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CDS&S - A……... ……..Company.

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1 CDS&S - A……... ……..Company

2 Wholly owned subsidiary in India, Nepal and Bhutan
Profile Wholly owned subsidiary of Cummins India Limited Incorporated in 1952 Mandate Responsible for After-Market Support for Cummins Products in India, Nepal and Bhutan

3 Making people’s lives better by unleashing
Vision & Mission Vision Making people’s lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins Mission Motivating people to act like owners working together; Exceeding customer expectations by always being first to market with the best products; Partnering with our customers to make sure they succeed; Demanding that everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier, safer environment; Creating wealth for our stakeholders.

4 Landmarks 1952 - Incorporation at Calcutta
Acquisition by then Kirloskar Cummins Limited and shifted to pune Establishment of Countrywide Service Netwrok Inception of a Service Training School at Pune. - Network expansion - regional and District Office set up throughout India Network expansion- Additional Dealerships. Full scale operations of the Service Center at Pune. Depots opened at seven (7) strategic locations throughout India. Introduced service quality responsiveness measure - Mean Time to Restore - MTTR

5 Landmarks Implementation of Recon Exchange Program reconditioned engine/ component against old acceptable core. Network expansion - Dealer Network reaches 93 locations / Centres. Successful completion of 30 years of association with Cummins Engine Company , USA Network Expansion - establishment of Area Service Offices. Sales Turnover crosses Rs 1000 Million. Network Expansion - Creation of 5 Zonal Offices. Participation in IDC - 94 and recognition for 42 Years of association with Cummins Engine Company ,USA

6 Landmarks Development of Functional Excellence programs for Dealerships, Depots and Dealerships Service Centers. - Extending HRD training facilities to dealerships. - Promoting environmental excellence by declaring office premises all over India as tobacco-free. Introduced Parts Delivery Performance measure - First Pass Fill. Valvoline Cummins Joint Venture. Regional Training Centres at 5 (Five) locations. Single Point Service Contracts for Gensets.

7 Landmarks 1998 - Offering Power Solutions - Genset Hiring.
- Establishment of Regional Service Centre in East Zone Another Regional Service Centre in North Zone. - Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award in Service Sector - CDS&S Training School recognized as Regional ABO Training Centre - New Growth Projects to provide power solutions to customers. Introduction of E-Biz - Relocation of major Stores activities and operation through 3PL. - Telco distributorship at Dhanbad for spare parts

8 Landmarks Integration of Dealer-Excel and FED completed and new document called "Dealer Excel – India" released for evaluating Dealerships. - MOU with Pennar Chemicals for TotalFinaElf Additives - Newage Aftermarket support - Training of network on Alternators / Gensets and short time Agreement with CGNL. - MOU with Thermax for Heat Recovery system marketing. - First Six Sigma project for CDS&S on Stores Operation (Green Belt) completed. - Transition of CDS&S “Power Solutions” business to CPSL. - Established Cummins Auto Services Ltd. (100% subsidiary of CDS&S for Automotive After market (Retails, Service Centres, Truck Stops)

9 Landmarks 2001 - Implementation of SCM Initiative
- Network expansion - Creation of 10 Zonal Offices. - MOU with GERB for AV Mounts - MOU with Alfa Tech for Anti Rust. years (Golden Jubilee) of association with Cummins USA - Network expansion - Creation of ZO Baroda. - MOU with Amara Raja Batteries. - MOU with Coil Company for Coil Coolers - MOU with Lister Pitter - MOU with Upfit Centre for R&R - MOU with Simpson for X series (50, 20 and 25 kVA)

10 To support 100,000+ engines in the field with 40,000 Customers
This is CDS&S People Business USD Million (Rs. 363 Crores) Dealers Engineers To support 100,000+ engines in the field with 40,000 Customers (Conversion Factor 1 USD = Rs )

