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1 Introduction To Electronic Billing System For Hotels.

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1 1 Introduction To Electronic Billing System For Hotels

2 2 Corporate Lodging Consultants WebCheckINN ® Advantages More CLC business Many CLC customers require hotels that bill electronically No transaction fees Real-time guest & rate authorization Requires only: Computer Internet connection Card reader to swipe CheckINN card

3 3 Corporate Lodging Consultants Saves Time & Money 10-30 day faster payment And…with QuickPay enrollment, 2 business day electronic payment No invoice preparation Nothing to mail = No postage and other associated expenses

4 4 Corporate Lodging Consultants Streamlined Process Manual ProcessWebCheckINN Process Customer presents CheckINN Card Swipe CheckINN Card Hotel imprints CheckINN Card on voucher Enter Room # & Folio # Customer (guest) signs voucher at check-in Check-out: Enter date & time Customer (guest) signs voucher at check-out Settle stays Hotel assembles all signed vouchers & other supporting documents That’s It! Hotel must mail in vouchers & other material **While the majority of CLC’s customers use CheckINN Cards, there are many companies that require their employees to use a CLC sign-in sheet. These need to be billed manually**

5 5 Corporate Lodging Consultants It’s Easy To Get Started Go to Create User Account Click on ‘Request a WebCheckINN Account’

6 6 Corporate Lodging Consultants Simple Check-In Swipe CheckINN Card Enter the Folio # & Room # with est. length of stay Click “Next”

7 7 Corporate Lodging Consultants Quick Check-Out Enter Check-out date Enter Check-out time Enter number of nights That’s It!

8 8 Corporate Lodging Consultants All The Details You Need All guests listed under Check-in or Check-out 1-click options enable guest check-out, cancellation or other edits

9 9 Corporate Lodging Consultants Invoices At Your Fingertips No more hunting for invoices in files Simply choose the invoice you need Entire invoice appears with one click Settlements on screen for your review Powerful Settlement Screen Features Allows 24/7 inquiries Checks # of guests checked in on current date Views past invoice settlements Shows status of all current guests

10 10 Corporate Lodging Consultants Simple Payment Status Review Payment History shows status of payments, with option to view stay documentation Employee name and card number will appear here. Paper documents submitted by hotels are scanned and posted online for viewing as needed Red, yellow and green symbols indicate status of payment

11 11 Corporate Lodging Consultants View Rejected Transactions Hotels Rejected Transactions Can Be Viewed Online With Stay Documentation Employee name and card number will appear here. When CLC rejects a stay, hotels can go online to view stay details, get information about why the stay was rejected, and see what the hotel may do to resolve it.

12 12 Corporate Lodging Consultants Simplify Payments With QuickPay Hotels billing electronically eligible for QuickPay Enables lodging payment deposits to your account just 2 business days after billing Provides detailed reconciliation reports via e-mail, fax or both Includes: Summary of guests and stays Report of all deposits Charges only 2.5% on CLC deposits Requires no special equipment Sent weekly, to keep your ledger clean

13 13 Corporate Lodging Consultants Sign Up Today! Don’t wait – start enjoying the many benefits of WebCheckINN Request your new user account at:

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