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Angažman ETF-a u projektu TEMPUS Božidar Stanić, professor ETF-a u penziji Tempus.

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1 Angažman ETF-a u projektu TEMPUS Božidar Stanić, professor ETF-a u penziji Tempus

2 What is TEMPUS? TEMPUS is one of a number of EC programmes designed to help the process of social and economic reform and/or development in the Partners Countries TEMPUS programme focuses on the development of the higher education systems in these countries through cooperationwith institutions from EU The higher education institutions are of particular importance for the social and economic transition proccess as well as cultural development TEMPUS programme is not designed to support research Tempus

3 The first TEMPUS I programme lasted from 1990 until 1994. The TEMPUS II programme lasted from 1994 until 1998 The TEMPUS II bis programme lasted from 1998 until 2000 The TEMPUS III programme is lasting from 2000 until 2006 Tempus

4 Joint European Projects (JEP) for two or three year periods are awarded primarily to groups of universities co-operating together (“consortia”) Individual Mobility Grant (IMG) are awarded to individuals – professors, lecturers in order to help them to travel to other countries for work related to a particular reform process Structural and Complementary Measures (SCM) from few weeks to one year Tempus

5 JEP Curriculum development projects The aim is to create new courses or update existing courses and to exchange the skills of teaching staff University Management projects focus on the restructuring of the management, organization and administration of universities Training Courses for Institution Building focus on developing the institutional and administrative structure of the Partner Countries. Tempus

6 Next Application Deadlines Joint European Projects Joint European Projects 15 December 2003 (for projects beginning in Autumn 2004) Individual Mobility Grants Individual Mobility Grants 15 February 2004 (for a visit foreseen between 1 June 2004 and 30 October 2004) ONLY on-line submissions are eligible! Structural and Complementary Measures 15 February 2004 Structural and Complementary Measures (for a project foreseen between 15 September 2004 and 15 September 2005) ONLY on-line submissions are eligible! Tempus

7 Statistics JEP applications submitted in March 2001/funded Serbia 34/16 Montenegro13/6 Kosovo 9/5 Total 56/27 ETF 4/3 JEP applications submitted in December 2002/funded Serbia 57/10 Montenegro17/2 Kosovo 6/4 Total 80/16 ETF ?/1 Expected JEP applications submitted in March 2003 Serbia >50 Montenegro >15 Kosovo >10 Total >75 Tempus

8 JEP – 16123 – 2001 Target country(ies): FRY-S Title: Modernisation of Physics Teching at the University of Belgrade Objective: Improvement in teaching of physics based on comparative course analysis, production of a new text resource, laboratory manual and CD, and restoration of the physics library facilities. Awarded (1st year): 80,013.00 Euro Awarded (2nd year): 84,014.00 Euro Awarded (3rd year): 125,841.00 Euro Total awarded amount: 289,868.00 Euro COORDINATOR : Coordinating institution: UNIVERSITY OF BELGRADE Contact person: GEORGIJEVIC VELJKO Contracting institution: UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON Contact person: FORSHAW MICHAEL ELIGIBLE PARTNERS TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITEIT DELFT - Delft NL Tempus

9 JEP – 16072 – 2001 TITLE : Information and Communication Technologies in Health Care OBJECTIVE: The INCO-HEALTH is to introduce at the Universities of the partner countries interdisciplinary graduate studies related to the information and communication technologies in health care. Awarded (1st year): 110,280.00 Euro Awarded (2nd year): 171,380.00 Euro Awarded (3rd year): 205,124.00 Euro Total awarded amount: 486,784.00 Euro COORDINATOR Coordinating institution:UNIVERSITY OF BELGRADE Faculty of Electrical Engineering Contact person: STANKOVIC SRDJAN CONTRACTOR Contracting institution: FOUNDATION FOR RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY – HELLAS (F.O.R.T.H.) Institute of Computer Science Contact person: ORPHANOUDAKIS STELIOS ELIGIBLE PARTNERS UNIVERSITY OF SERB SARAJEVO (SCHOOL OF MEDICINE – prof.dr Bokonjic Dejan ) ALBORG UNIVERSITY (Dept. Medical Informatics and Image Analysis – prof. Johannes J. Struijk) UNIVERSITY OF MONTENEGRO (Faculty of Electrical Engineering-prof.dr Novak ) UNIVERSITY OF NOVI SAD (Faculty of Engineering-prof.dr Dejan ) SCUOLA SUPERIORE ''SANT ANA'' (prof. Silestro Miccera ) KERCKHOFF KLINIK (Department of Cardiology-prof. Veselin) Tempus

