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Avinoam Danin © Species New to Science discovered and described by Avinoam Danin Ferula daninii Zohary Flora of Israel online –

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1 Avinoam Danin © Species New to Science discovered and described by Avinoam Danin Ferula daninii Zohary Flora of Israel online –

2 Avinoam Danin © Origanum ramonense, endemic to a small area of the Negev Highlands, confined to smooth-faced limestone

3 Avinoam Danin © Origanum ramonense In the fieldIn the greenhouse

4 Avinoam Danin © Origanum ramonense Nahal Lotz

5 Avinoam Danin ©


7 Drawing by Esther Hoover

8 Avinoam Danin © A hard rock outcrop during a light shower (ca. 1 mm/hr). The shiny faces are sites where a continuous water film developed on the rock and run-off started

9 Avinoam Danin © Rock outcrops and an asphalt road where runoff started

10 Avinoam Danin © Urginea maritima at a soil pocket in smooth-faced rock outcrop covered with epilithic lichens (P=100 mm )

11 Avinoam Danin © A cross-section in a limestone covered with an epilithic lichen which protects it from the destructive energy of the rain drops epilithic lichen rock

12 Avinoam Danin © Water in a depression at a rock-outcrop in the desert. Soil pockets should be regarded as such depressions filled with soil

13 Avinoam Danin © A soil pocket in the desert. The marked plants are typical Mediterranean surviving due to efficient run-off from the exposed smooth rock (P=80 mm) Umbilicus intermedius Urospermum picroides

14 Avinoam Danin © Bufonia ramonensis, endemic to one slope at the Negev Highlands, in the same rock outcrop of the two previous photos

15 Avinoam Danin © Gebel Halal in N Sinai (P=80-100 mm), where Juniperus phoenicea trees survived in smooth-faced rocks. They penetrated the desert in a moist period more than 40,000 years ago. A branch of the marked tree displays 865 annual rings

16 Avinoam Danin © A Juniperus phoenicea branch, 865 years old; seems to be the oldest tree recorded in the Middle East so far

17 Avinoam Danin © Juniper trees in a wadi draining the large rocky surface attain considerable size, also by being naturally protected from becoming fire wood. The burning wood “explodes” and makes sparks which may endager the Bedouin tent

18 Avinoam Danin © Juniperus phoenicea branches resemble those of Cupressus, but the small cones look like red fruits

19 Avinoam Danin © Eastern Crete where Juniperus phoenicea shrubs are accompanied by Sarcopoterium and Coridothymus

20 Avinoam Danin © Large rock outcrops of Gebel Halal support additional special plants among the Juniper trees Origanum isthmicum discovered here is endemic to an area less than 5x5 km at this mountain chain

21 Avinoam Danin © Origanum jordanicum, the closest relative of O. isthmicum

22 Avinoam Danin © Distribution of Origanum sect. Campanulatocalyx 1. O. dayi 2. O. ramonense 3. O. isthmicum 4. O. punonense 5. O. petraeum 6. O. jordanicum

23 Avinoam Danin © In a study of plant adaptations in desert dunes, several species of the Boraginaceae were discovered, having the rare ability to produce root-borne shoots. The new shoots arrest mobile sand thus leading to the re- covering of the exposed roots in areas of sand deflation Heliotropium digynum Moltkiopsis ciliata

24 Avinoam Danin © A gentle slope of a sandy area south of Dimona supports several Boraginaceae. It is facing south- west, the main direction of strong winds in winter

25 Avinoam Danin © A species new to science, described as Anchusa negevensis confined to that slope and was not found anywhere else. It produces root-borne shoots

26 Avinoam Danin © Following DNA analyses of the family the species was transferred to another genus, and it is now Hormuzakia negevensis

27 Avinoam Danin © A group of at least 7 individuals of H. negevensis that are possibly connected by their roots

28 Avinoam Danin © New root-borne shoots of H. negevensis

29 Avinoam Danin © Flowers and fruits of H. negevensis

30 Avinoam Danin © Theucrium capitatum a common species of Israel and its neighbouring countries

31 Avinoam Danin © Hair-types of the taxa related to Teucrium leucocladum, compared to those of T. capitatum T. capitatum subsp. leucocladum var. glandulosum subsp. sinaicum subsp. jordanicum

32 Avinoam Danin © Distribution of the taxa related to Teucrium leucocladum

33 Avinoam Danin © A list of taxa described by- or named after Avinoam Danin Origanum ramonense Danin 1967 Origanum isthmicum Danin 1969 Reaumuria negevensis Zohary & Danin 1970 Ferula daninii Zohary 1972 Brassica deserti Danin & Hedge 1973 Ifloga rueppellii (Fresen.) Danin 1973 Kickxia macilenta (Decne.) Dani 1973 Micromeria serbaliana Danin & Hedge 1973 Onopordum turcicum Danin 1974 Kickxia judaica Danin 1977 Portulaca oleracea L. subsp. nitida Danin & Baker (+7 subspecies) 1978 Amygdalus ramonensis Danin 1980

34 Avinoam Danin © Leopoldia longipes (Boiss.) Losinsk. subsp. negevensis Feinbrun & Danin 1986 Minuartia sinaica (Boiss.) Danin 1987 Polygala negevensis Danin 1987 Silene alexandrina (Asch.) Danin 1987 Onopordum blanchei (Eig) Danin 1988 Origanum petraeum Danin 1990 Origanum punonense Danin 1990 Kickxia petrana Danin 1991 Allium daninianum Brullo, Pavone & Salmeri 1992 Phillyrea latifolia L. subsp. daninii Valdes 1992 Anchusa negevensis Danin 1995 Cyperus sharonensis Danin & Kukkonen 1995 Origanum jordanicum Danin & Kuenne 1996

35 Avinoam Danin © Micromeria danaensis Danin 1997 Rubia danaensis Danin 1997 Silene danaensis Danin 1997 Teucrium leucocladum Boiss. subsp. jordanicum Danin and subsp. sinaicum Danin1997 Satureja nabateorum Danin & Hedge 1998 Artemisia jordanica Danin 1999 Pycnocycla saxatilis Danin, Hedge & Lamond 2000 Bufonia ramonensis Danin 2001 Arundo mediterranea Danin 2004

36 Avinoam Danin © Portulaca nicaraguensis (Danin & H.G. Baker) Danin2006 Portulaca africana (Danin & H.G. Baker) Danin2006 Portulaca tuberculata (Danin & H.G. Baker) Danin2006 Portulaca impolita (Danin & H.G. Baker) Danin2006 Portulaca papillato-stellulata (Danin & H.G. Baker) Danin2006 Portulaca canariensis Danin & Reyes-Betancort2006 25 Summary: 35 species and 5 subspecies new to science; 2 species and 1 subspecies named after A. Danin (additional one Cyanobacterium, probably Mathea daninii Friedmann, is in press since 1984).

37 Avinoam Danin © For more presentations by Prof. Avinoam Danin, visit Flora of Israel Online Flora of Israel Online

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