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1 Regional Office of European Forestry Institute for South-East Europe.

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1 1 Regional Office of European Forestry Institute for South-East Europe

2 2 South-East Europe  rich in forest resources  similar political and cultural history and present political surrounding  people speak and write similar languages  countries share similar management methods and forest policies  important existing regional expertise - due to language barrier unavailable to wider European scientific society  necessity of translating existing data to English from regional language(s)

3 3 I. EFISEE - Scope  area of research - forest policy and economics in relationship with environment, social demands, private forests and ecology  - economic side of forest management, promoting its importance, profitability and ways of contributing to economic development of the region  Core members – (FOPER) Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Monte Negro, Serbia + Hungary  opened for: Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Slovenia,... Geographic Thematic

4 4 The activities of EFISEE RO correspond to main activities of EFI  forest policy and economics – following regional research agenda and further development of it by defining policy-relevant research needs  capacity building through new models and best practices for cross-sector integration 1. Research and development  Further development of existing regional nework  help potential EU candidates to gain necessary experience in conducting relevant projects  Widening and streghtening of EFI networkt in this region 2. Networking  exchange of information and experience with other countries in transition  exchange of information in SEE region, with EFI HQ, other ROs, and PCs 3. Information  at national level - will mobilize funding for projects of national importance  at the European level - will lead to recognizing forestry as engine for economic development of the SEE countries 4. Advocacy

5 5 Internal structure of EFISEE RO:  Head of RO  Researchers  Administrator  Advisory Group  representatives of core members representing contributing countries, institutions, organizations  Senior researcher or expert in the field of forest policy and economics (as international advisor)  supports RO’s activities by providing councillorship, taking part in regional discussions, marketing and promoting RO, strengthening network in region Core members  countries, organizations or institutions obliged to contribute to EFISEE RO-budget, financially or in other kind  have their representatives in the Advisory Group Supporting members  countries, organizations or institutions involved in activities of EFISEE RO

6 6 Research  Documenting and mapping of existing expertise (Data base)  Strengthening existing network through regional workshop  Regional implications of Natura 2000 implementation  Follow up of processes that regulate climate change effects (MCPFE, Kyoto, LULUCF, …)  Carbon balance at the national level and role of forests in carbon sequestration  Follow up and regional implementation of FLEGT program activities  New forest governance  Forests as renewable resources of wood for energy production  Contribution of forestry to rural development  Evaluation of total economic values of forest products and services from private and state forests   Vaš dio IV. EFISEE – Research

7 7  Capacity building Training of professionals in FPE emerging topics through the thematic workshops Training for the young researchers in the region through on the job training

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