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Freshwater Pollution.

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1 Freshwater Pollution

2 What Is Pollution? Water pollution- The addition of any substance that has a negative effect on water or the things that depend on water. Pollutant- The substance that causes water pollution

3 Where Do Pollutants Come From?

4 Classification of Pollution
Point Source- A specific source of pollution that can be identified. Example: A pipe gushing chemicals into a river. Nonpoint Source- A widely spread source of pollution that can’t be tied to a specific point of origin. Example: Runoff from farms or roads.

5 Effects of Pollution

6 Effects Continued As a larger organism consumes smaller organisms it gets a larger amount of the pollutant. Eating contaminated fish can build up in humans over time and cause many problems Swimming in polluted water can irritate the skin or cause more serious problems.

7 Sources of Pollution

8 Three Major Sources Human Waste- from sewage pipes
Industrial Waste- Chemicals, Smoke and Exhaust, Heat Pollution. Chemical Runoff- From roads, and farms.

9 Prevention Reduce animal waste from pastures
Dispose of toxic substances properly Do not dump things into drains or water systems.

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