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Reference Resources on Korea: Print Only

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1 Reference Resources on Korea: Print Only
2008 Workshop on Korean Studies Librarianship Hyokyoung Yi University of Washington Libraries

2 What you have asked for:
Essential reference titles English sources on Korean Studies Core resources Reference sources especially in Language and Literature English resources of Korean Law

3 What I have prepared for:
Review of UW Libraries reference collection U of Hawaii (UHM) basic reference tools Based on reference questions My own experience

4 List Making Print Resources Only Current publications Must-Have List
Highlight English Sources Trying to Cover North Korean Materials Less focus on the areas in transition to online information Broader than specific Not in special order in the list

5 Structure of Sources

6 Map of Resource Types

7 101 Reference Sources on Korea

8 Encyclopedia 한국민족문화대백과사전 조선대백과사전
조선향토대백과 = Encyclopedia of North Korean geography and culture 한국민족문화대백과사전: 27v. 조선대백과사전: 30v. 조선향토대백과: 20 v. published in S. Korea (평양시, 함흥시…) There is no English encyclopedia about Korea. But..

9 Dictionaries: Historical
Korea : a historical and cultural dictionary Historical dictionary of the Republic of Korea North Korea handbook A Handbook on North Korea Handbook of Korea depth of coverage is much smaller scale dictionary but these historical type of dictionaries could be used as easy, reference dictionary about Korea in English language. #1: 1999, by Keith Pratt and Richard Rutt #2: 2nd edition, 2004, Andrew Nahm & James E. Hore (400 entries) #3: 2003 by Yonhap News Agency #4: by Naewae Press, S. Korea #5: by Korena Overseas Information Services, Ministry of Culture and Tourism

10 Dictionaries: Cultural
한국문화백과사전 = An encyclopaedia of Korean culture An illustrated guide to Korean culture : 233 traditional key words 한국민속문화대사전 한국세시풍속사전 한국문화상징사전= Dictionary of Korean myths and symbols #1: English dictionary, color illustration, 2004 #4: 3 v. By National Folk Museum of Korea #5: 2 v.

11 Dictionaries: Language: Korean-Korean
국어대사전 우리말큰사전 겨례말용례사전 연세한국어사전 민중에센스국어사전 표준국어대사전 조선말대사전 남북한말비교사전 북한용어400선집 국어대사전 (이희승) 우리말큰사전 (한글학회) 판, 4 v. 겨레말용례사전 (서울대출판부) online from Kkoreaa2z #6: National Academy of Korean Language, 3v. 1999

12 Dictionaries: Language: Chinese-Korean
Chinese characters in Korean : a "radical" approach: learn 2,300 Chinese characters through their 214 radicals Pictorial Sino-Korean characters : fun with Hancha = 흥미漢字學習 가나다활용옥편 = Chinese characters dictionary 中朝大辭典 한국한자어사전 한한대사전 #1: study Korean through Chinese characters #4: Hangul from the Choson Dynasty (15-20c) 한국한자어사전 (단국대, 5v) 한한대사전 (단국대, 7 v)

13 Dictionaries: Language: English-Korean
The New world comprehensive Korean-English dictionary Handbook of Korean vocabulary : a resource for word recognition and comprehension A Korean-English dictionary NTC's compact Korean and English dictionary 엣센스한영사전 = Minjung's essence Korean-English dictionary 조영대사전 = New Korean-English dictionary #1: by Sisa Yongosa #2: vocabularly dictionary by U. of Hawaii Press #3: by Samuel E Martin, Yale University Press, : Dr. Martin, Ph.D from Yale Univeristy, Professor of the Language an Linquistics at Yale #4: MR romanization used for pronunciation

14 Dictionaries: Language: English Romanized
New English-Korean conversation dictionary : romanized : a quick method to learn how to converse in Korean Standard Korean-English dictionary for foreigners : romanized Standard English-Korean & Korean-English dictionary for foreigners : romanized Concise English-Korean dictionary romanized. The 8000 most useful English words and phrases with Korean equivalents in both Roman & Korean letters All small, very practical, pocket size, old dictionaries with entries “romanized” #1: 1976, 11 th edition Eng-Kor #2: Kor-Eng #3: Both #4: (1964)

15 Dictionaries: Language: Others
일한대사전 표준일한사전: Standard Japanese-Korean Dictionary 로조, 조로사전: 올림말약 50,000개 Russko-koreiskii sloar: okolo 40,000 slov #1: Kukhak charyowon, 2002 Russian-Korean (Moscow)

