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Personal MPEG-4 Authoring (a requirement presentation)

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1 Personal MPEG-4 Authoring (a requirement presentation)

2 Background: Digital video revolution n The revolution is here. The world still doesn’t know about it.

3 Background: Bandwidth revolution n Cable modems u “AT December 31, 1998 @Home served more than 330,000 cable modem subscribers across North America, an increase of 57% from 210,000 cable modem subscribers reported at September 30, 1998” n xDSL technologies n Satellites n Still not enough bandwidth

4 Background: Cultural revolution n Be on line - or stay in lines n Cyber-punks of today - the coach-potatoes of tomorrow

5 The magic of IP n IP arrives everywhere n IP carries everything n IP (multicast) enables optimal use of bandwidth u fat pipes u last mile

6 IP video - from anybody to everybody anytime n After the telephone - the videophone n After IP telephony - IP television n The ultimate gadget - a personal TV station n Requires non-professional TV authoring

7 Why MPEG-4? n Time oriented composition n The ultimate integration of virtual reality and real reality n Library of professional video effects n Standard exists, waiting for us to make it

8 The principles of personal authoring tools n Keep It Simple, Stupid (there are no stupid users) n Don’t use techspeech (for most people a “tree” is where oranges grow, a “field” is a place to play soccer and a “node” is ???) n Templates will do the magic (show the user what he can create, make it easy for her to customize) n Sell template libraries

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