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A TWO-DAY WORK-SHOP OF DRS. DINESH AND URVI CHAUHAN Organized by: Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing Dated: 29th and 30th March 2008 Venue: Manas Mandir,Shahpur.

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Presentation on theme: "A TWO-DAY WORK-SHOP OF DRS. DINESH AND URVI CHAUHAN Organized by: Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing Dated: 29th and 30th March 2008 Venue: Manas Mandir,Shahpur."— Presentation transcript:

1 A TWO-DAY WORK-SHOP OF DRS. DINESH AND URVI CHAUHAN Organized by: Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing Dated: 29th and 30th March 2008 Venue: Manas Mandir,Shahpur

2 Continuation of Journey…..a desire- burning in its nature, to travel Roads- less traveled…for a cause....a cause- to conduct series of work- shops for the motivated and sincere homoeopathic doctors- beginners, on the free cost base... a promise - to keep the inner fire alive so as to continue organizing and sharing for a noble cause….. A reciprocation- equal from the group to learn, and learn and learn…..inspires the continuation of our journey…bringing forth the second destination for the work- shop series after the last meet up at Aadishwardham work shop (Oct 2007). And the destination is Manas Mandiram, at Shahpur, Thane, India.

3 Manas Mandiram Tirth Shahpur-..a holi place of Jains known by the name Shri Bhuvan Bhanu Jain Manas Mandiram Tirtha is located on Mumbai-Nashik highway, 91 Kms from Mumbai. It comprised a large temple complex atop a small hill near the mahuli river.

4 Pampered by the mountains amidst which it proudly stand, Manas mandiram acquired its own magnificent persona, which proved to be contagious for all of us...

5 ..a persona with white shines resided the personified form of Jain tirthankar (God) Aadishwar dada-the first liberated god of Jainas-

6 ..the shine, the light, the love that flowed through the Murti [god- statue] just enveloped every soul who came in its encounter....just to gift them a feeling of serenity, peace and love within.. Now I understand how difficult it is to put effects of such divine encounter into mere words… All of us were moved with the experience...

7 Apart from blessing us with such divine encounter, Manas mandiram welcomed us with utmost grace; be it tasty food, a clean and pleasant accommodation, or a lecture hall or break tea, every thing was just perfect to bless us a fresh and balanced state- and that was reflected while the group discussed upon Case- Receiving process in Children- And “ A SENSATIONal journey … from Symptoms to Source in Children” that started from last work-shop was being continued..

8 ..we learned and enjoyed each moment of cases presented on children....only to have a feeling- “Before I had six theories about Case Receiving in children; now I have six children, and no theories”!!!

9 ..highlights of the topics covered in the workshop( through discussions, video cases, etc) Art of CASE WITNESSING PROCESS in children: A unique art in its own right. The complete JOURNEY of CASE WITNESSING PROCESS from symptoms to altered vibrational patterns through video cases in Children. KEY aspects of Case witnessing process in children: LISTENING: The Mother of all technique; OBSERVATION: A visual treat to physician’s senses. (Importance of ‘What to observe’ in order to get complete depth of a child) Importance of MOTHER’S HISTORY OF PREGNANCY to unfold Child’s energy in its purest form.

10 ..highlights of the topics covered in the workshop( through discussions, video cases,etc) Art of Case-witnessing in a child who speak less Exploring the altered pattern in given children’s cases through TECHNIQUES like -FOCUSING, -DRAWINGS, -PROJECTION

11 ..highlights of the topics covered in the workshop( through discussions, video cases) It was amazing to witness the way each child expressed himself, and the way each case got unfolded from their altered patterns of thought, feeling, perception till the final source. various techniques came to rescue when the case got stuck at some point – To explain his finer deeper experience, the first child used Drawing and he expressed beautifully how he felt; “without an identity at the same time boasting someone else’s identity- a beautiful conjunction of Natrum-phosphoricum salt. The second child beautifully Projected all her feelings and experience of a mad dog up on her friend – and she needed Lyssinum! And the third case, the most brilliant of all- a child who just spoke monosyllabic words and just name of colors- and through patience of physician and his art to use medium of drawing at perfect time helped the child to express his inner turmoil, finally he did touch his inner altered state – he was given Octopus.

