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The Rock and Fossil Record

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1 The Rock and Fossil Record
Chapter 15 The Rock and Fossil Record

2 Choose the right answer!
Which Process is responsible for increasing dissolved carbon dioxide levels in the oceans? A. Respiration B. Photosynthesis C. Upwelling D. Preserving Estuaries In what pH range are most aquatic organisms most likely to remain healthy? A to 4.0 B to 5.0 C to 8.5 D to 10.5

3 A. The water is more acidic than normal.
A farmer observes that a nearby pond has an overgrowth of algae. Which condition is most likely to be present in the pond. A. The water is more acidic than normal. B. The water contains increased levels of fertilizers and other nutrients C. The water has low turbidity D. The water has a low nitrate level. What is the main point of water quality standards set by states and the federal government? A. To make sure water remains clean and safe for use B. To create new bodies of water from wastewater C. To reduce the number of oil spills from tankers D. To ensure that all wastewater undergoes the same treatment process

4 Earth’s Story How do mountains form? How is new rock formed?
250 years ago these questions were being asked and researched.

5 James Hutton Theory of the Earth
The key to understanding Earth’s history is all around us… Uniformitarianism-the same geologic processes shaping the Earth today have been at work throughout Earth’s history

6 Uniformitarianism vs. Catastrophism
Geologic processes take millions of years. Catastrophism-principle that states that all geologic change occurs suddenly. Catastrophes?

7 Charles Lyell Principles of Geology (1830-1833)
Challenged the principles of catastrophism Geologic change happens gradually.

8 Modern Geology Geology through a happy medium
Evidence through craters and recreations

9 Paleontology The study of past life Use of fossils as data collection
Invertebrate Paleontologist Paleobotanist

10 Letter to a Scientist Write a letter to Charles Lyell, James Hutton or Stephen Gould Briefly explain the position of each scientist in reference to Geology You should explain why you agree or disagree with the scientist’s theories. See pages Conclude your letter with at least two questions.

11 Your Goal Working with a partner;
Design a poster announcing a debate between Catastrophist Uniformitarian Use phrases and pictures Summarize the major points of both sides


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