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NIED-BES3 College of Education Seminars August 2005.

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1 NIED-BES3 College of Education Seminars August 2005

2 Toward Understanding Teaching “Those who can, do. Those who understand, teach” Lee Shulman, The Wisdom of Practice, 1988

3 The Numbers 4 Colleges 6 Seminars 67 Teacher Educators 409 Student Teachers

4 More numbers 7 MCID Consultants 5 UNAM Consultants 4 AED Consultants 7 BES 3 Advisors 4 NIED Officers 6 MOE Officials

5 The schedule 1 August: arrival of international team members 2-5 August: planning at NIED 6-7 August: travel to colleges 9-11 August: planning at colleges 12-13 August: Student Teacher Seminars 17-18 August: Teacher Educator Seminars 19-23 August: Report and Debrief

6 The topics Math, science and language instruction Lower primary teaching HIV and AIDS for teachers ICT as an instructional tool Action research Methods of reflective practice

7 Some successful moments “I see now that if group work is just facilitated in the right way it can do a world of good and a lot of learning can come out of it.” WCE Student Teacher

8 “I learned a lot more about how to work as a member of a team.” International Consultant

9 Some challenges “The information was very useful. I just hope that I will go out and practice what I gained here” Student Teacher “The seminar was too short – we needed more time.” Teacher Educator “We must be sure to sustain what was started here.” College Rector “What next?” BES Advisor

10 A few experiences




14 And a good time was had by all

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