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Adult Protective Services System (APSS) Project Progress Report Prepared by: APSS Project Team Date: September 16, 2008.

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1 Adult Protective Services System (APSS) Project Progress Report Prepared by: APSS Project Team Date: September 16, 2008

2 2 Adult Protective Services System Project Description The APSS will be a comprehensive case management and data tracking system. It will provide valid and reliable data reporting on the incidence of adult abuse, neglect and exploitation. Data reporting Will enhance ALTSD capacity to identify and justify improved business management opportunities for our clients.

3 3 Project Accomplishments Project Initiation & Planning Tasks – Charter, PMP, Risks, etc. Project Kickoff Items – APS Field Office Presentations, Project Kickoff Meetings Synergy System Sandbox, SharePoint & SupportForce Sites System Administration Training Joint Application Mapping (JAM) Sessions – JAM Workbook Thorough Business Analysis (BA) – “As Is” & “To Be” Requirements – BA Sessions – BA Document Demonstration of the System Sandbox for APS Field Offices Initiation of Payments Module Development – Contract Approval – Business and Technical Requirements Analysis – Integration with SHARE – Financial Requirements Investigation of Data Migration Options – Business and Technical Requirements Analysis – Decision: No Data Migration

4 4 Project Status Implementation Phase (Synergy’s Set Up & Configuration Phase) Planning tasks complete : including business analysis, are Next deliverable: configured of system by 10/31/08 to beginning testing Team Tasks: currently working on testing and training plans, documentation and schedules. Plans: Transitioning Payments from FACTS to APSS are underway. Team members are working with DFA/SHARE and CYFD to insure a smooth transition Upcoming Task: Project IT staff will complete the remaining essential System Administration (Reports Creation) training in October

5 5 Funding Budget Status Planning Phase expenditures – Contractors = $256,626.91 Synergy Software Fox Systems (IV&V) POD (Project Manager) – ALTSD travel for meetings, trainings and presentations = $9,952.30 Implementation Phase – no expenditures to date

6 6 Project Timeline

7 7 Synergy Implementation Process 4/15 – 5/14/16 – 7/157/16 – 10/3111/1 – 11/3012/1 – 12/311/2/09 Project Implementation Dates: April 2008 – January 2009

8 8 Project Risks and Mitigation RiskContingency PlanMitigation The Payments Module was not originally part of the scope and was added later in the project. Therefore, Payments will not be part of deployment on 1/2/09 but will be ready 3/31/09. Impact: This will result in continued use of FACTS for certain provider/cases. Continue to process invoices through FACTS/temp. mechanism until Payments is ready. The likelihood that this would cause a complete cessation of payment processing is very low. Reinforce education and revise procedures for dual operation (APSS for case related information; FACTS/other system for payments). Develop a solid project schedule to implement the payments module by 3/31/09. Continue to use FACTS or other temporary system for payment processing through 3/31/09. Develop a solid procedure for processing payments until the Payments module is ready. Use dual systems (APSS and FACTS/other) from 1/2/09-3/31/09. Work closely with SHARE and CYFD to develop procedures and to insure a smooth transition during this time period. System Testing : Software testing which is inadequate or incomplete can result in unstable software in production. Identify problem source back to requirements and software engineering processes. Work with Synergy for correction of defects. Communicate to the user community the status of progress on defects. Work with Synergy for remediation of problems, including more cycles of testing. Develop a master test plan that lists, at minimum, the type of testing to be conducted and responsible party. Establish a test plan and schedule within the 2nd Synergy contract. Ensure that requirements traceability is established, so that all requirements have a matching user test case or scenario. Conduct subject matter expert (SME) validation of user acceptance testing. Review Synergy processes for unit testing, system testing, integration testing, stress testing and regression testing. Request work product inspection (WPI) of select Synergy testing activities. System Acceptance: Lack of documented software acceptance criteria, including minimum performance metrics, could result in rejection of the software. Execute the problem resolution procedure for application problems. Determine the source of the problems and remediate. Revisit requirements definition and traceability for root cause analysis of the problem. Identify acceptance criteria for each requirement traceability item, from definition through user acceptance testing and software remediation of defects. Categorize criteria as appropriate and determine (Y/N) if criteria is relevant, measurable, specific. Include system performance metrics. Establish procedure to evaluate and act on potential symptoms of rejection of the application, including a communication to project principals (CIO's office, Steering Committee, PMs, IT). Include problem reporting in training and operational documentation.

9 9 IV&V Report Summary The ALTSD APSS Project is underway with solid executive management commitment, excellent Project direction, and experienced and capable project management in place. ALTSD is working closely with the selected software vendor, Synergy, to finalize the Business Analysis documentation. APS managers, supervisors and social workers are involved in Project activities and decisions. The Project Director and Project Manager continue to respond rapidly and openly to FOX inquiries and requests for information. Current Project activities fully involve appropriate stakeholders and are leading toward meeting all the Project objectives. FOX believes the ALTSD APSS Project has an excellent outlook for success.

10 10 Remaining Project Tasks Completion of System Set Up and Configuration User Acceptance Testing System Administration Training – Reports Creation & Administrator Training Train the Trainer & End User Training Sessions APSS Deployment Payments Module Configuration Testing Training Deployment Project Closeout Tasks

11 11 Project Completion Outcome The APSS Project is on schedule for a successful deployment on 1/2/09. Based on the current project status, project accomplishments to date, the budget status, the latest IV&V report, and the project schedule The APSS Payments Module is also on track for deployment on 3/31/09. The APSS Project outlook shows project completion within scheduled timeframes and existing budget.

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