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Donald Winslow, Zoology

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1 Donald Winslow, Zoology
Animal Ecology Donald Winslow, Zoology 26 January 2011

2 Ecology (Ernst Haeckel)
An organism’s relationship to its biotic and abiotic environment. Ecologists study factors that affect spatial distribution and abundance of organisms.

3 Biological hierarchy Cell Tissue Organ Organ system Organism
Population Community Nine-banded armadillo

4 Ecological hierarchy Organism Population Community Ecosystem Landscape
Biome Biosphere Agricultural corridor within forested landscape in southern Indiana.

5 A population American coots (Fulica americana) at Lake Thunderbird. Photo by Zac Ottis

6 A community Ruddy Ducks and Eared Grebes at Great Salt Plains Lake

7 (biotic and abiotic components interacting)
An ecosystem (biotic and abiotic components interacting) Coast Live Oak forest at Camp San Luis Obispo, California

8 A landscape Coastal oak woodland and chaparral at Camp San Luis Obispo in California

9 A biome Sonoran desert near Phoenix, Arizona

10 Broad fields in ecology
Physiological ecology Population ecology Community ecology Ecosystem ecology Landscape ecology Biogeography

11 Physiological ecology
Energy budgets Endothermy Metabolic thermoregulation (bird or mammal) Ectothermy Behavioral thermoregulation (e.g. reptile)

12 Population ecology Demes and metapopulations Demographic parameters
Population dynamics and regulation Role of resources Metapopulation dynamics sources & sinks

13 A metapopulation Sink Source

14 Demographic parameters
Population abundance and density Age structure Sex ratio Growth rate Survivorship

15 Age structures of human populations in Afghanistan and Belgium
From Hickman, et al Integrated Principles of Zoology, 13th ed., McGraw-Hill, New York.

16 Exponential and logistic models of population growth
From Hickman, et al Integrated Principles of Zoology, 13th ed., McGraw-Hill, New York.

17 Community ecology Species interactions Species diversity Competition
Niche, tolerance ranges, habitat Predation & parasitism Models & mimics Keystone species—starfish & mussels Species diversity

18 Ecosystem ecology Gross and net productivity
Trophic levels and food webs Producers, consumers, decomposers

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