12 The most important learning that each of us gained was - knowing when to use a technique in the case. - Knowing which technique to follow. - Importance of Observation during Passive Case-witnessing and its importance - Precise moment in a case to get Active and time to follow Active-Active case witnessing process in a case. Art of various techniques dinesh used to unfold cases till source gave the group confidence that reaching source in children though tactful is possible..

13 .. each case was unique and the technique that was used to reach the core was equally so....the session was so interesting that the first day, after the dinner, all of us were still hungry to know more, and session continued till 11.30 pm…only to fill us up with more energy- for the next day…

14 ..the next day started at 6.30, we planned to take the group to Mahuli fort base- to start the day on a healthy note.. …a much sought after trekking destination - Mahuli fort is the highest point in Thane District; just 15 minutes away from this temple complex..

15 ..we enjoyed every bit of our trip to the base of fort, everything starting from the ride to Mahuli fort in a Tempo, to the small walk amidst the greens and the group photo clicks…

16 ..the bhakti-sandhya-a musical evening full of Bhakti songs, a selfless offering from the temple locals was just icing on the cake- such divine offering can happen only in the place of divinity; the music that flowed through their hearts and instruments had a magical effect on us....this magical moments of being close to god through Bhakti-a divine love will be cherished forever..

17 Our group of 45 gathered at base-Mahuli fort (with few missing who preferred to rest on lap of bed instead of that of mother nature)

18 Testimonials.. “I’m really so awed by the whole experience; the entire experience was so over whelming........the entire arrangement was flawless, at least I could have never asked or expected anything more..”. “thank you for all the arrangements you all made for us and made us so comfortable… your sessions have really helped me. Coincidently and fortunately, I got the answers through the session which were really burning in my mind….” “To begin with, a big thanks to you and ma'am for organizing such activity. Would be eagerly waiting for such activities in the future, with full participation… I am always mesmerized by the quality and quantity of work you and ma'am do. And this time was no different….there will more efforts and more work from my side. Your efforts of teaching us will surely not go waste. Thanking you once again for everything!”

19 ..a note of Thanks to our working force- Drs. Jui, Kunjal and Sumegha..these people didn’t leave a single stone unturned to make this work-shop a reality-

20 More about this work shop… -name of this work-shop series- “Athato Brahma Jigyasa”- it means-”an inquiry into the ultimate”- something that we as homoeopaths strive for- so as to acquire more and more, refined knowledge about human, matter and beyond, so as to be a better healer…. With this name, we aim to inspire the fellow homoeopaths to join us in our journey into this inquiry.

21 ..more about Athato Brahma Jigyasa Aims.. - to conduct series of work shops for the needy, motivated and sincere homoeopathic doctors on free of cost base to prevent money coming in the way of practical learning. - to prepare good homeopathic doctors with sound understanding of homoeopathy with its practical utility, so that they can serve good homoeopathy to the humanity in their respective locality out of our reach.

22 ..more about Athato Brahma Jigyasa This work shop runs on the donation that come from our patients, relatives, friends, students, the group members them selves who attends the workshop including ourselves. It truly proves to be- -By the people, for the people, from the people of Homoeopathy.

23 .. Future plans Number of students: from the present group of 45 each time, we plan to make it available for more students (at least 100 each time). Frequency of this event: from three times in a year for two consecutive days, we plan to make it a regular event of one session each month for two days each time. (lodging, boarding and lectures free) Destination: to organize more such evens at other cities apart from Mumbai. Donation: to draw in more donations to benefit more and more students. And much more to follow… to land a helpful hand, contact us at

24 ..the journey will continue…..departing with the promise.. Drs. Urvi and Dinesh Chauhan.

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