16 Dictionaries: Linguistics: Others
A reference grammar of Korean : a complete guide to the grammar and history of the Korean language 표준한국어발음사전 고사성어백과사전 #1: by Samuel E. Martin, Grammar dictionary, 발음사전, 반대말사전 (antonyms), 사투리사전, 동음이의어사전, 문장백과사전, 고대한국어사전

17 Dictionaries: Linguistics : Romanization
The Romanization of the Korean language : based upon its phonetic structure The revised romanization of Korean The Romanization of the Korean language: based upon its phonetic structure (McCune and Reischauer 1939) The revised romanization of Korean (National Academy of the Korean Language, Ministry of Culture & Tourism, 2000)

18 Dictionaries: Literature
한국현대문학작은사전 한국현대소설소설어사전 한국현대시시어사전 박완서소설어사전 북한문학사전 현대시대사전 #1: 2000, 1,600 entries of literary works, terms, etc. #2: dictionary of Korean novelist words, by Kim Yun-sik, Koryo Univ. 1998 #3: dictionary of Korean poetic words, Koryo University, 1997 #4: specific writer’s dictionary #5: north korean literatures and biography in literary field, 1995 Kukhak charyowon #6: encyclopedia of Korean poetry

19 Dictionaries; Korean War
The Korean War : a historical dictionary Historical dictionary of the Korean War Korean War : almanac and primary sources The Korean War: an encyclopedia Encyclopedia of the Korean War: a political, social, and military history #1: 2003 by written by Paul M. Edwards, served in Korea War, Like other historical dictionaries, this book covers the war in several ways. The people, places and events including the battles and other engagements. Bibliography is the key to growing litearature that dwells more on specifics of the Korean war. #2:1991 primary focus is on diplomatic and politiccal developments, with a secondary emphasis on military affairs #3:2002, explore the Korean war through thirteen chapters and twelve documents. 12 primary source documents include excerpted speeches, memoirs, oral histories, war correspondents’ reports and gov documents.

20 Dictionaries: Business
Talking business in Korean : dictionary and reference for international business : phrases and words you need to know NTC's dictionary of Korea's business and cultural code words #1: Barron’s bilingual business guides, more than 3000 business terms in MR and Korean Gov system #2: 200 entries of Korean culture related words by explaining them in the context of history and Korean life today

21 Dictionaries: Others Dictionary of Korean art and archaeology = 한국문화재용어사전 한국학사전 동양학대사전 Basic Glossary of Korean Studies 주제별대사전: 북한대사전, 한국정치이론 사전 Add? Basic Glossary of Korean Studies, 한국학기본용어집, by Korea Foundation, 1993 #3: Kyongin Munhwasa, 4 v. dictionary on Korean studies, 2006

22 Structure of Sources

23 Biography: General 동아연감 연합연감 북한연감 최신북한인명사전 역사인물초상화대사전 한국인물대사전
한국근현대사인명록 Chosen Minshu Shugi Jinmin Kyowakoku soshikibetsu jinmeibo=North Korea directory 한국인명자호사전 연감 (Annuals)의 supplement로 보통 출판. #1: 동아연감’s supplement 한국인명록, current people in Korea’s major organizations in every areas, brief profiles 연합연감: 한국인명사전 #3: by Yonhap News Agency in S. Korea #8: Important personnels like gov. ministers and lower level personnel, The organizations include: Workers’ party, State Org., Cabinet, Supreme People’s Assembly, Judicial Org., Political parties, Military, Economic, University/Colleges, Publishing, Literature/Art, Local org. Entries in all three languages of Chinese, Japanese and English

24 Biography: Subject Specific
Korean War : biographies 한국현대문인대사전 한국근대문인대사전 Who's who in Korean literature 17대國會議員인물사전 한국사회주의운동인명사전 일제하사회운동인명색인집 specific biography for different group of people #1: the life stories of 25 peoples who played pivotal roles in the Korean War, Many Americans military, political leaders, Chinese, Korean, Soviet, from journalist to president, etc. #4: by Korean culture and arts foundation, 1996, first book of its kind,

