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RoMEO, JULIET and OpenDOAR: A Tale with a Happy Ending!

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1 RoMEO, JULIET and OpenDOAR: A Tale with a Happy Ending!
Slides courtesy of the SHERPA Team

Database of publishers’ copyright policies JULIET Database of funders’ open access policies OpenDOAR Directory of Open Access Repositories SHERPA is a project from the University of Nottingham, UK, which aims to: Set up & expand the UK repository network Promote usage of OA repositories Databases & tools to support administrators

Database of publishers’ copyright policies Self-archiving by authors - pre-prints & post-prints Paid Open Access options Compliance with research funders’ mandates Purpose To help determine archiving rights Sources Publishers’ information & correspondence Users’ suggestions


5 SHERPA/RoMEO Sample Record

6 SHERPA/RoMEO Fields Publisher’s name – linked to home page
Archiving permissions For Pre-prints and Post-prints Any restrictions – that may prevent archiving Conditions – which don’t prevent archiving Compliance with funders’ OA mandates Paid Open Access options Links to publishers’ policy web pages RoMEO colour

7 SHERPA/RoMEO Colours

8 Archiving Permissions by Publisher
~66% of publishers allow some form of self-archiving. % of journals

9 RoMEO Redevelopment Ideas
Additional publisher fields e.g. Policy re publisher’s PDF Better handling of journals e.g. Extra lookup tables, Abbreviations, etc. Multilingual data & interfaces Franchise operation Application Programmers’ Interface (API) Improved reliability

10 Funders and Open Access
Open Access to research Benefits for funders and researchers Opens new readers and uses Assists information management Funders have recognised: the benefits of OA for their work their position allows them to gain those benefits by working with researchers released policies which need action

11 JULIET JULIET lists funding bodies policies on open access through archiving, publication and data exposure A companion to RoMEO . . . JULIET tells you what funders require you to do with your research . . . RoMEO tells you which journals will let you do it.

Open access policies for 31 research funders Policies and Notes on Publications Archiving Policies and Notes on Open Access Journals Policies and Notes on Open Access Data Archiving Conditions & web links

13 JULIET Publications Archiving policies - summarises
Whether to archive Requiring open access deposition What to archive Author’s final version or publisher’s PDF When to archive When accepted for publication? Embargoes Where to archive Conditions & web links

14 JULIET – Example Full Record

15 JULIET - Summary Screen

16 OpenDOAR
Directory of Open Access Repositories Lists over 1130 repositories worldwide Sites visited, quality-checked & analysed Open access, full texts, functioning Excludes: Gated access, metadata-only, broken, Open Access Journals

17 Repositories by Continent

18 OpenDOAR Facilities Country-based List Find Repositories
Find Repositories Search Repository Contents Tools for Repository Administrators



21 OpenDOAR Policies Tool
Background 75% of repositories lack visible policies Need for clarity and guidance on good practice What Policies? Re-use of data, Content, Submission & Preservation The Tool Radio buttons, checkboxes, pick lists, pop-up boxes Recommendations From minimum OA compliance to best practice Output Options Plain text, HTML source code, etc


23 Displays any existing policy – if harvestable via OAI-PMH
Policies specified using a combination of radio buttons, check boxes, pop-up boxes, etc. Much automatic error checking to ensure vital items are not missed and that mutually contradictory options are not selected. OpenDOAR recommendations automatically check the relevant options for Minimal and Optimal policies.


25 Using SHERPA’s Tools The SHERPA site provides a rich set of tools to manage repositories Use OpenDOAR to set good policies for your new repositories Use JULIET to check if your authors are required to deposit Use RoMEO to check that authors are allowed to deposit their papers Remember – the majority of journals allow deposit – copyright concerns are not a barrier to open access!

26 Thanks to the SHERPA Team
Especially: Bill Hubbard, SHERPA Manager, Peter Millington, Technical Development Officer Jane Smith, Services Development Officer for the slides

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