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BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Introduction Proposed 42-Storey Office/ Commerical/ Residential Complex with 2 Basements Comprising an 11-Storey.

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2 BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Introduction Proposed 42-Storey Office/ Commerical/ Residential Complex with 2 Basements Comprising an 11-Storey Residential (87 Units/ Commerical Podium & 42-Storey Office Tower on URA Land Parcels 94 & 95 T.S. 13 at Beach Road

3 Site Plan Site The Gateway The Plaza The Key point Beach Road Nicoll Highway St John HQ

4 Site Location  Located at 300 Beach Road (outside of CBD district)  Next to Nicoll Highway  Situated at a reclaimed land with marine clay  Nearby buildings: St John Headquarters, The Keypoint (formerly known as Jalan Sultan centre), The Plaza, Golden Mile Tower etc

5 BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Project Background: 1.Site Area:20771.4 m 2 2.Total Gross Floor Area:128233 m 2 Breakdown of GFA: Basement(2 level)= 34334 Podium=1 st 5934 2 nd 7900 3rd8189 4 th 3493 5 th 4089 6 th 3542 7 th 1769 8 – 9 th 1662 10 – 11 th 1478 Podium + Tower

6 Tower=7 th 119237 th 1615 8 th 141838 th 1106 9 th 130939 th 1207 10 – 13 th 670240 th 981 14 – 17 th 670241 st 878 18 – 21 st 670242 nd 1062 221521 231824 241531 251843 261527 271872 281546 291803 30 – 324842 331818 34 – 364842

7 3.Net Rentable Area: i)Podium (excluding service apartments) = 106704 ft 2 ii)Tower= 540583 ft 2 4.Tenant Mix: Podium : i) food outlets such as cafes, restaurants,food court etc, – about 48% of the tenants at podium ii)retail such as stationeries, and artifical materials {eg flowers, plants etc (tenants of such trade are mostly from Blanco Court } Tower : 2 major tenants i)American Express – 18 th to 21 st floor ii)Asia Matsushita – 14 th (1/2 of the floor) + 15 th to 17 th floor

8 Source of Information: Interviews with ex-Maincon (Building) Pte Ltd staff during the construction progress who is currently the maintenance Officer of the Concourse Contract Document provided by the Management Tenant Records provided by the Management BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY

9 Design & Construction History : In 1980, the original development was lower than the proposed one in 1989. Metrobuild was the contractor for the project then. However, Metrobuild and the developer got into a court case when the piling and basement works were completed in 1982. The court case has resolved in 1989 where the construction works resumed again. Due to the anticipated increasing market demand for service apartments, Hong Fok Land has decided to increase the number of storeys of podium for service apartment to 11. The Tower Block has its number of storeys reduced from the intended 45 storey to 42, in order to compensate for the 3-storey increase at Podium Block.

10 History Continued... The original design constructed by Metrobuild was modified by a new design by Paul Rudolph. Thus, demolition of 1 st level superstructure works and strengthening of substructure works were carried out before the construction based on the new design could begin.

11 Timeline for the Project Commencement of Construction Works For the originally proposed Concourse by Metrobuild (Contractor) Completion of all Substructure Works & 1 st level of Podium & Tower Court Case Between Metrobuild & Hong Fok Land (Developer) Commencement of the construction project again with new participants Official Start of the Concourse project in January 1990 with additions & demolition first before actual construction Completion of Construction project in March 1993

12 Building Delivery Process Contract Sum : $3 Billion Contractual Details:  Procurement Method : Management Contracting  Form of Contract: SIA 88 Lump Sum  Liquidated Damages per day: $18,000 to $20,000 (Main Contractor) $1,000 (for small subcontractors eg Merdeka)  Commencement Date: Jan ’90  Completion Date: Mar ’93  Maintenance Period: 12 months

13 Parties Involved in 1990 Developer/ Client : Hong Fok Land Pte Ltd Architectural Design Consultant: Paul Rudolph Architect : Architects 61 Main Contractor : Maincon (Building) Pte Ltd Structural Consultant : Steen Consultants M&E Consultant : PCR ( Previously known as Ewbank Preece Engineers Pte Ltd) Consultant Quantity Surveyor : Rider Hunt Levett & Bailey Acoustic Consultant : CCW Acoustic Pte Ltd Lighting Consultant : Brandston & Partners, Inc (Europe)

