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Descriptive schemes for facial expression introduction.

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1 Descriptive schemes for facial expression introduction

2 Facial expression databases The truth is out there –15 different image databases in D5b + multimodal ones Are they any good? –Limited color quality, bad lighting, extreme, acted emotions –Most of them are still images, some come from VHS tapes

3 Facial expression databases (cont.) Why bother with automatic annotation? Huge amounts of video data –Manual, per frame annotation is consuming No objective methods/experts High-level annotation does not pick out specific features –Synthesis side? ECAs?

4 Facial expression understanding FAPs: high-level representation of facial motion Are they any good for expression modeling? Humans seem to possess an even higher-level perception –enables them to estimate emotion when information is missing

5 Multimodality Different modalities may provide contrasting cues Visual events don’t coincide with audio –You open your mouth right before you start talking Audio and video can complement each other –Pause detection helps mouth area extraction –Viseme detection may help speech recognition

6 Database requirements Are all databases born the same? What qualities does your video need? Common mishaps Live test with feature extraction and understanding –Problems in image processing and representation

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