11 215 People CIL CIL CIL CIL CIL Turnover
Employees / Responsibilities - CIL / CDSS 215 People CIL CIL CIL CIL CIL Turnover Production After Market CIL 2143 People CDS&S 217 People R&R Marketing OEM Support Parts Support Service Support Logistic Support 187 People + 86 Dealers Turnover CIL - Rs 741 Crores CDSS Crores

12 Business Performance

13 Distribution Strategy & Information Technology
Organisation Structure MANAGING DIRECTOR ANANT J. TALAULICAR ADMINISTRATIVE ASST. PRASHANT POTDAR VP Operations SUNDAR PARTHASARTHY Head Human Resources UMESH JOSHI Head Distribution Strategy & Dealer Development SHYAM SESHADRI Head Finance G.M.CHINCHWADKAR Head Information Technology SURESH V KULKARNI Head Legal & Secretarial SANJAY JAGTAP Business Development Manager DEBASHISH DAS Head Special Projects PRABHA SHANKAR

14 Organisation Structure
VP Operations Sundar Parthasrthy GM Sales & Marketing, Recon, Repair &Replacement SANJAY TANDON Head Parts & SCM SAMPAT HARPALE Head Customer Support & Service V NAGESHWARAN Head ReCon Operations GIRISH DEO Zonal Manager - Jaipur MADHUKAR G PAWAR Zonal Manager - Bangalore S K SEHIGAL Zonal Manager - Baroda S D KARNIK Zonal Manager - Chennai R P DAS Zonal Manager - Hyderabad Vivek N Deshmukh Zonal Manager - Raipur REWATI KAUL Zonal Manager - Kolkata KAMAL K BHOWMICK Zonal Manager - Lucknow ASHOK KUMAR SHARMA Zonal Manager - Mumbai SUNIL G BATHE Zonal Manager - New Delhi TIKENDRA S RITHAL Zonal Manager - Ranchi JAIRAJ R VORA REGIONAL MANAGER, RANCHI JAIRAJ VORA

15 Markets we support 100,000 PLUS ENGINES…...
LOCO G DRIVE 2% 56% CONST 33% MARINE COMP INDUS 2% 5% 2% …… and growing @ 10,000 every year

16 CDS&S Activities Customer Support through …..
Parts and Power Solutions - Cummins engines - Indigenous & Imported - Tata Cummins, Holset spares - CG Newage (Stamford) alternator spares - GERB AV mounts - Batteries - Coil Coolers - Additives - Acoustic Enclosure - Head Recovery System - LDO Kits - Upgrade kits - Anti Rust / MMT - Centrifuge - Valvoline Cummins Lubricants

17 CDS&S Activities Customer Support through ….. Product Service
- Installation and Commissioning - Warranty Service - Mobile QuickServe - Engine Health Check with Data Logger - Doorstep Service - Scheduled Maintenance services - Engine & Alternators - Testing of electrical and electronic components - Lub oil and coolant testing - Calibration of Gauges and tools - Toll Free from 60 locations - Fixed engine ownership

18 CDS&S Activities Customer Support through ….. Service Contracts
- Engine Annual Maintenance Contracts - Single Point Contracts for DG sets - Customised O & M Contracts for DG - Comprehensive Service Contract - O & M contracts for Construction and Industrial Equipment along with OEs ReCon and Job work - ReCon engines and components on exchange and sale - Estimate based repairs of components & overhauling - Fuel Pump & Injector calibration - Repairs of Alternators - Repairs of electrical accessories - starters & alternators - Swing engines

19 CDS&S Activities Customer Support through …..
Training - Customers (on site and at Pune) - Dealers (technical & Soft skills) Information Support Equipment Support Alliances - CG Newage - Alternator - Telcon - BEML (World Bank Contracts) - H. M. Repower and Replacement

20 Network Zonal Offices 11 Area Service Offices 16 Dealers 86
Dealer outlets + branches 213 Dealers with S/C 45 Regional S/C 2

21 Network Reach Service Dealers also at locations like
Andaman , Nicobar & Lakshadweep Islands North East Sector Nepal Bhutan