14 Nominated Subcontractor (NSC) Exterior Cladding : PD Manufacturing Pte Ltd Air-conditioning : Cofreth (S’pore) Pte Ltd Lifts : OTIS Plumbing & Sanitary : Kailay Engineering Pte Ltd Electrical : Bintai Pte Ltd Floor Trunking : Emoduline Cable Ducting Pte Ltd Interior Designing : RBL Pte Ltd Domestic Subcontractor (DSC) / Supplier Truss : Jurong Engineering Limited (JEL) Gondola Specialist Bondek : CRG False Ceiling: Merdeka Construction Pte Ltd Landscaping : Island & Landscaping Pte Ltd Corewall of Tower; Podium; Rainwater downpipe etc

15 Management Contracting  A form of contracting arrangement whereby the contractor is paid a fee to manage the building of the project on behalf on the client.  It is a contract to manage, procure and supervise rather than a contract to build.  The management contractor, in this case, Main Con was appointed to provide pre-construction services to the client, Hong Fok Land and design team and did not undertake any construction-based activities for the project.  All works to be carried out were specified in separate work packages Main was responsible for the inviting works package tenders, with each of them tendered for by specialist subcontractors on a competitive basis.  Once they were appointed, they worked under the direction of the main contractor and the main contractor was contractually responsible to the client for the work carried out by all the subcontractors in the traditional method.  The consultants were separately appointed by Hong Fok Land.  Thus, the client had separate contracts with the main contractor and consultants.

16 Contractual Relationship between Parties Hong Fok Land (Client) Maincon Domestic Subcontractors Nominated Subcontractors Paul Rudolph Architects 61 Consultants Steen PCR Rider Hunt Levette & Bailey CCW Acoustic Brandston & Partners

17 Details of the Procurement method Paul Rudolph, an architectural design consultant was appointed in 1989 to come up with an overall design concept for the Concourse. His idea was to maximise the amount of natural day lighting for the building. Thus, he created a façade that was slanting at angles. He hoped to attain the goal of achieving maximum sunlight but also reduce the radiation. He prepared conceptual design in sufficient detail to identify layout and façade appearance for tendering by consultants. Architects 61 was chosen as the architectural consultant and was left to finish the detailed design for the building. It was also the architect in-charge of certifying payments, EOT etc to contractor and subcontractors as spelt out in the SIA form of contract.

18 Continued... The structural consultant, Steen then had to design the appropriate structural systems for the podium and tower block based on Architects 61’s detail drawings. Steen also had to work closely with M&E consultant, PCR to ensure satisfactory integration of services with the structure proposed. CCW Acoustic and Brandston being the the acoustic and lighting consultants respectively had to provide feedback to PCR on the impact of various techniques, materials used etc on the acoustic and lighting aspects. PRC will in turn issue the necessary instructions to Main Con. Maincon being a subsidary of Hong Fok Land, was appointed as the main contractor for the project and no tendering was called. Main con was responsible for the overall planning and coordination of construction process. It also managed the rental of equipment such as mobile cranes used on site.

19 Continued... In short, it was not physically involved in the actual construction process. It played a more active role in planning, coordinating, scheduling and monitoring the construction works by the various subcontractors. Due to the unique design of the façade, the design consultant had anticipated the difficulty of maintaining the façade. Thus, a gondola specialist (domestic subcontractor) was engaged during the design phase to work together with Architects 61 and other consultants appointed then to locate spots for gondolas for façade cleaning.

