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NATIONAL RURAL LIVELIHOODS MISSION [NRLM] Panchayati Raj Department Government of Orissa.

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1 NATIONAL RURAL LIVELIHOODS MISSION [NRLM] Panchayati Raj Department Government of Orissa


3 OPRM to be amended into National Rural Livelihoods Mission: Orissa (NRLM-O) State Level NRLM Mission – under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble CM Orissa – Hon’ble Minister Panchayat Raj and others as member Governing Body – Under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary, – DC,APC and other officials as member Executive Committee – Under the chairmanship of Secretary Panchayat Raj and Mission Director NRLM as member Secretary. Mission Directorate – Under the overall charge of Mission Director NRLM.

4 State Project Management Unit of TRIPTI to function as the State Mission Management Unit for NRLM-Orissa District and Block management unit to function as DMMU and BMMU. District Collector to be designated as the District Mission Leader Project Director, DRDA to be Additional District Mission Leader DMMU will function under DRDA – DSMS CE to function under DRDA as part of District Mission BMMU will function under Panchayat Samiti Existing structure of Mission Shakti at Block and Sub-block level to be integrated into NRLM – Services of trained Shakti Sahayikas to be utilized in NRLM. – All SHGs to be promoted as “Mission Shakti Groups (MSG) – All CRP to be promoted as Mission Shakti Sahayika

5 Member MISSION SHAKTI GROUP (MSG) MISSION SHAKTI GROUP (MSG) MISSION SHAKTI G.P. FEDERATION (MS-GPF) MISSION SHAKTI G.P. FEDERATION (MS-GPF) MISSION SHAKTI BLOCK FEDERATION (MS-BF) MISSION SHAKTI BLOCK FEDERATION (MS-BF) MISSION SHAKTI CLUSTER FORUM (MS-CF) MISSION SHAKTI CLUSTER FORUM (MS-CF) 5- 20 MSGs (1 to 2 Villages) 5- 20 MSGs (1 to 2 Villages) 10-20 Members (5-20 in case of vulnerable Groups) 10-20 Members (5-20 in case of vulnerable Groups) Representatives of Member CFs Representatives of Member CFs Representatives of Member GPFs Representatives of Member GPFs One Woman From each HH One Woman From each HH SHAKTI SAHAYIKA ( Community Resource Person) SHAKTI SAHAYIKA ( Community Resource Person)


7 IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY Intensive Blocks Group Formation Capacity Building Revolving Fund for Groups (PPIF) Capital Subsidy (CIF) Livelihoods(Value-chain) Social Development Non-Intensive Blocks Focus on existing groups: their capacity building CRP selection Revolving Fund to Groups Support for IG activities as under SGSY


9 PhasesUnitYear-IYear-IIYear-IIIYear-IVYear-V Total Districts Total Blocks Phase-I Districts10 Blocks38 Phase-II Districts 11 23 Blocks 69 107 Phase-III Districts 15 30 Blocks 94 201 Phase-IV Districts 15 30 Blocks 101 302 Phase-V Districts 330 Blocks 12 314 Total 3869941011230314





14 FUNDING & COVERAGE Central allocation on the basis of incidence of poverty. State to cover all districts and blocks by end of 12 th FY: 2012- 2017 Centrally Sponsored scheme:75:25 funding pattern.


16 ELIGIBLE ITEMS UNDER EXPENDITURE Institution Building – Participatory vulnerability assessment, formation/ promotion of new SHGs, federations and other collectives Training & Capacity building – of institutions of the poor, CRPs, staff and other stakeholders; includes knowledge dissemination, education and advocacy Revolving Fund Capital subsidy Interest Subsidy Infrastructure Marketing Skills and Placements Projects Administrative cost – Mission (Programme) management costs including costs of monitoring, evaluation & learning

17 Identification and mobilization of BPL households into SHGs, with priority to the SC, ST households especially primitive tribal groups, poorest of the poor HHs, women headed households and households engaged in declining occupations; Facilitating federation of SHGs at the village/gram Panchayat level/ block level and providing basic facilities for the effective functioning of such federations in terms of providing accommodation for federation office and such other basic facilities; Incorporating and making suitable financial allocations to the priority demands of the SHGs and their federations in the annual plans/ activities of the PRIs; Entrusting execution of Panchayat activities including civil works to SHGs and their federations on a priority basis; Leasing out Panchayat resources such as fishing ponds/tanks, common property resources, market yards, buildings and other properties to the SHGs and their federations for proper management and maintenance; Entrusting responsibility for collection of Panchayat revenues including house property tax to the SHGs for a small fee; and Entrusting management and maintenance of select civic amenities to the SHGs. Coordinating with different departments and agencies on behalf of the SHG network. Any other activity which could be taken up by the members of the SHGs or their federations. ROLE OF PRI UNDER NRLM