22 Parts Support Variety of Products
To cater 17 Engine Series, Over 30 basic engine models 400 different applications Current transactions 42,267 Shipments 2,74,614 Line items 47,16,243 Qty Lube oil / Coolants Acoustic Enclosures / DM Plants / Heat Recovery Systems Special repair / diagnostic Tools Electrical / Electronic / Software items Accessories / Peripherals Training Aids - Literature, Cut models

23 Criticality of Shipments
Parts Support Criticality of Shipments Engine Down Order - Warranty 08 Hrs Quick Serve Shipments 24 Hrs A&C Parts Hrs (Replenishment) B&D Parts Days

24 Parts Support Handling per Day Average no. of Items 950
Average no. Delivery Notes Average no. of packages Average no. of Destinations 109 Average no. of Consignments 145 by Road by Air / by Courier 54 by Rail 02 by Person 14 Each packer packs 105 line items 35 Delivery notes 45 boxes

25 Parts Support Improvement Projects :
Common Dealer Business System Software Depot Connectivity First Pass Fill 85% (within 7 days) Six Sigma Green Belt Project on Stores operational process Supply Chain Management Transportation Strategy Six Sigma for Inventory Reduction and Stores Accuracy. Packaging Unitized Packaging Bar coding Automated Storage and Retrieval System Parts Branding Integration of Channel Inventory

26 Information Systems GIEA (Global Integrated Enterprise-wide Application) implemented CIL / CDSS Web Site : http// E-Commerce Order registration from Dealerships directly into our main frame system - 100% active Dealerships on line. Daily Parts Dispatch information on Web to all dealers Electronic transfer of dispatch data from suppliers Communication through Lotus Notes Working towards common data base of channel inventory - Dealers

27 Service Support Effective Systems
MTTR : Max Time To Restore the engine Scope : All failures on Engines Under Warranty Categories - A : Restoring of Inoperative Engines Target - Within 15 Hours by year end B : Restoring of Engines running with problems Target - Within 22 Hours CCRI : Customer Complaint Resolution Index All complaints from customers are tracked till resolution CCRI Target Complaints resolved = > 0.96 Complaints Received Maximum Resolution Days = 3 Days

28 Service Support Customer Assistance Cell Dial 020 5436680
TOLL FREE NUMBER Dial FAX Mission To help our Customers be successful by providing effortless access to Cummins, ensuring every inquiry and concern is resolved immediately, and championing change within Cummins on behalf of the customer. Scope Parts Assistance Technical Information & Service Assistance Training & Literature Service Network More than 80 % Calls are answered on Line

29 Customer Support 24 Hours Contact Facility Objective
To improve response time to Customer’s complaints, as well as provide services closer to the customers. Implementation Total 40 Dealers are providing 12 Hours service support Tasks for Response / Resolution time established Performance being monitored monthly 24 Hrs Tele - Contact Directory has been published with locations, Telephone / Fax / Cell phone / Pager numbers

30 Service Support Mobile QuickServe Customer Requirements Core Concept
Increased Uptime An ability to plan Reliable service Technical Expertise Core Concept 1 Hour Diagnosis - guaranteed Immediate communication of diagnosis / options Fast turn around for type A repairs : 4 hour repairs completed in less than 6 hours Promised delivery (24 hours) for longer repairs Technicians listen to customers and make commitments Implemented with 86 Dealers


32 ReCon Operations Activities Decentralization of Recon Activities
ReCon Exchange of all Cummins Engines & Component Overhauling of all Cummins Engines Repair of all Cummins engine components Support to Water Drilling Rigs ( Engines ) Support to New Products Availability of swing engines Decentralization of Recon Activities Closer to Customers, Shorter lead time Quality repairs & Warranty back up nearer to customers Regional Service Centres functional at North & East Zones Plan to establish one regional service centre in South Zone

33 Training Recognised as ABO training Centre. Training
For Service Engineers Head Office - 1 Year in-plant training Zonal Training Centres in every zone (5 Nos.) Engineer Certification through Exams For Customers Head Office - Round the year ( Languages English / Hindi ) Zones by - Area Training Manager at - Customers sites in - Vernacular languages

34 Dealership Operations
Documented requirements Continuously upgraded Annually audited Improvements implemented Recognized / Rewarded for Excellence ….. through ‘Dealer Excel - India’ Implementation of ‘Dealer Score Card’

35 Customer Satisfaction Survey
- Internal Survey Regular Survey through Questionnaire or Interview Improvement Projects for Corrective Action - External Survey Regular Survey through Independent Professional Agency Improvement projects undertaken on Survey findings. Revisit the customer through Repeat Survey.

