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Markus Heene, DWD GISC DWD Markus Heene, DWD

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1 Markus Heene, DWD
GISC DWD Markus Heene, DWD

2 GISC DWD - Timeline 05/2010 First preoperational GISC in WIS
09/2010 Endorsement ET-GDDP 11/2010 CBS Recommendation 05/2011 Designation from WMO CG XVI 09/2011 Operations GISC DWD

3 GISC DWD - Services Discover Access and Retrieval
Flexible Subscription Services Time triggered Event triggered Metadata Editor Hosting WIS Centre GISC DWD

4 Contributions to WIS DWD participates several ETs, ICG, …
Released Metadata catalogue performance study to community  Geonetwork improvements Shared results of DAR Metadata analysis with WIS community Active member of jOAI community DAR Metadata Generator Released SRU2JDBC in co-operation with WMO as Open Source AFD (Automatic File Distributor) flexible Open Source distribution software Contribute expert for WIS Jump Start Offer Support WMO WIS Branch with staff GISC DWD

5 GISC DWD Connected DCPC ECMWF EUMETSAT Arctic Data Centre (

6 Workflow – Connect DCPC – Metadata Exchange

7 Workflow- Details Step 1 Step 2
Kick-off: Workshop, Telephone Conference, Conversation Exchange Details: Scope of DCPC, WIS, Roles and Responsibility, … GISC provides WIS documentation DCPC provides ISO conform DAR Metadata Step 2 Check DAR Metadata GISC validates Metadata record (ISO 19139) GISC imports Metadata record Granularity: 100 or Metadata records ? Necessary Elements: fileIdentifier and dateStamp (required for update but not ISO mandatory) Check Online Resource Check WMO recommendations GISC DWD

8 Workflow- Details Step 3: Step 4:
GISC explains implemented procedures for Metadata exchange OAI – standard for GISC to GISC Metadata exchange DCPC provides OAI Server Address and OAI Set Name GISC configures harvesting procedure FTP – optional exchange procedure for DCPC or NC Agree on push or pull – exchange server and account details Agree on delete procedure Step 4: Test exchange procedure – functional tests Use Cases: Create, Update, Delete Metadata Record OAI Incremental Harvesting – time attribute Delete Operation – is optional according to OAI Spec FTP Test agreed delete Procedure GISC DWD

9 Workflow- Details Step 5 Step 6 Operation test-phase
Integration of DCPC into OAI test bed Bulk tests Check robustness and reliability Step 6 Operation phase if all tests passed and communication established GISC DWD


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