Flickr / HSSEQ Officer??

25 Conclusions Have we lost sight of the overall objective? Have we allowed the ‘interest groups’ to impact the final impact to the detriment of the seafarer?? IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201125 Is it inevitable that in a lobbying, negotiating environment that some will be impacted more than others? Is the impact contributing to the global shortage of seafarers?

26 Thank You IMLA 19 - Croatia, 201126

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