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Impact of Sport on Tourism Anna Somorowska Polish Tourism Development Agency Roma, 15 October 2007.

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1 Impact of Sport on Tourism Anna Somorowska Polish Tourism Development Agency Roma, 15 October 2007

2 PART– a national consulting company supporting the development of regional tourism  Joint Stock Company oriented at the development of the national tourist market  Established in 1994  The most experienced institution offering consulting and training services concerning tourism development in Poland  Involved in establishing partnership between the STATE, the TOURISM SECTOR and the REGIONS Stakeholders of PART SA

3 Target groups of PART S.A.  Local governments of all levels  Tourism industry  National and foreign investors  NGOS  International partners

4 Areas of activity  Strategies for tourism development  Tourism products development programmes  Tourist Brand Creation  Feasibility studies  Business plans  Finding sources of finance for investment projects  Specialist training  Publications  Study tours  Applying for EU structural funds  Technology for tourism

5 34. „Silva Reum” 35. Międzyrzec Podlaski 36. Dybowski Róg 37. Olkusz 38. „The four seasons” 39. „The Warsaw Royal Route” 40. Pomerania Voivodeship 41 „Green Odra river route” 42. Suwałki Lake District 43. Tourist and Sports sailing harbour in Iława 44. Warsaw 45. Sochaczew 46. „Pearls of the Poprad Valley” 47. Via Baltica 48. Kutno 49. EGO 50. Kudowa Zdrój 51. Lower Silesia Voivodeship 52. Nadbużańśkie Municipalities 53. Wieliczka 54. The Augustów Channel 55. Vistula Cycling Route 56. Tourism prod. dev. plan for scouting facilities 57. Royal-Imperial Route in Poznań 58. Guido Mine 59. Strategy for Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship 60. Narrow-Gauge Railway Route in Rewal District 61. Pomeranian SPAs – Pomeranian Health Resorts 62. Audit of hors riding centers 63. Międzyrzec Podlaski 1. Pogórze – unveiling the secret 2. „Forgotten paradise – a tourist semicircle” 3. „Iława –the island of adventure” 4. Hospitable Hills of Małopolska 5. Gołdap Region 6. Trzebiatów 7. Połczyn Zdrój 8. Czorsztyn tourist destination 9. Oświęcim (Auschwitz-Birkenau) 10. Dębno 11. Budziszyn 12. Kalisz 13. Kołobrzeg 14. Malbork 15. Opole 16. Podlaski Stork Route 17. Kleszczów 18. Międzyzdroje 19. Koło 20. Olsztyn 21. The region of Łowicz 22. Wyszków 23. Myśliborskie Lake District 24. „Zamełowski Młyn” 25. Janów Lubelski 26. „Uroczysko Waszeta” 27. The Great Mazurian Lake District 28. Nadnoteckie Districts 29. Krosno Odrzańskie 30. West Pomerania Voivodeship 31. Tuchola 32. Świnoujście 33. Łeba 12 1 4 2 6 13 14 5 18 23 22 30 32 39 44 42 47 33 19 21 48 25 40 3 7 8 29 24 41 43 46 27 28 31 9 16 38 10 11 15 17 24 26 34 36 37 45 35 49 50 51 52 ACTIVITY MAP 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 6262 63

6 1.Baltic Sea Pomerania Voivodeship, Via Baltica, Łeba, Malbork, Tuchola 2.Niemen River EGO, Via Baltica, Suwałki Lake District, Podlaski Stork Route 3.Bug River Nadbużańskie Municipalities 4.Carpathian Mountains Janów Lubelski, Pearls of the Poprad Vallley 5.Tatra Mountains Czorsztyn Tourist Destination 6.Beskid Mountains Olkusz 7.Śląsk Cieszyński (The area of Cieszyn) 8.Silesia 9.Pradziad 10.Glacensis Kudowa Zdrój 11.Dobrava 12.Nysa 13.Sprewa-Nysa-Bóbr Krosno Odrzańskie 14.Viadrina 15.Pomerania West Pomerania Voivodeship, Green Odra River Route, Myśliborskie Lake District, „The Four Seasons”, Połczyn Zdrój, Trzebiatów Projects undertaken in Euroregions


8 Projects financed by the European Union  European Social Fund - „Developing the hotel and tourism industry by training staff on the utilisation of modern technologies” Total number of trainees – 1225  European Social Fund – „Niepokonani” (Invincible) Producing 78 short films; 53 films already produced; 26 films produced in 2007 Average audience ratings per film – 140 000 in 2006 and 450 000 in 2007 (source: OBOP - Public Opinion Research Centre)




12 TRAINING – Reservation systems: modern sales approach


14 TRAINING – how to get UE financing for tourism and innovation?


16 1.II National Workshop for research workers training tourist staff: Koszalin, Lublin, Olsztyn, Opole, Zielona Góra 2.Special workshop as part of the tourist audit for the city of Toruń 3.Strategic Workshop – Tourism development programme for the city of Ełk 4.Workshop concerning the tourism product „In the footsteps of Napoleon…” – Pułtusk, Łeba, Gdańsk 5.Thematic training for the representatives of self-governments, enterprises and health resorts – Sopot, Wrocław, Kraków, Warszawa 6.Workshops forming part of „The Royal- Imperial Route” strategy – Poznań 7.Workshops connected with Lubuskie Voivodeship’s strategy 8.Workshops connected with the strategy of West Pomerania Voivodeship: Szczecin, Połczyn, Kołobrzeg 9.Training programmes for the representatives of the tourism sector - Łódź 10.Training: Tourism products creation and development for Podlaskie Voivodeship 11.Training programme connected with tourism products of Kraków, Kielce and Zabrze 12.Training connected with the strategy of Lubelskie Voivodeship 13.Training programme connected with absorbing EU structural funds – ZOA - Olesno 14.Training programme focused on „Increasing tourist attractiveness of health resorts…” – Busko Zdrój 15.Polish-Ukranian Economic Forum: Krasiczyn 16.Economic Forum in Gdynia 1 3 Training programmes and workshops in 2007 2 4 5 1 1 1 1 4 4 5 5 5 6 7 8 8 8 16 10 11 12 13 14 15 9

