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1 objective : to boost the sales of our customers.

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2 1 objective : to boost the sales of our customers

3 The company Created : 1974 Familiy Owned Company 42 people: R&D Sales Marketing Technical Quality Administrative Certified ISO9001

4 Research and Development 5 Specialised Engineers : – Software, – Électronics, – Méchanical, – Communication Technologies. They master all the technologies included in Saaa products (Radio Frequency, Electronics, RFID, housing, wiring, PCB, etc.) Control the design to expand and develop products tailored to the needs of our customers

5 The Production : quality made in France A production plant of 240 m² (1200m² in 2012) A warehouse of 250 m² Only 5% of finished products outsourced 92% of subcontracting made in France Mastering the production for a quality controlled and better adaptation to the demands of our customers

6 Saaa in the World To accompany our customers wherever they are

7 The product range

8 . Analogic technology. Plug and play. Control with IR remote control. From 1 to 30 users. Compatible with Take and Watch. Small (145x105x25) The Control Units The Security. The security level. From 1 to 80 points. Simplified use. Powering of products possible

9 The Control Units The Showcase Management. Highly flexible. Up to 8 bolts controlled simultaneously. Up to 8 doors/drawers alarmed simultaneously. Electromagnetic or electromecanic bolts control. Electronic security for doors or drawers. Compatible with Saaa Supervision software for a total control of the point of sales. Controlled with RFID tags or IR remotes. From 1 to 30 users. Small (145x105x25)

10 The Displays. For IR control of the control units. Integration in the furnituress. Black or White. Precise control of the alarms for up to 80 products/display

11 Les Sensors Monopoint. For Mp3 / Mp4, GSM, GPS, small household appliance Multiusage. Mp3 / Mp4, GSM, GPS, Small household appliance. Powering of products possible. Second point of protection possible with nano sensors ad multiusage nano monopoint

12 Les Sensors Photo monopoint. Protection throught tripod screw patented Photo multiusage. Protection through tripod screw patended. Powering of products possible. Second point of protection multiusage photo sensor nano

13 The Displays The Tulip. Enhanced presentation. Various inclinations and heights. Adapted to all furniture The Holster. Budget display. Adapted to all furniture tulip holster

14 The Micro Sensors. For all kind of products. Impregnable sticky socket system. More than 20 different sensors. Big range of tapes. Big range of displays

15 The Displays for Micro Sensors. Camera display to use security through the tripod screw. Magnetic presentation for a large range of products (GSM, GPS, MP3, small household appliances, etc…) camera display magnetic display

16 The Solutions

17 Tablets solutions. Perfect presentation. Perfect positionning. Powering of the tablets. Adapted to magnetic or micro sensors magnetic presentation classic presentation

18 The Solutions Laptop physical protection. Physical protection due to strong acrylic. Perfect displaying of the products Watch Protection. The watch can be handled. All the watch is displayed perfectly laptop display watch protection

19 Some Pictures






25 They trust us… because… Saaa is : Secured : highest security level thanks to Analogic technology Opened : from low cost to high end, from showcase security to digital signage, from single pod to bigger installations Flexible : ready to adapt design and specifications to customers’ needs Responsive : 1 week to create its first tablet stands early 2010, 3 days to find tape for iPhone 4… Reliable : 5 years guaranty, pioneer of the market since 1974 And many others as BTC, Canon, HTC, H3G, Midori, Nokia, Norauto, Panasonic, Photobest,Tim, Viveks, … And customer oriented, technologic, worldwide, display manufacturer, …

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