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Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E Kieran O’Hea Techserv Expert Services to European Commission DGXIII/E.

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1 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E Kieran O’Hea Techserv Expert Services to European Commission DGXIII/E

2 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E Multimedia Content & Tools  Interactive electronic publishing  Digital heritage and cultural content  Education and training  Human language technologies  Information access, filtering, analysis and handling Striking a balance between competitiveness and the emerging cultural economy

3 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E Interactive Electronic Publishing Research focus: - creating content - managing content - personalising content Application areas: - publishing - audio-visual - entertainment - …... 1999 priorities: - authoring & design systems - content management & personalisation

4 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E Digital Heritage & Cultural Content Research focus: - integrated access - large repositories - preservation Application areas: - museums - libraries - archives - …... 1999 priorities: - access to scientific & cultural heritage - digital preservation

5 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E Education & Training Research focus: - autonomous/customis ed education - better material - improved access Application areas: - education - corporate training - individual learning - …... 1999 priorities: - open platform for flexible learning - flexible university - advanced training systems

6 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E Human Language Technologies Research focus: - full multilinguality - natural interactivity - active content Application areas: - e-commerce - publishing - public services - …... 1999 priorities: - multilinguality in digital content & services - natural interactivity

7 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E Information Access & Filtering Research focus: - mastering information - information management - information categorisation Application areas: - all domains 1999 priorities: - multi-sensory content - media representation and access

8 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E  Browsers and other end-user tools  Authoring and graphics tools  Web page management tools  Server software and server management tools  Database integration tools  Programming & application development environment tools

9 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E  Need affordable, sophisticated content generation tools  Availability of good tools unleashes the creativity we need to compete in the global market  Tools need to match the working practices of the experts who will use them  Common needs must be translated into common tools that result in applications based on common frameworks

10 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E  Need simplified, customisable and powerful authoring environments that inherently place emphasis on content rather than technology  Encourage creation, implementation and use of user-centric authoring tools that significantly ease the process of content creation  Facilitate better publishing, entertainment, education, advertising, journalism, film, music, museums, etc.

11 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E  Tools for creative production and delivery of multimedia content by publishers, educational content providers and creators  Tools that reduce time to market  Tools that facilitate low-cost efficient production of multimedia content  Micro-tools that allow short cuts in established processes

12 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E  Web development  3D - VR - animation  Virtual sets  Distributed collaborative authoring

13 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E  The web was conceived as a collaborative environment but the first tools made widely available were passive ones.  Active tools needed to help users to simultaneously browse and edit documents and to save them on remote servers.  Allow users not only to create, edit and publish pages on the web, but also provide a structured approach to documents, helpful in collaborative activity.  Provide users with a comprehensive collaborative authoring environment where they work on shared documents almost as if they were working on a single private document.

14 Electronic Publishing DGXIII/E Interactive Electronic Publishing e-mail: media technologies: electronic publishing: 5th FP and call information:

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