18 SHG COVERAGE PLAN Total Rural Households as per 2002 BPL census7745256 Projected Rural HH in 2010 (with 2% annual Growth)8984497 Total Households covered under SHGs so far4650000 HH not covered under SHGs4334497 HH to be covered under SHGs (80% of the uncovered HH) 3467598 New SHGs to be formed (12 members per SHG) 288966 Number of SHGs formed till date 387000 Total SHGs to be covered 675966 Total Households be covered under SHG 8117598

19 Year Blocks to Cover Total HHs to be covered Total SHGs to be covered New SHGs to be formed SHGs to get SHGs to get capital subsidy Beneficiaries to receive CB Fund No. of GP Federations No. of Block Federations No. of District Federations 2010-1138228000190001749133000159600 2011-12107765576637981016944659998535903760 2012-132011605188133766310139363656771123632138038 2013-14302220708818392459948128747174981544962188069 2014-1531420028521669047624411683335639140199619869410 2015-1631411816249846970888689285225382713722810113 2016-17314127200106003895574205604789040 127 Total31481175286764612889664735221681115682270623431430

20 FUNDING PLAN Year Formation of New SHGs Amount of RF Amount of Capital Subsidy Amount of CB Grant to Village/ GP Federation Grant to Block Federation Grant to District Federation Total Infrastructure & Marketing Skill development, Placement and Innovation Administrative Expenses GRAND TOTAL 2010-111.7519.95 119.70 141.4028.2821.217.07197.96 2011-1210.1766.9924.94321.540.76 424.4084.8863.6621.22594.15 2012-1331.01140.45141.92589.911.380.08 904.75180.95135.7145.241266.65 2013-1459.95193.12437.45695.231.880.14 1387.77277.55208.1769.391942.88 2014-1576.24175.25890.98525.751.990.190.101670.49334.10250.5783.522338.69 2015-1670.89103.391306.33310. 2016-1738.9611.131401.1633.390.000.020.071484.73296.95222.7174.242078.63 Total288.97710.284202.782595.706.230.630.307804.891560.981170.73390.2410926.84


22 Name of the District Total no of GPsTotal GP covered under SA % of GP coveredNo. of SA Ongoing GPs Angul 116 4236 Balasore 116 474128 Bhadrak 122 544416 Cuttack 69 33487 Jajpur 114 383328 Jagatsinghpur 109 514726 Kendrapara 102 474617 Khurda 70 355013 Nayagarh 105 403816 Puri 97 434426 State 102043042213

23 Name of the District Total HHS in SA Completed GPs HHs not in SHGs %age of HHs not in SHGs Total Poor &EPVG HHs Poor & EPVG HHs not in SHGs %age of Poor & EPVG not in SHGs Angul 443311804841308741187338 Balasore 673123743656326131753454 Bhadrak 703633318947397801632141 Cuttack 31919182935718319937051 Jajpur 375182214459237271287654 Jagatsinghpur 642653066448380381590942 Kendrapara 578633086253328461693752 Khurda 486372531752292241419049 Nayagarh 414602138852261381276149 Puri 44920181374024898923337 State 5085882554785029645713700446

24 Name of the District HHs not in SHGs HHs included in SHGs % of Inclusion Poor & EPVG HHs not in SHGs Poor & EPVG HHs included in SHGs % of Inclusion of Poor & EPVG Angul 1804840342211873332828 Balasore 37436100872717534626936 Bhadrak 3318950511516321365522 Cuttack 182933707209370263328 Jajpur 2214433121512876262420 Jagatsinghpur 3066470322315909510832 Kendrapara 3086273282416937551133 Khurda 2531741901714190356825 Nayagarh 2138834891612761280522 Puri 181373778219233297832 State 25547852008201370043847928

25 Name of the District No. of Existing SHGs No. of New SHGs formed Total No. of SHGs (Old + New) No. of CLFs formed No. of SHGs became members in CLF % of Inclusion of SHGs in CLF Angul 20343422376146122652 Balasore 21288793007247183261 Bhadrak 25234452968221174559 Cuttack 933294122710074661 Jajpur 115727814356259541 Jagatsinghpur 22025762778204151354 Kendrapara 20006162616162131250 Khurda 19663582324171142861 Nayagarh 12672941561137101765 Puri 21473242471201152662 State 1835744062276316511294057

26 Community Resource Persons identified and selection process completed in 88 GPs. Assessment of SHGs to release Pro-Poor Inclusion Fund ( 10,000) has started and proposals submitted at SPMU for release of fund. 196696 unemployed rural youths identified in 430 GPs.


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