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Chapter 6 Overview. Diversity & Conservation Importance to nature Importance to people –Oxygen –Diet –Medicines.

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1 Chapter 6 Overview

2 Diversity & Conservation Importance to nature Importance to people –Oxygen –Diet –Medicines

3 Loss of Diversity Threatened Species Endangered Species Extinction of Species

4 Alabama listingsAlabama Alaska listingsAlaska Arizona listingsArizona Arkansas listingsArkansas California listingsCalifornia Colorado listingsColorado Connecticut listingsConnecticut Delaware listingsDelaware District of Columbia -- 3 listingsDistrict of Columbia Florida listingsFlorida Georgia listingsGeorgia Hawaii listingsHawaii Idaho listingsIdaho Illinois listingsIllinois Indiana listingsIndiana Iowa listingsIowa Kansas listingsKansas Kentucky listingsKentucky Louisiana listingsLouisiana Maine listingsMaine Maryland listingsMaryland Massachusetts listingsMassachusetts Michigan listingsMichigan Minnesota listingsMinnesota Mississippi listingsMississippi Missouri listingsMissouri Montana listingsMontana Nebraska listingsNebraska Nevada listingsNevada New Hampshire listingsNew Hampshire New Jersey listingsNew Jersey New Mexico listingsNew Mexico New York listingsNew York North Carolina listingsNorth Carolina North Dakota -- 8 listingsNorth Dakota Ohio listingsOhio Oklahoma listingsOklahoma Oregon listingsOregon Pennsylvania listingsPennsylvania Rhode Island listingsRhode Island South Carolina listingsSouth Carolina South Dakota listingsSouth Dakota Tennessee listingsTennessee Texas listingsTexas Utah listingsUtah Vermont -- 8 listingsVermont Virginia listingsVirginia Washington listingsWashington West Virginia listingsWest Virginia Wisconsin listingsWisconsin Wyoming listingsWyoming American Samoa -- 4 listingsAmerican Samoa Guam listingsGuam Northern Mariana Islands listingsNorthern Mariana Islands Puerto Rico listingsPuerto Rico Virgin Islands listingsVirgin Islands Outlying Caribbean Islands -- 0 listingsOutlying Caribbean Islands Outlying Pacific Islands -- 0 listingsOutlying Pacific Islands Endangered Species/State 2004 Data


6 Threats to Biodiversity Habitat Loss Habitat Fragmentation –Biotic Issues –Abiotic Issues Habitat Degradation –Air Pollution –Water Pollution –Land Pollution

7 Exotic Species Non-native organisms that move-in to a particular area There can be a lack of competitors = exponential growth Can take over the niches of native species Example: Page 124

8 Conservation Sustainable use: –Use what you need, but dont damage the ecosystem Is this a good example of sustainable use?

9 Humans & The Environment Pest Control –Benefits vs. Problems –EX: DDT

10 Humans & The Environment Ozone (O 3 ) Depletion –O 3 forms a good layer around the Earth –CFC release is breaking down the protective ozone layer –UV rays increase skin cancers & other cell mutations to plants & animals!

11 How is Acidity Measured? When we observe acid rain, acidity is measured in units called pH. The pH scale is from 0 to 14 –pH 7 indicates neutral –higher pH numbers = alkalinity (base) –smaller numbers = acid Well do more on pH in the Biochemistry chapter

12 Natural Acid Precipitation CO 2 combines with water to form a weak acid H 2 CO 3 (carbonic acid) But we are adding to the problem… –by adding nitric and sulfuric acids Look at the clean rain – its already slightly acidic???

13 Effects of Acid Precipitation In Japan, rain which registers pH 5.6 or less is considered acid rain; some % of the rain that falls in Japan in a year is acid rain. In Japan, acid rain with acidity equal to lemon juice has been observed at Mount Tsukuba in 1984 (pH 2.5) and at Kagoshima in 1987 (pH 2.45). The problem is even more serious in N. America and Europe. –In those regions, forests are withering and lakes becoming uninhabitable to fish, and stone structures such as buildings and bronze statues are being damaged by corrosion


15 Humans & The Environment Global Warming –The Greenhouse Effect –Fossil fuels give off lots of CO 2 –This builds a blanket around the earth –It is predicted that the Earth temp. will increase ~5 0 C before 2050 = Ice age????

16 Carbon Dioxide Increase Carbon dioxide levels fluctuate seasonally The average level is steadily increasing Burning of fossil fuels & deforestation are contributing to the increase

17 Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse gases impede the escape of heat from Earths surface


19 Global Warming Long-term increase in the temperature of Earths lower atmosphere

20 Other Greenhouse Gases CFCs - synthetic gases used in plastics and in refrigeration Methane - produced by termites and bacteria Nitrous oxide - released by bacteria, fertilizers, and animal wastes

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