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Tim Green NEFIS Work Package 1 Project meeting – JRC Ispra, 28 June 2005.

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1 Tim Green NEFIS Work Package 1 Project meeting – JRC Ispra, 28 June 2005

2  To ensure that the objectives of NEFIS are reached and activities completed in accordance with the time schedule  To ensure the dissemination of information within and outside the consortium  To plan and organize the management committee, steering committee and plenary meetings  Co-operation with the steering committee  To manage the budget NEFIS WP 1: Project Management Partners: EFI, JRC, IUFRO, Uni. Hamburg Objectives:

3 20.8.20043 Budget vs. Actual spending Year 1Year 2Year 3Total Budget277 183.00323 428.00138 544.00739 155.00 Actual (declared) 205 694.40332 919.62538 614.02

4 20.8.20044 D1: Project webpages Project webpages WP3 webpages NEFIS Knowledge Base Project deliverables, progress reports, keyword lists are available on the partners only section of the Project webpages

5 20.8.20045 D8: Popular articles  EFI News. 2003, issue 1-2. p. 17.  Linea Ecologica - Economia Montana. Anno. XXXV, No. 5, pp 14-16. Agrimi, M. di, Chirici, G., Grohmann, F. et al. NEFIS – Rete europea per lo sviluppo di un sistema informativo dedicato al settore forestale.  GeoInformatics, March 2004, v.7 (2), pp. 42-45. Schuck, A., Van Brusselen, J. and Andrienko., G. 2004. The European Forest Information Demonstrator - EFIS. Querying the Forests of Europe.

6 20.8.20046 D14: Articles in Science and IT journals A. Schuck, G. Andrienko, N. Andrienko, S. Folving, M. Köhl, S. Miina, R. Paivinen, T. Richards, H. Voss. 2005. The European Forest Information System - an Internet based interface between information providers and the user community. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 47 (3): 185-206. doi:10.1016/j.compag.2004.12.004 doi:10.1016/j.compag.2004.12.004 O.Chertov, O.Komarov, A.Mikhailov, G.Andrienko, N.Andrienko, and P.Gatalsky. In press. Geovisualization of forest simulation modelling results: a case study of carbon sequestration and biodiversity. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. doi:10.1016/j.compag.2005.02.010doi:10.1016/j.compag.2005.02.010 Andreas Schuck, Jo Van Brusselen, and Gennady Andrienko. 2004. The European Forest Information Demonstrator - EFIS. Querying the Forests of Europe. GeoInformatics, March 2004, v.7 (2), pp. 42-45. N. Andrienko, G. Andrienko, and P. Gatalsky. 2003. Tools for Visual Comparison of Spatial Development Scenarios. Banissi, E. et al (Eds.) IV 2003. Seventh International Conference on Information Visualization, Proceedings, 16-18 July, 2003, London, UK. IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, California, pp. 237- 244. P. Kennedy, S. Folving, A. Munro, R. Päivinen, A. Schuck, T. Richards, M. Köhl, H. Voss, and G. Andrienko. 2003. European Forest Information System - EFIS. A step towards better access to forest information. In: P. Corona, M. Köhl, and M. Marchetti (eds.) Advances in Forest Inventory for Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity Monitoring. Kluwer AP Publishers, 2003, pp.295-312.

7 20.8.20047 D14: Articles in science and IT journals Submitted Schuck, A., Green, T., Binh T. Nguyen, Richards T., Saarikko, J., Varis, S. NEFIS – Establishment of a KnowledgeBase. Paper presented at the IUFRO Conference on Sustainable forestry in theory and practice: recent advances in inventory and monitoring, statistics and modelling, information and knowledge management and policy science. 5-8th of April 2005, Edinburgh, UK Schuck, A., Green, T. NEFIS – developing a metadata schema as a collaborative action of data providers, users and system developers. Paper submitted to FEIDDS ’05 Workshop. Copenhagen August 2005. Related publications Zhao Guang, et al. Rennolls Keith, Köhl Michael, 2005. Digital Forestry: A White Paper. Journal of Forestry, January/February 2005, vol. 103, no. 1, pp. 47-50(4). Michael Köhl. In press. Forest Information Systems. First International Workshop on Digital Forestry, Beijing, June 13-19, 2004. (in press).

8 20.8.20048 Progress Reports and Final Report Progress Reports Submitted in May 2004, May 2005 Final Report due in September

9 20.8.20049 D15: Symposium Report & D16: Final publication D15: Recommendations for the Future – August 2005 D16: Final publication Partner 2 (JRC) in collaboration with partner 1 (EFI) – September 2005

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