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Request for Project Initiation :

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1 Request for Project Initiation :
Centralized Electronics Records Repository (CERR) NM DoIT PCC Presentation August 2012 Presented by: John Hyrum Martinez and Pete Chacon Prepared by: SRCA Staff

2 Vision and Summary Our Vision is to improve the overall management of electronic records within state government through an Electronic Content Management Solution.  This solution is the Centralized Electronic Records Repository (CERR). The implementation of a CERR will improve government productivity and reliability, foster accountability, and decrease the risks associated with potential litigation.

3 Phase I – Needs Assessment Summary
February, 2008: New Mexico Legislature Approved Funding for Phase One (needs assessment) of the CERR project. November, May, 2009: As-is Analysis; To-be Analysis; IT Infrastructure Analysis; Software Selection Analysis; and Staffing Analysis were completed. June, 2009: CERR Implementation Considerations Phase One Change of Scope requested and approved HP TRIM software application was selected and purchased. July, 2010: successful HP TRIM Implementation. August, 2010 to present: HP TRIM has been utilized as a warehouse tracking application December, 2011 to present: HP TRIM has been utilized as electronic content management system for the ingestion of the Governor Richardson Administration’s and unstructured data.

4 Appropriation History
Appropriation Date Amount Funding Source July 2008 – For Phase I (for Needs Assessment) July 2012 – For Phase II (This project) $150,000.00 $450,000.00 Laws of 2008: Chapter 3, Section 7, Item 16 Laws 2012, Chapter 19, Section 7, Item 9

5 Project Initiation : Request to Release - $75.0
Project Manager - $50.0 Software upgrade and maintenance - $12.0 Training, Travel - $13.0 Total: $75.0

6 Q & A Thank You!

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