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Carlos Gracida Institute. Junior High School Section. Basic English.

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2 Carlos Gracida Institute. Junior High School Section. Basic English.

3 WHERE ARE YOU FROM? I am from Mexico. I am Mexican. WHAT’S YOUR NATIONALITY?

4 Where are kangaroos from? Kangaroos are from Australia. They are Australian. What’s Australia’s capital? It’s CANBERRA! And this is Australia’s flag!

5 Where is this flag from? It’s from Argentina. It’s the Argentinian flag. Diego Maradona is from Argentina. He’s Argentinian.

6 Where is Pelé from? Pelé is from Brazil. Pelé is Brazilian.

7 Where are pandas from? Pandas are from China. Pandas are Chinese!

8 Where is this flag from? This flag is from Denmark. This is the Danish flag. What’s the Danish capital? Copenhagen is the Danish capital.

9 Where is David Beckham from? Is he from Norway? Is he Norwegian? No, he isn’t from Norway. He’s not Norwegian. Is he from Canada? Is he Canadian? No, he’s not. He’s not Canadian. He isn’t from Canada. Is he from England? Is he English? Yes, he is. Beckham is English. He´s from England.

10 Where is Napoleon from? He’s from France. Napoleon is French. Paris is the French capital. Cheeses and wine are typical French foods. Zinadine Zidane is from France! He’s a French footballer!

11 Where is this flag from? It is the Greek flag! It’s the flag from Greece. In Greece, they speak Greek. Greek is a very old language. In English we have many Greek words like: exagon, Geography, pentagon, sofism, Philosophy, ethical, etc.

12 Barcelona FC and Real Madrid FC are famous soccer teams from? They are from Spain. They are Spanish teams. What’s the Spanish capital? Madrid is the capital of Spain. It’s the Spanish capital.

13 From Portugal, Portuguese. From Japan, Japanese.

14 From Switzerland, Swiss. From Finland, Finn.

15 From Turkey, Turk. From Viet Nam, Vietnamese. From Korea, Korean. From Sweden, Swedish. From Congo, Congolese.

16 From the Netherlands, Dutch. From Ireland, Irish.

17 From the United States of America, American. From Germany, German.

18 From Russia, Russian. From Austria, Austrian. From Belgium, Belge. From Iceland, Icelandic.

19 What about some African countries? From South Africa, Southafrican. From Angola, Angolan. From Egypt, Egyptian.

20 And some European countries? From Hungary, Hungarian. From Italy, Italian. From Bosnia, Bosnian.

21 Where are these flags from?

22 And these flags are from?

23 What about these?

24 Get some points. Bring the names, the nationalities and the maps! You can do it!

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