20 Construction Phase It was a 24 hours intensive construction process relying on only 1 climbing crane and 1 tower crane for construction of tower block from around 8 th onwards. Podium block was constructed with the help of 2 tower cranes. The trusses were prefabricated in Indonesia and delivered to Jurong Engineering’s warehouse for storage. Just-in-time concept for applied to the delivery of the trusses from the warehousing to the site for erection. The ready mixed concrete trucks were used to deliver the concrete to site for use. The arrangement for the delivery was made by the individual subcontractors involved. Eg, the subcontractor doing bondek slab just needed to make a call to the supplier at least 4 hours before concreting. Some Features of the …

21 TOP Details The TOP arrangement is as follows: 1 st TOP:Tower (9-28 th ) 2 nd TOP:Tower (2-5 th ) Podium(retail) 3 rd TOP:Apartments

22 Strength & Limitations The advantages: The construction work is more closely integrated into the management of the project. The construction project can start early as the design and construction phase can overlap with good planning, control and careful packaging of construction works by the management contractor. Since the Concourse project is a complex project and involves a considerable amount of subcontracts and contractual interfaces, the management contractor can manage and coordinate the project better compared to traditional arrangement. In the traditional arrangement, the architect may overlook certain critical aspects especially the interfaces between different trades. The main weakness of such contractual arrangement is that the works are divided into many smaller work packages which cause coordination problem among many subcontractors.

23 BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Constraints and Problems using Construction 1) The site is on reclaimed land with marine clay.  This creates difficulties for substructure works.  Bored piles and left-in sheet piles were used due to the poor ground condition. 2)When the works picked up again in 1990, demolition and strengthening works had to be carried out before actual works began.  However, before such activities could be carried out, the basement had to be dewatered as it was flooded.  This incurs additional cost for the client.

24 3)Delays due to poor progress of work by subcontractors & Coordination problems due to many subcontractors involved  Construction of RC core at Tower block was initially slow using traditional RC construction with timber formwork. The construction of 12 columns around the Tower block was slow too as they to be cast in small section due to heavy reinforcements.  Thus, delaying other subcontractors’ works such as truss erection, bondek etc  Work was speed up using jumping formwork for core from around 12 th onwards.

25 BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Design & Construction Tower Block - 42 Storeys Purpose : Commercial Office Units

26 BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY …Continue Podium: Together 11 storey 8 Storey Service Apartment Comprising 87 units

27 BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Continue… Retail - Shopping mall Shops and restaurants Occupying 1 basement & 2 storeys

28 BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Continue… Structural System Podium Block: Frame structure constructed with traditional RC construction Tower Block: Construction adopts the RC core wall system with cantilevered steel beams for office tower. Exterior by Aluminium cladding Floor is by Bondek System

29 Typical Floor @ Tower Block Void Area Core Office East Wing Offices are located at east wing from 2nd to 5th storey 6th level is RC flat roof with skylight over 5th level 7th & 8th storey are being occupied by the main air-conditioning & mechanical plant room

30 Core Offices The floor plan from 9th level onwards basically follows the above illustrated outline. However, the outline may differ slightly due to void or orientation of the outline. Typical floor: 12,16,20,2413,17,2110,14,18,2211,15,19,23 30,3431,35 14th 10th Elevation View

31 BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Services: Automatic swinging entrance doors Double decker lifts at Tower Block to serve 2 zones:  1 st to 24 th storey  25 th to 31 st storey Door Contract system: The system will detect any entry through the staircase doors by means of a device installed at the door. This system is activated from 11pm to 6am. Alarm for this system will sound at the Fire Command Centre if there is any entry during this period.

32 Services Continued... Use of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system for security: Installed at common areas at podium and tower block eg lift lobby Monitored in Fire Command Centre Air-conditioning System: Centralised chilled water system for podium and tower block with AHU on every floor Use of VAV system (variable air volume system) for 2nd to 5th floor of tower block (East Wing).

33 BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Uniqueness 1) The building adopts the Building Automation System (BAS): Where the air-conditioning system and lightings are monitored by computerised means. 2) Mechanical Bridge serving as a link between the podium and tower block. Comprise of two decks: Deck 1 Wet riser tank & Sprinkler tank Deck 2 Domestic water tank 3) Unconventional looking façade that seeks to maximise natural daylighting. Use of skylight at atrium areas for podium (3rd level) and tower (6th level). 4) Future expansion: The extra space available at the roof terrace is to be utilised for future expansion for more office units. The management has successfully applied for the permission to convert the roof terrace into office units. As the units are currently occupied, the expansion plan may have to be postponed.

34 BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Mechanical Bridge Link Between Tower & Podium

35 BU4102 INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY -Use of sky light for the shopping area At 3rd Level Podium

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