36 Power Solutions Lubricating Oil
Joint venture between CDSS & Valvoline, USA Specially blended lube oils for Cummins Engines Fully meeting Cummins specs Available through CDSS Dealerships

37 Noise pollution - a health hazard
Power Solutions Acoustic Enclosures Noise pollution - a health hazard Sound attenuation - now a mandatory requirement Cummins provides Acoustic Enclosures for existing DG Sets Covers entire range - 15 kVA to 2500 kVA Stand alone Enclosures - can be installed without major modification Noise suppression upto 30 dBA

38 Power Solutions Heat Recovery Systems
Recover the Waste Exhaust heat energy for productive purpose Heat Recovery systems for existing DG sets in the range of 750 KVA to 2000 KVA DG Sets for both IBRA and 180 KVA to 750 KVA for non IBRA systems Steam and Hot water as per customer specifications and requirements Exhaust gas utilization for Chiller / Air conditioning / process heating / process cooling

39 Strategic Tie - Ups Product Tie Up with Nature
Lubricants Valvoline Inc. JV Automotive Spares Tata Cummins Ltd. Distributor Telco Distributor Turbochargers Holset Distributor Filters (Automotive) Fleetguard Marketing Fuel Injection Pumps Motorpal Marketing Acoustic Enclosures Jackson Engineers Marketing Heat Recovery Systems Thermax/Unidyne Marketing Additives Pennar Chemicals Ltd. Dist / Mktg AV Mounts Gerb Vibration Control Dist / Mktg Surface treatment for Rust AlfaTech Force Dist / Mktg Batteries Amara Raja Batteries Dist / Mktg Coil Coolers Coil Company Dist / Mktg Engine parts Lister Pitter Dist / Mktg Engine parts Simpson Dist / Mktg

40 Cummins Care Cummins touches all facets of Customers Life Through -
Hospital and Health Care Transportation Hospitality Defense Religion Home Makers Sports & Leisure Education Cummins Powers Homes in Andaman , Lakshadeep & Leh We go beyond the call of duty to help customer succeed and provide support that makes the difference. “Cummins serves because Cummins Cares.”

41 Enhance Educational Qualification
Reward and Recognition Effective Employees - Performance Award Quest for Excellence High Attendance Long Association Enhance Educational Qualification

42 Reward and Recognition
Dealers - Dealer EXCEL Functional Excellence of Service Centre Functional Excellence of Depot operation Long association Maximum Parts Sales Optimum Growth rate on Parts Sales Dealer Employee Performance Award - Customer Champion Award

43 People Effective Employees - Health Awareness Yoga Activities
Window to the World - Lectures by Doctors and prominent personalities Living Healthy & Happy Life Diabetes Heart Diseases - Preventive life style Healthy Life Style - Can it be made easy Diet & Health Acidity and Stomach Problems High Blood Pressure and todays’s life style Stay Fit and be Happy Globalization and its impact How to manage personal finance Experience of successful personnel from various fields eg Public Service………...….. And many more.

44 Challenges Sharpest industrial slow down / adverse economic factors / WTO Unprecedented increase in HSD rates making it uneconomical Ban on DG / drilling operations Cummins suppliers / exporters selling in after-market requirements Maintaining sustained growth Implementation of Service Guarantee to customer Attaining PBIT target on R&R business Continuous devaluation of Rupee vis-à-vis Dollar Dealerships viability O&M Contracts

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