25 Statistics Explore Korea through statistics 한국통계연감 전국통계연감 한국주요경제지표
인구동태통계연보 노동통계연감 사회통계조사보고서 한국의사회지표 인구총람 : 05/06 전국행정구역별상주 English translation available Explore Korea through statistics: published by Korea National statistical office(통계청) socio-economic statistics #2: Korea Statistical yearbook, by KNSO, general information on the nation’s land, population, economy, education, culture, health, environment, and other areas of interest. Also available on the web #3: Korean regional statistics annual in 3v. Published by Korean Administration Research Center, information on local statistics for city, region #4: Major statistics of Korean economy by KNSO #5: annual report on live births and deaths statistics based on vital registration by Korea National Statistical Office #6 : yearbook of labor statistics by Ministry of Labor topical /regional statistics: 여성통계연보, 서울통계자료집, 충남통계연보, 통계로본 광복이후한국인의 문화생활변천, 통계로본 대한민국 50년의 경제사회상변화, 문화예술통계, 경제통계연보, 통계기관별: 중앙행정기관, 지방자치단체, 금융기관, 공사/공단, 연구기관, 협회/조합, 기타기관

26 Structure of Sources

27 Directories The Korea directory Korea company guide : Autumn 2000
전국기업체총람 Korean business directory 한국민간단체총람 = Directory of Korean NGOs 대학연구소총람 = directory of research institutes in universities 해외한국학백서 Current information available online For historical information, directories are useful. Useful to understand the scope of the directory in a certain discipline #1: published annually by the Korea Directory, all firms and organizations, exporters, importers, manufacturesers, buying agents, foreign firms and trade agents #2: by National Information & Credit Evaluation Inc. for foreign individuals and institutions who wish to invest in the Korean stock market Add? 회사연감 Annual corportation reports by Maeil Business newspaper in 3 vol. #4: by chamber of commerce of Korea #5: Non-governmental organization directory #6: 1998, out-dated, 2v. Korea and Foreign countries #7: 2007 by Korea Foundation, Korean studies in universtity and colleges over the world, the department, faculty, curriculum information

28 Annuals, Yearbooks Korea annual 회사연감 Korea Company yearbook
산업생산연보 = annual repot on current industrial production survey 주요무역동향지표 한국경제연감 한국교육연감 (한국교육명부) 조선중앙연감 북한연감 한국출판연감 #1: by Yonhap News Agency #2: by Maeil Kyongje sinmunsa, Annual corporation reports #3: by Government Economic Planning Board #5: KITA (Korea Investors and Traders Association) #6: Korea Economic Yearbook by the Federation of Korean Industries #7: Korea Education yearbook by Hanguk Kyoyuk Sinmunsa #8: by N Korean Yearbook, Korean Central News Agency of N Korea #9: by Yonhap News #10: Korean publication yearbook

29 Newspapers 동아일보색인 조선일보색인 조선일보항일기사색인, 연재기사색인, 학예기사색인, 특집기사색인
KINDS : Korea integrated news database system, up to 1990 pdf file검색 불가능 #1: Newspaper index of Tonga Ilbo #2: for Choson Ilbo #3: resistance movement between , sequels articles , articles in Arts, special reports articles, ….

30 Bibliographies Selected bibliography of Korean studies
The Korean War: an annotated bibliography Korean War bibliography and maps of Korea Bibliography, catalog and indexes (weakness of online bibliography or catalogs: can’t have broader picture, good for the detail individual item information) #1: by 1995, Korea Foundation and Academy of Korean Studies, good for collection building on all disciplines in Korea studies, Entries for books in Korean are arranged alphabetically by English translation, followed by transliteration of the Korean title, and by the original title in Korean script and/or Chinese characters. Annotations are in English. Includes indexes. #2: edited by Paul Edwards, 2006 #3: listing of sources of information on the Korea War from , Korean conflict research foundation, USA, edited by Carroll Blanchard Jr. of SUNY Albany, 1964 Most of information available online 국회도서관문헌정보, 장서각소장자료, 규장각자료, 정부간행물목록,

31 Miscellaneous: Travel, Geographical
Korea : the land and people Travel guide Korea Explore Korea: essence of culture and tourism Pyongyang: the hidden history of the North Korean capital 한국지명총람 한국땅이름큰사전 한국고지명사전 Gendai kita chosen chimei jiten #1:published by the Organizing Committee of the 29th Internatinal Geographical Congress, historical and cultural background information #2: by Hollym 2005, travel guide to S. Korea #3: by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 2002, major regional attractions #5: multi-volume books (20 v.) finished publication , published by Hangul Hakhoe, organized by regional places #6: pub also by Hangul Hakhoe, 1991, as a companion to #4, easier to search the geographical name #7: place names in old Korea going back to three Kingdom period, by Koryo Taehakkyo #8: gazetteer of north Korean place names

