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POWER INTERREGIONAL PROGRAMME SEPT 2008 – MARCH 2013 2 nd Call Partner Fair Kathy Vuillaume, European Programme Manager 15 October 2009, Seville.

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1 POWER INTERREGIONAL PROGRAMME SEPT 2008 – MARCH nd Call Partner Fair Kathy Vuillaume, European Programme Manager 15 October 2009, Seville

2 Context : Todays’ priorities 20% of the population consume 80% of the resources of the planet The average temperature has been the highest ever recorded over the past 15 years Species are disappearing at a speed of 100 times higher than the natural evolution The ice floe has decreased by 40% in 40 years We may have 200 million climatic refugees by 2050

3 POWER INTERREGIONAL PROGRAMME Value: Euros 5.7 million Interregional partnership between 7 regions: South East England with the support of the Environment Agency, Andalucia, Emilia-Romagna, Noord Brabant, Malopolska, Stockholm and Tallinn Aims: Drive low carbon economies Draw on best practice from other European Regions Influence policy to facilitate a reduction of carbon and ecological footprints in the regions Mainstream results through structural programmes Cross Cutting themes: Equal Opportunities Environmental sustainability

4 South East England Andalucia, Spain Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands Malopolska, Poland Stockholm, Sweden Tallinn, Estonia Emilia-Romagna, Italy (not participating in the 2nd call as all funds already allocated) Partnership & eligible areas

5 Policy context Kyoto Protocol EU Climate & Energy Package Sustainable Development Strategy (Gothenberg ) Lisbon Agenda

6 Structure of POWER Project Sub-Themes 1. Energy Efficiency 2. Renewable Energies 3. Sustainable Transport 4. Eco-innovation & Environmental Technologies 5. Behaviour Change Policy Working Groups 1. Energy Policies 2. Sustainable Transport 3. Eco-innovation & Environmental Technologies 4. Behaviour Change 5. Mainstreaming of EU Funds POWER SEEDA (Lead Partner) & EA Malopolska (Krakow) Stockholm (Sweden) Tallinn (Estonia) Andalucia (Spain) Noord-Brabant (Netherlands) Emilia- Romagna (Italy)

7 Example :Sub-Project Funding rate: 75% in Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Italy and 85% in Poland and Estonia Minimum of 3 partner regions involved Project Duration: up to October 2011 Project size: from € to €350,000 Key elements of Interregional Co-operation: Link to local/regional policies Exchange of experiences Identification and transfer of good practices Beneficiaries: local authorities, universities, business support agencies, estate management associations, local & regional environment agencies, energy agencies, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations (not the private sector)

8 POWER: Expected Results 15,000 number of citizens, industrials and public authorities with increased capacity awareness in reducing carbon footprint 30 interregional events 16 good practices transferred 90% paperless communications (no budget for individual web site. Instead use or existing websites) 30% dissemination beyond the participating regions Reduction of CO2 emissions/carbon footprint

9 Results from 1 st call: 11 applications received- 4 approved projects  No projects submitted under 2 specs: - Energy efficiency : 1.1 Development and delivery of public sector energy efficiency - Eco-innovation & environmental technologies: 3.1 Living environment ThemesProject names Behaviour Change 5.1: Tools for achieving behaviour change to deliver a sustainable low carbon future TrIsco, EnRuPo, P.E.S., CORAL, P2P Energy Efficiency 1.2 Public sector strategies, programmes & initiatives LABEL3, GENERATION Eco-innovation & environmental technologies 3.2 Cleaner technology EXPORT Renewable Energy 2.1: Large-scale deployment of renewable energy schemes WICO Renewable Energy 2.2: Biomass energy and Sustainable Resource Management BIOMAGIC Sustainable Transport 4.1: Achieving sustainable Low-Carbon Transport in Urban Areas ITACA

10 Country participation in 1 st call

11 Lead Partners per country in 1 st call

12 4 Sub-projects approved under the first call GENERATION: Green ENERgy AudiTIng for a LOw CarboN Economy TRISCO: Transition Island Communities: Empowering Localities to Act ITACA : Innovative Transport Approach in Cities and metropolitan Areas WICO: Wind of the Coast

13 POWER Secretariat & Regional Contact Points For South East England: POWER Secretariat, Kathy Vuillaume, Janet Borgers, Pascale Waschnig, Cassandra Bos E: For Noord-Brabant: Rob de Groot, E: Wanny Chan, E: For Andalucia: Marisa Marcos, E: For Emilia-Romagna: Paolo Cagnoli, E: For Malopolska: Agata Wesołowska, E: For Tallin: Raivo Kiis, E: For Stockholm: Fernando Alonso, E: Louise Bratt Carle, E:

14 Thank you for your attention & wishing you a very successful interregional co- operation

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