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Interoperability Case Study: Recipe for Success Washington DC | June 24, 2010 | Tony Giroti 1 Copyright © 2010 Bridge Energy Group, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

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1 Interoperability Case Study: Recipe for Success Washington DC | June 24, 2010 | Tony Giroti 1 Copyright © 2010 Bridge Energy Group, Inc., All Rights Reserved Trusted Advisor & Implementation Partner

2 Agenda Intro to Interoperability Under the Hood Case Study / Client Example – Interoperability & Standards used – How we used them [Our] Recipe for Success Copyright © 2010 BRIDGE ENERGY GROUP 2

3 Interoperability Copyright © 2009, 2010 BRIDGE 3 “The capability of two or more networks, systems, devices, applications, or components to exchange information between them and to use the information so exchanged” - Department of Energy’s GridWise® Architecture Council

4 Interoperability - Under the Hood 4 Party or System A Party or System A Party or System B Party or System B Communication & Transport Messages Technology & Architecture Interoperation or Collaboration Agreement Business Operating Model Vocabulary or Shared meaning of content Registry Standard Interface of A Interface of B For Success besides Standards, you need Strategy, Business Operating Model, Technology & Architecture

5 Client Example: Transmission & Distribution 5

6 To Provide the context for identifying and debating interoperability issues to advance actions that make integration within this complex system easier. 6 Framework Model / Architecture Design Solution Started with NIST’s recommendation GridWise® Arch. Council’s Context-Setting Framework Strategy & Approach

7 Open Smart Grid Reference Architecture Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Application Architecture Business Architecture Service / Process Orchestration SOA Tool or Capability Data Architecture Real-Time Integration Architecture ESB, Transport & Messaging Portal Real-Time Integration Architecture Registry CEP Routing Event Driven Architecture Loosely Coupled Architecture Technical Services Canonical Data Model Workflow / Human Tasks Business Services Enterprise Services Semantic Data Model Master Data Management Meta Data Application Integ Modules Cross Cutting Modules B2B Integra- tion Modules Real-Time Architecture Transaction Processing -OLTP Development SDK Common Services Customer / HAN Modules Transformat ion Database Infrastructure Architecture Hardware, OS, Virtualization ComplIanceArchitectureComplIanceArchitecture ComplIanceArchitectureComplIanceArchitecture SecureityArchitectureSecureityArchitecture SecureityArchitectureSecureityArchitecture Command & Control OA&M SG & DR Applications Admin Interface Data Warehouse Infrastructure Data Warehouse Extraction Transformation & Load Domain Specific Data Marts Reporting Architecture Reporting, Analytics & BI Star/Snowflake Data Warehouse Source DBs ETL Tool ETL Architecture Reporting Tool Data Mart Remote Connect / Disconnect Outage Detection Self Healing Grid Advance Billing Others Tony Giroti 7 Vision & Architecture

8 Interoperability Standards IEC 61968/61970 & CIM: These families of standards define information exchanged among control center systems using common information models. They define application-level energy management system interfaces and messaging for distribution grid management in the utility space. IEC 61850: This standard defines communications within transmission and distribution. substations for automation and protection. It is being extended to cover communications beyond the substation to integration of distributed resources and between substations. IEEE C37.118: This standard defines phasor measurement unit (PMU) performance specifications and communications. MultiSpeak: App software integration within the utility operations domain; a candidate for use in an Enterprise Service Bus. 8 IdentifyStandards

9 Interoperability Standards (cont…) openADR: The specification defines messages exchanged between utilities and commercial/industrial customers for price-responsive and direct load control. eMIX: Exchange of price, characteristics, time, and related information for markets, including market makers, market participants, quote streams, premises automation, and devices Cyber Security: – Security Profile for Advanced Metering Infrastructure, v 1.0, Advanced Security Acceleration Project – Smart Grid, December 10, 2009 : This document provides guidance and security controls to organizations developing or implementing AMI solutions. This includes the meter data management system (MDMS) up to and including the HAN interface of the smart meter. – NERC CIP 002-009: Physical and cyber security standards for the bulk power system. Meter Upgradability - PAP 00 9 IdentifyStandards

10 Energy Delivery and Power Accounting Services (CIM Services, IEC 61968) Transmission Operator’s View 10 MV90 IEC 61968 / SOA /MultiSpeak/ CIM Enterprise Integration IEC 61968 / SOA /MultiSpeak/ CIM Enterprise Integration Scheduling Settlement Reporting Asset Mgmt System Billing Reconciliati on CIM DB Revenue Meters SCADA IED Synchrophasors C37.118 TCP/IP ISO / Market Distribution UtilitiesGeneration Distribution Utilities Generation Data Integrator Substation Devices Data Integrator IEC 61850 Operations IT Grid, Substations eMIX Integrate with a Holistic Approach

11 Smart Grid Services Distribution Utility’s View 11 Meter Data Management Meter Data Management MDM DB IEC 61968 / SOA/MultiSpeak/CIM Enterprise Integration IEC 61968 / SOA/MultiSpeak/CIM Enterprise Integration CIS/Billing System GIS System OMS Asset Mgmt System Distribution Operations IVR 1 2 3 CIM DB Transmission Operator PAP00: Meter Upgradability Cyber Security openADR eMIX CIM Integrate with a Holistic Approach

12 The How Part of Using Standards OMS OMS AS-IS IVR IVR AS-IS New CIS CIS Meter data 1 Service I/F UDDI Service Registry UDDI Service Registry 5 Billing Determinants Service I/F XML Transformation (Formatting) XML Transformation (Formatting) Service I/F OA & M BAM OA & M BAM Service I/F SLA Exceptions Management SLA Exceptions Management Service I/F Canonical Data Model Service I/F Process Orchestration Process Orchestration MDM MDM New 2 3 45 Outage√√ √ 4/6/2010 Copyright © 2009, 2010 Tony Giroti 12 ESB Value Proposition: ESB Value Proposition: Develop a Loosely Coupled Architecture SOA Value Proposition: SOA Value Proposition: Build Services and then orchestrate them into a business process. Develop Technical (LDAP service); Business Services (Billing Determinant); Smart Grid Services (Connect/Disconnect, Outage Detection). PLUS Reusability Technology & Architecture

13 Recipe for Interoperability Success Ingredients: Start with a pot full of Strategy & Roadmap Add 1 to 2 lbs of Standards depending upon appetite Add 1 Tsp of Business Operating Model Add 2 Tsp of Technology Sprinkle gently with Enterprise Architecture Mix vigorously with a Holistic Approach Bake it Collaboratively Let it Simmer Serve piecemeal to your organization and partners Copyright © 2010 BRIDGE ENERGY GROUP 13 Have one Holistic Vision & Strategy otherwise too many cooks will spoil the broth

14 Q&A. Thank You Tony Giroti 508.624.8932 BRIDGE Energy Group 14

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