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Vocabulaire 2.3 Français I.

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1 Vocabulaire 2.3 Français I

2 Comment tu trouves ça ? What do you think of that (it)?

3 Comment tu trouves ___ ? What do you think of ___ ?
This chapter, you could insert the name of a school subject in the blank.

4 C’est super. C’est cool C’est facile. C’est génial. C’est intéressant. C’est passionnant. It’s super. It’s cool. It’s easy. It’s great. It’s interesting. It’s fascinating.

5 Ça va. C’est pas mal. It’s OK. It’s not bad.

6 C’est barbant. C’est difficile. C’est nul. C’est pas super. C’est pas terrible. C’est zéro. It’s boring. It’s difficult. It’s useless. It’s not so hot. It’s not so great. It’s a waste of time.

7 Casual Conversation Text p. 58 (À la française)
In casual conversation, you might try using the abbreviated forms of words just as French teenageers do. For example, la récréation, can be abbreviated to la récré.

8 How would you abbreviate the following?
Casual Conversation How would you abbreviate the following? les sciences naturelles la géographie l’éducation physique et sportive l’après-midi les mathématiques le professeur les sciences nat la géo le sport l’aprèm les maths le prof

9 Casual Conversation Text p. 61 (À la française)
In informal conversation, French speakers will often leave out the ne in a negative sentence. J’aime pas les hamburgers, moi. C’est pas super, la géo.

10 Casual Conversation The last two slides will help you when you complete 2.3 GS Ex. 7 (text p. 69).

11 Note culturelle (p. 61) The French system of grading is based on a scale of 0 – 20. A score of less than 10 is failing. Students are usually pleased with a score of 10 or higher. They must work very hard to receive a 17 or an 18. It’s very rare to earn a 19 or a 20.

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