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What is the Model United Nations (MUN)?

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2 What is the Model United Nations (MUN)?
The MUN is an accurate simulation of the bodies of the United Nations Organization where the students assume the role of the member state ambassadors to dicuss the points of the agenda. Anglo-Saxon origin. Its Practice is getting more widespread. It is the most effective and famous method to teach the students about the United Nations. The popularity of MUN is growing. More than secondary and university students partake in this event every year all over the world. Many world leaders have participated in MUNs during their academic careers. At the moment, MUNs are celebrated in 40 countries. The simulations are adaptable at any scale (class, school, region, national, international). The largest ones are called MUN conferences because they gather participants from all over the world. Taking part in a MUN is an unforgettable learning experience. Not only young people is commited to the study and discussion of global topics, but also stimulates the development of useful skills in their lifes. MUNs increase students’ ability of participating in problem solving, research and communication, improving their English, oratory, and give them the opportunity of meeting new people.

3 How does the MUN work? Each simulated comission/body is assigned to a topic. The participants of each commission prepare the position of their country, institution or NGO beforehand. The country represented cannot ever be their country of origin. During the working days, the topics are discussed following accurately the procedure adopted by the diplomats at the UN, with formal and informal sessions. The goal is the adoption of the appropriate resolution.

4 C'MUN: the MUN of Barcelona 2006-2013
The C’MUN is a MUN conference organized by ANUE. It started in 2005, pioneer in Spain. It is one of the largest and most diverse in Europe students have participated in the C’MUN on its 7 editions, more than 300 annually. 342 universities (65 annually), 81 nacionalities (more than 45 annually). Apart from the Catalan institutional support, the C’MUN is a member of EMUNNET. It is also recognized by the Alliance of Civilizations, the United Nations Department of Public Information and the WFUNA. Finally, it is recognized as European MUN guest in the in the Global Models of the UN ( ). It brings together as much participants without experience as “MUN veterans”, giving the opportunity of learning and discovering to the “rookies”, as well as improving and sharing competences to the veterans. As a UNA, we monitor the topics of discussion, often with other youth-oriented activities based on this topics, and the adopted resolutions become work documents for ANUE. Furthermore, these resolutions are sent to the “real” UN to be taken into account as the “voice of youth”.

5 C’MUN 2013: Topics of Debate
GENERAL ASSEMBLY Millennium Development Goals: beyond 2015 Evaluation of the Millennium Development Goals which are intended to be achieved by 2015. Preparation of a development agenda for the entire UN system, post-2015. An agenda based on the fundamental values of human rights, equality and sustainability, and conceived as a truly global program, with shared responsibilities for all States. How to promote a development agenda in a period as tumultuous as the current one. The challenge of designing a new development agenda is therefore enormous, but in this globalized world it has never been so important and necessary. Designing a new development agenda means to design a new world order.

6 C’MUN 2013: Topics of Debate
SECURITY COUNCIL An integrated strategy for the Sahel region Humanitarian Crisis 18 million people suffer a severe humanitarian crisis in the Sahel. In addition to the extreme weather conditions, drought and undernourishment. Territorial Conflict and Terrorism Mali’s Coup d’état. Islamist militias allegedly linked to Al-Qaeda, and National Movement for the Liberation of Azaward. Displacement of more than a quarter of million people. UN International Mission The expected UN mission in 2013, which should address both, the field of the humanitarian situation and the threat of terrorism, the territorial issue and the restoration of constitutional order. This is the most unforeseeable debate, given the unpredictability of the events.

7 C’MUN 2013: Topics of Debate
HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL The Human Rights, under debate? Human rights vs. traditional values Human rights and sexual orientation In March 2012, the HRC dedicated the 1st session to sexual orientation, after the historic resolution of September 2011 which recognizes and protects human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). At the same time a controversial resolution on “Promoting of human rights and fundamental freedoms through a better understanding of traditional values of humankind” questioned the universality of human rights. Can the different traditional values and the promotion of human rights be reconciled? Many countries, NGOs, and collective defending the rights of women and LGBT are afraid that the progress made in the protection of their rights is at risk. The HRC of the C’MUN 2013 shall agree an opinion that unifies the criteria of whether traditional values ​​should have a role or not in the defense and promotion of human rights. And, specifying a concrete level, they also shall determine what strategy to follow to ensure the worldwide protection of LGBT rights.

8 C’MUN 2013: Topics of Debate
UNESCO Freedom of speech and religion Freedom of speech on the Internet The violence caused in the Arab world due to the film that ridiculed Muhammad and the new publication of cartoons for the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo has reopened a debate that seems to confront the freedom of speech to respect for religions. Sectors of society demand a stronger defence for the right to freedom of expression, but this demand contrasts with other collectives calling to modulate this right to ensure respect for religions. The debate has an additional complex dimension on the Internet where the restrictions on freedom of expression are used to silence dissenting opinions to certain political regimes. How can the coexistence of the freedom of expression in all its forms and the respect for religious and ideological pluralism be guaranteed?

9 C’MUN 2013: Topics of Debate
EUROPEAN SUMMIT Overcoming the Crisis with Stronger Europe The big innovation of the C’MUN 2013 is the will to bring the European Union closer to UN and viceversa, especially in a context where the EU is going through a very turbulent and momentous stage, set by the economic crisis. The 27 EU members will have the opportunity to settle the bases of the future Organization. The discussion will adress three major areas that define the questions and challenges that set the agenda of the EU this year: Economy: Austerity and the Welfare State European Rights: Schengen and labor rights Territory and sovereignity: European federalism, new candidates, new states?

10 Press Team It is in charge of The Clarion, the C’MUN newspaper.
News bulletin in english which contains the comission’s discussions and the parallel activities. Small team working in a real small editorial office during four days. It is better to abstain if you do not work well under pressure! ;)

11 Participation in the C’MUN

12 Participation in the C’MUN

13 C’MUN is waiting for you!

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