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GenTax Upgrade -Collections/Bankruptcy Project

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1 GenTax Upgrade -Collections/Bankruptcy Project
Certification Presentation 07/10/10 Project Certification Committee

2 Project Overview Description Justification
The collections upgrade provides a system that eliminates many of the manual functions currently practiced such as automating the assignment of collection cases, upgrades the collection functionality to redesign collection stage flows, allows for a single collection to track debt for multiple linked accounts, provides improved reporting capabilities. Electronic Bankruptcy Notification (EBN) is a system designed to electronically notify all affected debtors and creditors about new bankruptcy petitions, confirmed plans, court hearings, dismissals and discharges nationwide. An upgrade to the bankruptcy manager to include EBN allows some current manual actions to be done systematically upon receipt of electronic notification. It also eliminates the lag time currently happening and ensures that taxpayers who are in bankruptcy are not contacted for collections once they file bankruptcy - which is required by federal bankruptcy statutes Justification Leveraging existing GenTax® functionality for collections, bankruptcy and security of new system functions. Part of “Fair Share ROI initiative”. 2

3 Collections / Bankruptcy
Deliverables included the following: System Requirements and Design Specification Redesign of Collection Stage Flows and Added Customer-level Collections Automated Collections Assignments and Created New Payment Plan Functionality Conversion of Existing Collection Data Created Bankruptcy Cases with ability to Maintain Filing Periods Added Bankruptcy Claims and Custom Penalty and Interest Calculations as well as Bankruptcy Case Letters Ability to Track Bankruptcy Activities, Display Assigned Cases, Close Bankruptcy Cases, Support Electronic Bankruptcy Notification (EBN) Knowledge Transfer 3

4 Accomplishments Completed within Schedule
Moved into production – 05/01/2010 4

5 DoIT System Impact Uses existing hardware and software residing at DoIT Data Center Production implementation of Collections Upgrade/Bankruptcy-EBN project will not impact DoIT – handled by TRD in same fashion as all other GenTax® project moves No additional system impact on network

6 Security Strategy Utilizes current GenTax® security structure Groups
Functions Roles Incorporated into current TRD backup schedule Full backups completed twice a week Differential backups taken other five days Full backups stored on tape once a week All GenTax® systems housed at DoIT data center All transmitted data encrypted

7 Conclusion Collections Upgrade/Bankruptcy-EBN has added automation to some of the current manual processes. Implementation of Collections Upgrade/Bankruptcy-EBN will help meet requirements set forth by federal bankruptcy statutes. Collections Upgrade/Bankruptcy-EBN will maximize the State of New Mexico’s investment in the GenTax® application.

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