17 Projects supporting the tourism sector  Tourism product development programmes for Local and Regional Tourism Organisations  Training systems for the tourism industry  Staff training system for the hotel industry and catering businesses  Hotel quality standards implementation system  Loan Guarantee Fund  Mutual Insurance Association

18 Projects supporting the tourism sector  Polish Traveller’s Cheques System  Tourism Development Strategy 2007-2013  Records concerning tourism industry in NDP’s operational plans  Legal and economic advice for tourism organisations

19 Regional and linear projects  Tourism development programme for the Lower Silesia Voivodeship  Tourism development programme for the West Pomerania Voivodeship for the years 2002-2006  Tourism development strategy for the Lower Pomerania Voivodeship until 2015  Socio-economic development strategy and the concept of brand tourism products in EGO functional area (Ełk, Gołdap and Olecko)  Tourism product development strategy for Vistula Cycling Route  Integrated tourism product development programme for the borderland region (Suwalsko-Augustowskie Lake District and Ziemia Sejneńska), preceded by a tourist audit  Tourism Product Development Programme for the Borderland Region of Niemen Euroregion  Tourism development strategy for Świętokrzyske Voivodeship  Tourism Development Strategy for Ziemia Lubuska  The Monuments of Technology Route

20 Extra-local projects  Integrated system for an active tourism route: THE FOUR SEASONS – strategy and operational programme for the development of the tourism product and brand tourism infrastructure  Strategy for the development of an integrated tourism product „The Poprad Valley”  Tourism Product Development Programme: Podlaski Stork Route  Tourism Product Development and Brand Creation Programme for Nadnoteckie municipalities  Tourism Product Development Programme: Health Resorts Promotion  Strategy and operational programme for the development of the tourism product and brand tourism infrastructure – GREEN ODRA RIVER ROUTE  Tourism Product Development and Brand Creation Programme for Nadbużańskie municipalities  Tourism Product Development Strategy for Puszcza Knyszyńska

21 Local projects  Tourism Product Development and Brand Creation Programme for Malbork  Tourism Product Development and Brand Creation Programme for the town of Świnoujście  National Tourism Product Development Programme for the capital city of Warsaw: „The Royal Route”  Tourism Product Development Strategy for the town and the municipality of Janów Lubelski  Tourism Product Development and Brand Creation Programme for the town of Łeba

22 Impact of Sport on Tourism How tourism can benefit from sport? /promotion, investments, employment/

23 Visitors travel because of their passion to watch or play the sport (sport fans or active holiday makers) Growing importance of sporting events Fastest growing sector of the global travel and tourism industry 10 percent of the total global tourism market (2003) Sport Tourism - Overview Sport Tourism – general trends Source: Ross Biddiscombe, The Business of Sport Tourism, Eurosport

24 Impact of big sport events Quantitative effects Qualitative effects Major impact on economy and image Why are big sporting events so desirable? Economy Infrastructure Tourism Image Identification Sportive framework Social & political Key success factor: international media awareness

25 Quantitative effects Economic effects (value creation & purchasing power, employment, fiscal effects) Tourism (short term & long term effects) Infrastructure (transportation network & sport facilities) Qualitative effects Identification effects on own population Improvement of sportive framework Improvement of image (for tourism and economy) Social effects (sport values and integration) Political effects (foreign and domestic policy) General Impact of Big Sport Events Key success factor: international media coverage

26 Estimated impacts of the Euro 2008 on Austrian Tourism Short term effects - between 600.000 – 900.000 overnight stays - consumed products and services worth 150 – 200 m € - employment: between 3.000 – 4.000 new full time jobs - center of public and media interest More and more regions apply for hosting major sport events Long term effects - improved infrastructure (venues, transportation, accomodation) - image improvement, total advertising value 113 m € (Source: TNSSPORT) - positive effects on travel Major impact on economy and image Case study Football Euro 2008 Source: SportsEconAustria:Makroökonomische und sektorale Effekte der UEFA EURO 2008 in Österreich (Study for the chamber of commerce), Eurosport

27 Sochi - host city of the Winter Olympic Games 2014 Case study: Sochi 2014

28 The role of media in the Sochi bid campaign Positioning as a tourist destination also for winter sports Create an image of modern tourist destination (Gateway to the future) Image transfer - Create a positive image and transfer the values of sport international image campaign in different media, opinion leader in field of sports broadcasting deal sponsoring of event on TV Athletes as ambassadors of the countries: (i.e. Maria Sharapova, Russian Ice hockey national team) Case study: Sochi 2014

29 Summary Think about tomorrow today people, product, infrastructure, environment, promotion, platform of cooperation Sustainable tourism Growing importance of sport tourism Possibility to achieve a different positioning Deep impact of sport events Image transfer – Sport brings positive emotions and identification Use sport heroes as ambassadors Key success factor: international media awareness Key learnings:

30 THANK YOU Polish Tourism Development Agency ul. Stawki 2 00-193 Warszawa tel. (22) 860 67 79, 860 67 80 fax. (22) 860 67 82

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