32 Miscellaneous: Genealogy
한국명문통보 성씨의고향:한국성씨대백과 #1: by Hanguk Kyebo Hyophoe #2: by Chungang Newspaper, 2001, personal names, geneaology dictionary

33 Miscellaneous: Chronology
Rulers and dynasties of east Asia : China, Japan, Korea : chronological tables 한국사연표 : 북한・세계사포함 한국사 연표 #1: 1983 published in West Germany, sketchy map of different dynasties #2: 2002 chronology including N. Korea and World History #3: 2004 by Academy of Korean Studies, very in-depth, over 800 pages, a list of East Asia comparison charts with reign years and King names, etc.

34 Miscellaneous: Dissertation, Thesis
한국박사및석사학위논문총목차 A collection of theses on Korean studies #1: by national Assembly Library, , list of Dr’s and Master’s degree in Korea #2: by Korea Foundation, 1995, theses in English

35 Miscellaneous: Law 조선법전법률용어풀이 Statutes of the Republic of Korea
최근북한볍령집 북한인권백서 관보 U of Washington Gallagher Law Library’s Korean Legal Research #1: terminology dictionary for N Korean law, 2005 #2: 20 v loose leaf, by Korean Legislation Research Institutes, 1997- #3: includes legislations, collection of North Korea law and regulations under Kim Chong-Il, 2005 by S. Korea, #4: human rights and civil rights of N Korea, published by S Korea #5: official gazette of laws of the Republic of Korea; online beginning with 2000

36 Miscellaneous: Korean-American
한인문학대사전= Korean American Literary Encyclopedia 한인인명록 = Korean American who’s who #1: 2003 Korean Immigration Centennial publication, by Korean American Literary Association, literary collections by Korean Americans #2: 2001 Korean American Biography, Korean American in LA, by LA People News

37 Miscellaneous: Literature bibliography
한국문학논저유형별총목록 ( ) 한국현대문학작품년표 한국문집총색인 한국문학번역서지목록 An annotated bibliography of Korean literature in translation #1: 7 v. 20th century Korean literature bibliography, by Hanguk Munhwasa #2: Kwon Yong-Min from Seoul National U., 2v., 1998, chronology of 20c Korean literature and authors #3: Index to Hanguk Munjip chonggan, 5v., classical Korean literary works #4: bibliography of translated Korean literature in foreign languages, 1998, Koryo Univ. and Ponyok Kumgo #5: English one, by Korean Literature Translation Institute

38 Miscellaneous: North Korean works
북한월간 <조선예술> 총목록과 색인 북한<문학신문>기사목록 북한주요기초문헌해제집: 근로자 김일성저작해제 위대한수령 김일성동지의노작용어사전 #1: 2000 , index to N Korea magazine, Choson Yesul #2: by Hallym University, indexes to Muhak sinmun, the literature newspapers #3: 1995 Minjok Tongil Yonguwon (Unification Research Center) , index to Kulloja #4: 1993, annotated bibliogrpahy of Kim Il-Song works, by the same center #5: by North Korea, literary term dictionary

39 Miscellaneous: North Korea Economy
북한경제연감 북한경제통계집 북한경제동향 North Korea business factbook #1: North Korea Economic Yearbook, pub by Association of Newsmedia in S. Korea #2: N Korea Economic Statistics, by Unification Institute, 1996 #3:economic condition, etc. #4: 2001 publication, by KOTRA (Korea Trade Investmnet Promotion Agency) General -- Current status of the North Korean economy -- Industries of North Korea -- Foreign direct investment -- South-North economic cooperation -- Intra-Korean trade -- Processing-on-commission trade -- Travel information -- Trading companies & corporations -- Laws & regulations

40 Miscellaneous: Films, etc.
Korean film database book from 2000 to 2006 남북한행정관할구역요람 = General review of administrative districts of Korea #1: 2006, published by KOFIC (Korea Film council) to promote consistent way of listing Korean film titles and the names of the directors and the actors, feature film catalog, #2: North and South Korea’s Administrative and Political divisions, 2000

41 Further information:

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