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Fiscal Year 2009 Budget. Circulation 2001-2007 103% Increase.

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1 Fiscal Year 2009 Budget

2 Circulation 2001-2007 103% Increase

3 Website Visits 2006-2007 41% Increase

4 Property Tax Reform Flat Budget for FY 09 =

5 Property Taxes –Library Board of Trustees recommends maintaining Millage rate at.3748 –Property values up slightly –Revenues will be up slightly - $154,000

6 Fee & Fine Changes –Fees & fines last updated in 2002 –Implement $10 account settlement threshold –Increase daily fine rate from.20.25

7 Fee & Fine Changes Meeting Room Charge –Implement charge to help offset cost of providing this noncore service –Most rooms will be $25 for 2 hours –Group study rooms at Main Library will be free

8 FY 08FY 09Change Property Taxes35,85336,007154 Intergovernmental1,2521,245(7) Charges for Services21527459 Fines & Lost Materials1,6252,100475 Miscellaneous1,277977(300) Reserves (Fund Balance) 1,304922(382) Total41,52641,525(1) Operating Fund Revenue Summary (amounts expressed in thousands)

9 FY 09 Priorities Chiller Replacement –2 chillers at Main library at end of their useful life –Most likely solution will be to replace both –$1,300,000 included in budget for project

10 FY 09 Priorities Computer Network –Over 1,100 computers in network –Public demand for computers remains high –871,000 PC sessions last year –Trying to achieve 3 year life cycle –Increase spending by $125,000 to $425,000

11 FY 09 Priorities Library Materials –Books, CDs, DVDs, Downloadables –Strong demand for core services –FY 07 circulation = 9,367,000 –Increase spending by $200,000 to $5,000,000

12 FY 09 Priorities No Changes to MAYL –Its efficient –Its our most popular service –Its green –It serves the underserved

13 FY 08FY 09Change Salaries & Benefits21,83822,004166 Operating10,24110,779538 Capital Outlay2002,0501,850 Materials (Books, CDs, DVDs) 4,8375,022185 Transfers to Other Funds4,4101,670(2,740) Total41,52641,525(1) FTES373367(6) Operating Fund Expenditure Summary (amounts expressed in thousands)


15 Branch Expansion Plan Funding Due to increases in property values & conversion of Debt Millage to Operating, $4,000,000 of FY 07 budget earmarked for future branch development Plan was to earmark $4,000,000 every year for this purpose Would have allowed us to construct and operate 3 branches over 8-10 year period

16 Branch Expansion Plan Status –In October 06 bought former State Farm building on Chickasaw Trail for $2,550,000 –Hired architect and contractor to remodel building –Then.… came property tax reform –Project put on hold –Currently trying to lease on short term basis –Looking for land – Chuluota & SR 50

17 Branch Expansion Plan Resources Expenditures FY 07$4,100,000 FY 08 4,000,000 FY 09 1,377,000 FY 10 & beyond ????? Investment Earnings 88,000 Chickasaw purchase(2,550,000) Chickasaw remodel design (50,000) Total Available$6,965,000

18 Branch Expansion Plan Options A.Remodel Chickasaw ($3.5 - $4.0 million) B.Use for operating Chickasaw C.Buy land for future branches D.Some combination of A+B+C

19 Library Budget Public Hearings FIRSTSeptember 8 th 5:01 pm SECONDSeptember 16 th 5:01 pm

20 Recommendations Approve FY 09 tentative millage rate of.3748 for the Orange County Library District Approve FY 09 tentative budgets for the Orange County Library District

21 Questions

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