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2 Mixers Thanks to Avancini’s machines, featured with a strong and reliable mechanics, the mixing time of a traditional mixer can be reduced Our mixers are suitable for bakeries, pizzerias and confictionaries because they can process perfectly any kind of dough. SP 5

3 Our machines go from a minimum of 5 kg up to 130 kg of dough capacity.
SP 20E SP 10

4 We offer three mixers with tilting head:
SP 5TR, SP 20TR SP 25TR with a respectively mixing capacity of , 18 e 23 kg. SP 5 TR SP 20 TR SP 25 TR

5 Main features of Avancini’s mixers
Bowl in stainless steel Spiral in special high-resistence stainless steel Moving parts mounted on bearings Safety system that blocks the machine as soon as the protection grid is lifted Oven painted SP 30 - SP 40

6 Spiral Mixers from SP10 up to SP40 can be assembled with mono-phase engine, three-phase or three-phase two speeds, depending on your requirement… SP 50 – SP 60 All Spiral Mixers with a superior dough capacity are furnished with three-phase two speeds engine, in order to simplify the working of big quantity of dough.

7 Bigger Spiral Mixers SP 80, 100 and 130 have a working cycle that can be programmed thanks to two timers In these machines speed change (from the first to the second) and final stop are authomatic. SP 80 – 100 – 130

8 avancini Ingredients are mixed smoothly.
Then, when the dough is consistent, the power of the spiral is increased to reduce the mixing time without changing the temperature of the dough avancini Mixers between 80 and 130 kg are equipped with some additional features compared to the smaller ones…

9 Features of SP 80 – 100 – 130 - Protective grid in stainless steel
Movement are driven by belts, that avoid noises and expensive mantainance operations Two mixing speeds - Low tension control panel (24 Volt) Two timers to control the working cycles and to guarantee the repetition of the cycle Two fixed wheels on the rear and two rotating on the front to move the machine easly Two levelling glides

10 TUFF Another kind of mixer offered by Avancini is the double-arm Mixer
This system allows the oxigenation of the dough avoiding at the same time an excessive warming process. In this way it is possible to obtain an excellent dough… The whole structure, as well as the bowl, the arms and the grid, are in stainless steel. The oil-bathed transmission unit is made of special cast iron. The machine is mounted on ball bearings and has two speeds. Several models available: TUFF 40, 50, 60, 80 and All are extremely resistent, silent and reliable. TUFF

11 A particular model of our range is FC 20, a fork Mixer (instead of the spiral system) equipped with the same structural features of the other mixers. FC 20

12 PLANETARY GRILLS (electrical or gas)
Our planetary grills are entirely made of stainless steel suitable for foodstuffs and moving parts are mounted on self-greasing bronze bushings They are equipped with a low tension electrical circuit (24 Volts), with stainless steel removable dripping pan, overturnable thoughened glass on the front side and fixed thoughened glass on the back By request our grills can be equipped with trolley with dripping-pan or trolley with tempered glass; moreover, we offer different type of spit for chickens, small foodstuffs, roasts, thin foodstuffs and for roast sucking-pig.

13 avancini avancini In electrical grills, the roasting process is done by sheathed resistances mounted in the upper part of the machine.

14 In gas grills, the roasting system is fed by the required type of gas
In gas grills, the roasting system is fed by the required type of gas. The burner is made by two elements having the same power (it is possible to use just one of them) The machine is featured with a double security valve and double piezoelectric ignition. The back of the oven is made in refractory material that improve the heat distribution.

15 CREAM COOKERS LT 70 Cream cookers are totally made of stainless steel suitable for foodstuffs. They are provided with a stainless steel radiant basin, a mixing arm made of the same material. They are featured with transmission with an oil-bathed motoreducer,electrical circuit with low voltage control panel and a microswitch, so that the machine is blocked if the head positioning is wrong. LT 35

16 The burner they are featured with has a valve and piezoelectric ignition
LT 70 avancini LT 35 They are perfect to cook pastry cream, risotto, béchamelle and pasta meat sauce.

17 POLENTA MIXERS Polenta mixers have the same features of the Cream cookers. They are featured with transmission with an oil-bathed motoreducer,electrical circuit with low voltage control panel and a microswitch, so that the machine is blocked if the head positioning is wrong. M 15 Avancini’s Polenta mixers are available in three models.

18 M R.P.C. Coupled Model cooking polenta with cooking risotto, béchamelle…
M 32/40 Model with tilting head

19 Planetary mixers Planetary mixers are very useful in confictionaries.
PL 7’s structure is in aluminium casting, while all other planetary mixers are made in stainless steel. PL 7 PL 10 PL 20

20 PL 30 – PL 40 They are equipped with speed variation that is obtained thanks to the speed changer with hand-wheel. PL 20

21 SFA 500 SM DOUGH SHEETERS SFA dough sheeters are created following modern criteria of rationality and functionality; they can process any kind of dough to the thinnest required thickness Lamination cylinders are chromated with hard chrome, rectified and polished. Scrapers are easy to remove and conveyors can be raised up when the machine is not in use in order to spare room. SFA B 500/ SFA B 500/1000

22 All sheeters can have monophase or three-phase engine (also with two speeds) according to the customer’s needs. SFA 500/800 SFA 500/1000 Sheeters models vary according to the size of the belts: SFA B500/800, SFA B500/1000, SFA 500/800, SFA 500/1000, SFA 500EX800, SFA 500EX1000, SFA 600/1000, SFA 600/1300 and SFA 600/1500 “B” stands for bench top units, whereas “EX” for sheeters with removable conveyors.

23 We offer a wide range of pasta machines of different kind featured with mixer and extruder…

24 Our machines go from 1,3 kg of dough capacity (with a production of 2,5 kg per hour) up to big machines with a dough capacity of kg (and a production per hour of 80 kg) TR 50 can be delivered in different colours and paintings: plain or marmorized. TR 50

25 Pasta machines we offer are equipped with...
Parts in contact with the dough in stainless steel or bronze suitable for foodstuffs TR 70 - Moving parts mounted on bearings with long-life gaskets TR 75C - flame-retardant cable for power supply

26 - Engine driven, belt transmission with reducer that needs no maintenance, and chain for the mixer
Clockwise and anticlockwise movements for the moving parts TR 75 E inox - You can have different kind of pasta by changing the dies (bronze or teflon dies). TR 95 RA

27 You will also receive the pasta tray, the key for the ring and a graduated measuring jug.
TR 110S

28 TRD 110 TRD 110S

29 TR 150 continuous complete system with conveyor belt and mixer MS 80

30 RAVIOLI MACHINES RV 50 Ravioli machines, available in two models They produce double sheet ravioli and you can have different shapes by changing the mould… RV 30

31 RV30 produces ravioli in strip, while RV50 produces detached ravioli.
They can process sheets produced with presses or rolls and the thickness can be adjusted by the user… Ravioli can be filled with any kind of filling and the quantity can be adjusted… RV30 produces ravioli in strip, while RV50 produces detached ravioli. RV 50

32 GNOCCHI MACHINES Gnocchi machines are perfect for pasta production labs, bakeries, delicatessen, supermarkets and large communities GN 90 can produce up to 90 kg per hour of plain and striped gnocchi or chicche. GN 90

33 All our machines comply with the EC standars

34 Do not hesitate to contact us to have further information, by phone +39 (0)445/ or by mail we will be pleased to help you!

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