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NEFIS WP2 Mid-Term Meeting Vienna 24-25 May 2004.

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1 NEFIS WP2 Mid-Term Meeting Vienna 24-25 May 2004

2 2.1 Metadata Standards and Keyword Lists Vocabulary Development 1 The Wallingford Meeting Vocabulary Development 2 Metadata Input and Structure Bench Test Draft Deliverable 3 Partner’s Input

3 Vocabulary Development 1 Combination of your recommended terms & three recognized, supported vocabularies –CABI, AGROVOC, NAL Input good, but requires validation for semantic usability Broad lists for selected themes posted on NEFIS site

4 Wallingford Meeting Purpose: To develop strategy for successfully completing WP2 tasks, esp. Deliverable 3 “Wallingford Steps” as guide Currently working on 3 through 6

5 Vocabulary Development 2 Developed detailed and broad lists Measure efficiency (searching, costs of developing, etc)

6 Metadata Input and Structure Based on recognised, supported Standard (EFIS=DC+ ‘quality’ field) Received comments on metadata early through e-mails Observations made at WP4 Solsona meeting Jean Wolsack’s test of EFIS metadata presented at Wallingford Other environmental IS’s modification of DC Draft structure developed - Annex 2 Today’s recommendations (agenda item 2.5) to be incorporated into D3.

7 Bench Test Dataset structures being reviewed to determine –Common features –Peculiarities –Authorities, e.g. controlled vocabularies, geographic lists, etc. Conduct test (on paper) from use case to dataset.

8 Draft Deliverable 3 Work in progress… Iterative process Vocabulary and metadata Principally recommendations from WP2 partners for future phases of NEFIS

9 Partner’s Input Response to questionnaire Is the draft metadata standard sufficient for your use as a data provider and data user? Are the draft vocabularies appropriate for your datasets and searching needs? How do you determine the quality of a dataset? And for what resource type? Focus on recommendations

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