10 JEP – 16090 – 2001 TITLE: University Science Park - Organizational Framework OBJECTIVE: To develop legislative and organizational framework for the University Science Parks in Yugoslavia and to establish pilot university unit - Technology Transfer Centre - at the University of Novi Sad. Awarded (1st year): 140,001.00 Euro Awarded (2nd year): 119,973.00 Euro Total awarded amount: 259,974.00 Euro COORDINATOR Coordinating institution: UNIVERSITY OF NOVI SAD Contact person: SENK VOJIN CONTRACTOR Contracting institution: TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITÄT WIEN Contact person: REICHL FRANZ ELIGIBLE PARTNERS UNIVERSITY OF BANJA LUKA FACULTY OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING – Banja Luka BIH UNIVERSITY OF BELGRADE – ETF Belgrade FRS TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITEIT DELFT - Delft NL UNIVERSIDADE NOVA DE LISBOA - Lisboa P CHALMERS UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - Göteborg S MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY - London U UK CHAMBER OF ECONOMY OF VOJVODINA - Novi Sad FRS FEDERAL MINISTRY FOR FOREIGN ECONOMIC RELATIONS - Belgrade FRS IVAM NRW E. V. - Dortmund E D MITOS S.A. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PARK OF CRETE - Heraklion GR Tempus

11 JEP – 17028 - 2002 TITLE: Electronic Engineering Curriculum Restructuring OBJECTIVE: Improve Electronics curricula by updating/creating undergrad and grad design courses. Development of lab practices and project fabrication and testing introduction. Teacher-student ratio improvement. Textbook publishing. Awarded (1st year): 168, 300.00 Euro Awarded (2nd year): 145,150.00 Euro Awarded (3rd year): 178,900.00 Euro Total awarded amount: 492,350.00 Euro (co-financing + 50,500.00 Euro) COORDINATOR Coordinating institution: UNIVERSITY OF BELGRADE Faculty of El. Engineering, Department of Electronics Contact person: Mrs. JELENA POPOVIC CONTRACTOR Contracting institution: INSTITUTE OF COMMUNICATION AND COMPUTER SYSTEMS – NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Contact person: Mr. YANNIS PAPANANOS ELIGIBLE PARTNERS UNIVERSIDAD POLITECNICA DE MADRID (Ingenieria Electronica – ETSI Telecomunicacion)-Madrid -E UNIVERSITY OF NIS (Faculty of Electronic Engineering)-Nis-S UNIVERSITY OF NOVI SAD (Faculty of Technical Sciences)-Novi Sad-S HDL Design House – Belgrade – S Tempus

12 Limitations 2001 : 20% Equipment costs 2002 & 2003: 30% Equipment costs 25% Staff costs 2003 5% co-financing Tempus

13 TEMPUS OFFICE FOR SERBIA, MONTENEGRO AND KOSOVO Coordinator: professor Stefan Dukiandjiev Tempus

14 ZAKLJUČCI UPOZNATI SE SA DOKUMENTIMA TEMPUS GuIde for applicants Part 1: General Information Part 2: Activities Part 3: Priorities for FEP 2003/2004 Part 4: Guidelines and forms KONKURISATI INTENZIVNIJE Tempus

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